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Knowing logical reasoning is all-important—half of your score on the LSAT will be determined by how well you can solve logical reasoning questions. To that end, we have built the most in-depth resource available for teaching the logical reasoning section.

Our goal with this course is simple: No shortcuts. No half-measures. No oversimplification. The aim is to get you to understand logic and problem structure in the same way as the people who are making this test.

If you have taken an LSAT Preptest already, you’ve probably realized that the LR section is composed of some seriously tricky and dense questions, designed to obfuscate and confuse. It may appear at first as if you are being asked to do a thousand different tasks and that there is no clear way to find the right answer.

Luckily, this initial impenetrability will disappear as we guide you through the test. You can get much better than you ever thought possible at solving LR questions. 

In this course, you will learn to describe and analyze the reasoning underlying the problems. You will understand what these problems require you to do and provide a clear plan to solve them quickly and accurately.

Let’s get started on your way toward achieving true mastery and understanding of logic, and the unparalleled confidence that comes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Difference Between This And The LSAT Mastermind Course?

The material in this course is already available for members of the LSAT Mastermind Course – If you are in the mastermind group already, you do not need to purchase the LR Course separately.

The LR course is a standalone video and text course designed for people who want to target that specific area of their LSAT study without committing to the full course. If you later decide you want to join the full Mastermind Course (with access to private forums where Josh and Evan answer your questions, online preptest reviews and office hours, full access to schedules, and the complete course for LG and RC as well), we can provide a discount if you contact support.

What If I have Already Tried Learning Logical Reasoning With Another Prep Company Or With Other Prep Books?

Again, we are 100% confident this course is the best resource from which to learn the LSAT section. Perhaps especially if you have tried and not gotten the results you wanted with another course, you should reboot with our approach. We aim you give you a much better foundation in logic basics, but then we take you into in-depth concepts that other resources simply don’t bother to teach or don’t teach well.

Josh and Evan have years of experience helping people boost their LSAT scores to heights they didn’t think possible (check out the user reviews on the Mastermind Course). We are confident we can bring your logical reasoning skills to new levels, so don’t hesitate to start fresh with us.

What Do I Need to Use The Course?

To get the most out of the course, you are going to have to buy some official LSAT preptests (materials that you will need anyway to prep effectively for the LSAT). Part of the reasoning we can provide this course so cheaply is that we aren’t paying LSAC’s high licensing fees for questions. Instead, you can buy the tests more cheaply on Amazon and work through them. Here are the books you will want to have:

10 More Actual, Official PrepTests

10 Actual, Official PrepTests

Note however that you can start the course without having the books yet. It should take a least a week to get to the point in the course where we first begin working through problems.

Will I have Lifetime Access?

Yes! Whereas a lot of company charge you for three months access that you may not even be able to use, we know that life sometimes gets in the way of LSAT prep. We think it’s important that you be able to use the resource as long as necessary until you fully prepared for the LSAT. For this reason, your sign-up grants you lifetime access to the LR course.

How Long Does It Take To Use The LR Course?

If you are following the lesson plan rigorously, it will take just a little over a month to complete the course material, quizzes, and do problems and review explanations. Completing your foundational LR study in this time frame would be ideal for someone who is on a 3-month study schedule, allowing you to wrap up in plenty of time to do many simulated LSAT preptests before your test date.

That said, because you can access the course for as long as you want, the course can fit into more extended schedules just as comfortably, and will be there for review should you ever need to retake.

Welcome to the lawschooli LR course.

Day 0 –

  • Introduction To Logical Reasoning
  • LR Keys To Remember
  • LR Question Structure
  • Arguments Are Critical
  • Arguments – Definition
  • The Hierarchy of An Argument
  • How To Identify Conclusions – Indicator Words
  • How To Identify Conclusions – Intuition
  • How To Identify Conclusions – The “Therefore” Test
  • Subsidiary Conclusions
  • Deductive vs. Inductive Arguments
  • Conditional Statements
  • What Conditional Rules Tell You
  • Diagramming Conditional Rules
  • Basic Triggers – Modus Ponens
  • Basic Triggers – Modus Tollens
  • Triggers with Negative Conditions


Day 4 –
  • Contrapositives
  • Linking Conditional Rules
  • Recognizing and Diagramming Conditional Statements
Day 5 –
  • Arguments In Natural Language
  • Advanced Triggers – Universal Modus Ponens and Universal Modus Tollens
  • Universal Modus Ponens and Modus Tollens Quiz
Day 6 –
  • Valid vs. Invalid Inferences with Conditional Statements
  • Complex Conditionals – Adding “And” & “Or”
  • Quiz – Deductions (Inferences) with Multiple Steps
Day 7 –
  • Problems with Deductive Logic – Set 1
  • Universal Quantifiers vs. Other Quantifiers
  • Existential Quantifiers (“Some” Statements)
Day 8 –
  • Recognizing “Some” Statements
  • Inferences with “Some” Statements
  • “Most” Statements
Day 11 –
  • “Not All”/”Some Are Not” Statements
  • “None” Statements
  • Combination Inferences
Day 12 –
  • Step-Down Inferences
  • Quantifiers within Conditional Statements?
  • Logical Opposites
Day 13 –
  • Negating Conditions with Logical Opposites
  • Negating Conditions with Logical Opposites – Quiz
  • More On Triggers – Falsification By Contradiction
Day 14
  • Disjunctions
  • Problems with Deductive Logic – Set 2
Day 15
  • Introduction To Inductive Reasoning: Probability Arguments
  • Making Effective Inductive Arguments
  • Stronger and Weaker Inductive Arguments
Day 18
  • Samples, Studies, and Surveys: Forms of Inductive Reasoning – Part I
  • Forms of Inductive Reasoning – Part II
  • Forms of Inductive Reasoning – Part III
Day 19
  • Analogies and Other Informal Arguments
  • Cause and Effect Introduction
  • The Cause and Effect Relationship
Day 20
  • Proving Causal Arguments?
  • Weakening and Strengthening Causal Arguments
  • Weakening Causal Arguments – Problems and Explanations
Day 21
  • Strengthening Causal Arguments – Problems and Explanations
  • Flawed Reasoning – Introduction
  • The All-Important Flaw Maxim
Day 22
  • Flawed Reasoning – Common Flaw Patterns Part I
  • Flawed Reasoning – Common Flaw Patterns Part II
  • Flawed Reasoning – Common Flaw Patterns Part III
Day 25
  • LR Cheat Sheet
  • Main Point Questions
  • Main Point – Examples and Explanations
Day 26
  • Must Be True Questions – Introduction
  • Must Be True – Critical Skills
  • Must Be True Questions Practice – Applying Logical Rules To Premises
  • Must Be True – Numbers and More
  • Must Be True – Examples and Explanations
Day 27
  • Most Strongly Supported – Examples and Explanations
  • Sufficient Assumption Questions
  • Sufficient Assumption – Examples and Explanations
Day 28
  • Necessary Assumption Questions
  • Necessary Assumption – Examples and Explanations
Day 29
  • Strengthen Questions
  • Strengthen Questions – Example and Explanations
Day 32
  • Weaken Questions
  • Weaken Questions – Examples & Explanations
Day 33
  • Flaw Questions – Examples & Explanations
Day 34
  • Resolve The Paradox – Examples & Explanations
  • Sufficient Assumption Principle – Examples & Explanations
  • Method of Argumentation – Examples & Explanations
Day 35
  • Parallel Reasoning – Examples & Explanations
  • Parallel Flaw – Examples & Explanations
  • Miscellaneous Questions – Examples & Explanations


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