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A Complete LSAT Conditional Reasoning Lesson

Conditional reasoning is a common feature of the LSAT, tested heavily in both the logic games and logical reasoning sections. While the term ‘conditional reasoning’ is a little intimidating, it’s important to realize that you already understand these logical relationships intuitively and use them in your daily speech. In this…

Logic Games

Sneaky Hidden Conditional Statements in Logic Games

This lesson comes from our Mastermind Study Group, which is now underway. Here’s how it works: you self-study (cheap!) but Josh and I guide you every step of the way with live coaching and lessons. Check it out HERE For our first part of the webinar on “diagramming considerations,” I wanted…

Logic Games

LSAT Preptest 65 Free Logic Games Explanations

Hi all, here are some more free explanations from modern tests, which we are giving you just because we are nice guys. This test can be found in Actual Official LSAT Preptests Volume V, the compilation of ten brand new LSAT preptests that LSAC recently published. If you are just…

Logic Games

Preptest 63 Complete Logic Games Explanations

Today we have complete logic games explanations for PT 63 Section 2. Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4. This is the second preptest in the recently published compilation 10 Actual, Official, LSAT Preptests Volume V, which contains PT 62 to 71. The techniques us should be similar enough to prep books we…

Logic Games The Best LSAT Logic Games Strategies

The Best LSAT Logic Games Strategies

The Best LSAT Logic Games Strategies In this post we discuss the best LSAT logic games strategies learned from my own LSAT prep and my time as a professional LSAT tutor and classroom instructor. This approach helped me, and later many of my students, go from being unable to finish…

Logic Games LSAT Logic Games Tips

LSAT Logic Games Tips

The LSAT Logic games section is the section that most people find the most difficult when starting out LSAT prep. Whereas most of us have honed our reading and critical thinking skills considerably over the years, it’s less often that we’ve been asked to group campers in two canoes when…

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