Your ability to attack the LSAT logical reasoning section will decide half of your score on the LSAT.


It is all-important to your success on this exam.

So what separates the bulk of LSAT takers, who never get more than around half of the problems they attack correct, from those who consistently miss just 0-3 on this section? (This is the range you want to be in to get a 170+ score on the LSAT.)

To explore this topic, we hosted a special Wednesday Webinar: MASTERING THE LSAT LOGICAL REASONING SECTION.

Our webinars are always free to attend, and the webinar replay is available below. so join as we discuss how we each achieved 170+ scores, along with top marks on the LR section. (Josh got none wrong on either LR section, Evan got only one wrong on each section). Topics to include:

  • What skill set separates the masters from the mushy middle?
  • How do you study the LR section effectively?
  • How long is achieving LR mastery likely to take?
  • How do I fix problem areas?

Watch the replay here:

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