UPDATED: 04/14/2017

To help you pick reach, target, and safety schools, here are the most recent LSAT and GPA medians available, representing numbers for the law school class of 2019. Seeing the numbers of the most recently admitted class gives you the most accurate idea of where you’ll stand in the admissions game.

Generally, if both your numbers are above the median, consider that school a safety. Both below makes it a reach.

For comparison, I’ve provided the numbers for the previous few years so that you can see whether it’s gotten slightly more competitive or less so at a school from year to year.

Some trends to notice: In most of the very top school’s numbers have either stayed roughly the same as last year or gotten marginally more competitive (slightly higher medians).This may be indicative of a trend whereby top scorers are returning to law school. At these schools, expect the LSAT medians to be about the same or jump by a maximum of one point for the Class of 2020.

Once you get outside the top 20, the trend reverses, and numbers tend to have fallen from last year. Given that the number of people taking the LSAT continues to fall, we expected decreasing medians for most law schools. Given the volume of students taking the LSAT this year, I’d expect to see these numbers stay the same.

Here are the numbers!

LSAT and GPA Medians – Class of 2019

LSAT Medians

Class of 2016 through 2019

RankSchool2019 LSAT2018 LSAT2017 LSAT2016 LSAT
1Yale University (CT)173173173173
2Stanford University (CA)171171172171
3Harvard University (MA)172173173173
4University of Chicago170170170170
5Columbia University (NY)172171172171
6New York University169169170170
7University of Pennsylvania169169169169
8University of Michigan168168168168
8University of Virginia169168169169
10Duke University (NC)169169169169
10Northwestern University (IL)168168168168
12University of California–Berkeley166166167167
13Cornell University (NY)167167167167
14U Texas-Austin167167167166
15Georgetown (DC)167167167168
17Vanderbilt U (TN)167166167167
18Washington U (MO)168167166166
19U Southern California165166166166
20University of Iowa161161160161
20U Notre Dame (IN)164164163163
22Emory U (GA)165165165165
23Boston University164163163165
23U Minnesota-Twin Cities164164164164
25Arizona State University161161162162
26U Alabama163163163164
26Boston College163162162164
28University of California–Irvine163162164164
28Washington & Lee U160160161164
30George Washington U165165165165
30Indiana U-Bloomington161161161162
30Ohio State University (Moritz)159159159160
30University of Georgia162162163163
30University of Washington163164164164
30University of Wisconsin–​Madison161161161161
36Fordham University163163163163
36University of Colorado162161161162
36Wake Forest University161161161162
39University of California–​Davis163163162162
39University of North Carolina161161161161
41William & Mary (VA)162163163164
41George Mason University (VA)162161161161
41University of Florida160157158160
44University of Illinois–​Urbana-​Champaign160161161160
44University of Utah (Quinney)158158158159
46Brigham Young University (Clark)162161162161
46Southern Methodist University161161161162
48University of Arizona (Rogers)161160161160
48University of Maryland (Carey)158157159159
48Florida State University159158159159
51Tulane University158159161160
51Baylor University159160159161
53Temple University (Beasley)160160160160
54University of California (Hastings)159159158159
54University of Houston159159159160
54University of Connecticut156156157158
57University of Richmond (Williams)161160160161
57University of Nebraska–​Lincoln156156156155
57University of Kentucky154155155157
57Seton Hall University156156156157
57University of Tennessee–​Knoxville158158158157
62Case Western Reserve University159159159159
62University of Nevada–​Las Vegas157158158158
62Rutgers Law (Combined)155155
65Georgia State University158158158159
65Loyola Marymount University (CA)159159159159
65University of Kansas156156158156
65University of Missouri158157157157
65Cardozo (Yeshiva)159159159160
65Northeastern University161161161161
65Penn. State Carlisle (Dickinson)159159158158
72University of Cincinnati155155155158
72University of Oklahoma157157157157
72Pepperdine University159159160160
72St. John’s University158158157156
76University of Denver (Sturm)157157156158
77University of Miami157157157157
77University of New Mexico153154153154
77University of San Diego158159159159
77Villanova University157156157157
77University of Arkansas–​Fayetteville154154154154
82Loyola University Chicago157158157158
82University of Pittsburgh156156157158
82Penn. State University Park158158
82University of Tulsa155154154155
86American University (Washington)156155156157
86University of Oregon157157157158
88St. Louis University154155155155
88University of South Carolina154154155155
88Brooklyn Law School156155156159
88Indiana University–​Indianapolis153152152154
92IIT – Chicago Kent156156157155
92Syracuse University154154155155
92University of Louisville (Brandeis)153154153158
92Texas A&M157156154152
96Louisiana State University154155155156
96West Virginia University153153154
96Michigan State University154154155157
100University of New Hampshire157157155157
100Lewis & Clark (OR)157158158158
100University of Hawaii (Richardson)152154156157
100Wayne State157157156157
100Florida International University156156156156
100Marquette University153152152155
106SUNY Buffalo Law School154154154154
106Catholic Univ. of America (Columbus)154153155
106Drake (IA)153151152153
109University of Mississippi155155155155
109University of Idaho152152151152
109Albany (NY)152151151152
112Drexel University (Mack)154155154155
112New York Law School152152151151
112University of Baltimore152152152152
112University of Missouri—Kansas City152152152152
112University of Wyoming153151153151
112Gonzaga (WA)153153153154
118Texas Tech153154154155
120Howard University150150151151
120Seattle U154154154156
120St. Thomas (MN)153154154155
120University of Montana154153154154
120Pace University151150151151
127Cleveland State153153153153
127Washburn University152152151153
127Duquesne (PA)152152152152
132Santa Clara University154155157157
134Vermont Law School150151152151
134Chapman University155156156158
134Arkansas – Little Rock151150150154
139University of Maine152152153155
140Hamline University152151153
140William Mitchell (MN)150152152153
140Suffolk University150150146149
142Willamette University151153151151
142Loyola University New Orleans148151153151
142South Dakota148147148147
142University of North Dakota149148150148
144Campbell University153152152152
144Oklahoma City147148148149
144University of the Pacific (McGeorge)152151151154
147Samford (Cumberland)152151151150
148Northern Illinois University148148150150
148Widener (Commonwealth PA)148148148148
151San Francisco151152153153
151Ohio Northern148149150150
151South Texas151150151151
151Southern Illinois Univ.–​Carbondale148149147150
151St. Mary’s University149151150151
151La Verne147147147147
151UMass Dartmouth148148147148
151Belmont University155154155155
151University of D.C.147148148149
151Western State College of Law147148149150
151Regent University152152152153
151Elon University148147148150
151Roger Williams148148148149
151Ave Maria147148143146
151Western New England148147146149
151Golden Gate149148149150
151Northern Kentucky148149150152
151Charleston School of Law145146148150
151Mississippi College146146147149
151Capital University148149148148
151Detroit Mercy151151152151
151Texas Southern145143145144
151Valparaiso University147145145143
151Inter-American – Puerto Rico137138138138
151Southern University143143144145
151Atlanta’s John Marshall148147148149
151New England150147150149
151Widener (DE)148149149150
151Barry University148146146147
151North Carolina Central144145144145
151California Western149150150151
151St. Thomas (FL)147147148147
151Arizona Summit143143144144
151Nova Southeastern149149148149
151Thomas Jefferson143144145146
151John Marshall (IL)148147149149
151Florida Coastal144144143144

GPA Medians

Class of 2016 through 2019

RankSchool2019 GPA2018 GPA2017 GPA2016 GPA
1Yale University (CT)3.893.933.913.9
2Stanford University (CA)3.873.893.93.87
3Harvard University (MA)3.863.863.873.88
4University of Chicago3.
5Columbia University (NY)
6New York University3.813.783.753.72
7University of Pennsylvania3.93.893.893.89
8University of Michigan3.783.763.743.71
8University of Virginia3.863.863.853.87
10Duke University (NC)3.763.763.773.77
10Northwestern University (IL)3.813.773.753.75
12University of California–Berkeley3.793.783.793.78
13Cornell University (NY)3.733.743.683.66
14U Texas-Austin3.73.733.683.68
15Georgetown (DC)3.773.763.753.74
17Vanderbilt U (TN)3.73.743.73.74
18Washington U (MO)3.673.673.623.69
19U Southern California3.763.763.763.7
20University of Iowa3.613.613.643.59
20U Notre Dame (IN)3.713.663.643.6
22Emory U (GA)3.783.773.753.75
23Boston University3.683.673.663.67
23U Minnesota-Twin Cities3.763.793.773.79
25Arizona State University3.643.633.613.54
26U Alabama3.823.763.773.86
26Boston College3.53.563.523.61
28University of California–Irvine3.543.563.533.52
28Washington & Lee U3.473.413.373.51
30George Washington U3.713.713.713.71
30Indiana U-Bloomington3.713.763.723.8
30Ohio State University (Moritz)3.613.613.63.65
30University of Georgia3.733.713.73.69
30University of Washington3.683.653.673.64
30University of Wisconsin–​Madison3.583.543.623.58
36Fordham University3.533.533.543.52
36University of Colorado3.693.63.623.58
36Wake Forest University3.583.63.583.57
39University of California–​Davis3.523.513.63.55
39University of North Carolina3.513.493.483.5
41William & Mary (VA)3.753.693.793.73
41George Mason University (VA)3.663.593.63.55
41University of Florida3.
44University of Illinois–​Urbana-​Champaign3.593.513.433.56
44University of Utah (Quinney)3.53.573.583.51
46Brigham Young University (Clark)3.83.773.773.77
46Southern Methodist University3.673.633.583.63
48University of Arizona (Rogers)3.573.513.573.57
48University of Maryland (Carey)3.473.463.53.53
48Florida State University3.523.523.433.51
51Tulane University3.463.423.413.39
51Baylor University3.553.533.543.55
53Temple University (Beasley)3.493.53.493.4
54University of California (Hastings)3.453.53.443.52
54University of Houston3.533.543.473.42
54University of Connecticut3.313.343.443.46
57University of Richmond (Williams)3.553.513.53.5
57University of Nebraska–​Lincoln3.693.653.673.61
57University of Kentucky3.493.423.493.49
57Seton Hall University3.43.423.483.52
57University of Tennessee–​Knoxville3.593.643.643.54
62Case Western Reserve University3.483.443.443.38
62University of Nevada–​Las Vegas3.523.323.413.45
62Rutgers Law (Combined)3.43.28
65Georgia State University3.413.43.43.38
65Loyola Marymount University (CA)3.523.513.473.47
65University of Kansas3.443.423.473.42
65University of Missouri3.483.413.463.45
65Cardozo (Yeshiva)3.443.423.473.45
65Northeastern University3.553.553.533.53
65Penn. State Carlisle (Dickinson)3.483.463.583.58
72University of Cincinnati3.473.593.453.5
72University of Oklahoma3.523.563.523.48
72Pepperdine University3.63.63.593.59
72St. John’s University3.543.543.453.39
76University of Denver (Sturm)3.393.433.43.43
77University of Miami3.363.363.423.38
77University of New Mexico3.473.473.433.42
77University of San Diego3.513.523.53.5
77Villanova University3.543.573.553.56
77University of Arkansas–​Fayetteville3.473.373.433.5
82Loyola University Chicago3.33.343.33.4
82University of Pittsburgh3.423.363.463.42
82Penn. State University Park3.473.58
82University of Tulsa3.43.313.453.43
86American University (Washington)3.413.293.373.4
86University of Oregon3.43.483.333.36
88St. Louis University3.43.443.463.41
88University of South Carolina3.473.33.233.27
88Brooklyn Law School3.313.363.313.4
88Indiana University–​Indianapolis3.413.343.323.45
92IIT – Chicago Kent3.393.363.433.31
92Syracuse University3.353.333.373.29
92University of Louisville (Brandeis)3.293.393.413.43
92Texas A&M3.413.383.213.14
96Louisiana State University3.383.483.233.43
96West Virginia University3.333.353.43
96Michigan State University3.513.463.543.52
100University of New Hampshire3.443.463.443.39
100Lewis & Clark (OR)3.343.323.343.46
100University of Hawaii (Richardson)
100Wayne State3.443.423.293.43
100Florida International University3.643.633.583.58
100Marquette University3.353.193.333.29
106SUNY Buffalo Law School3.423.443.433.48
106Catholic Univ. of America (Columbus)
106Drake (IA)3.333.273.253.23
109University of Mississippi3.453.413.473.46
109University of Idaho3.
109Albany (NY)3.343.233.223.37
112Drexel University (Mack)3.33.313.283.35
112New York Law School3.313.243.23.17
112University of Baltimore3.
112University of Missouri—Kansas City3.393.273.213.25
112University of Wyoming3.433.223.363.35
112Gonzaga (WA)
118Texas Tech3.283.393.453.47
120Howard University3.
120Seattle U3.353.243.293.37
120St. Thomas (MN)3.353.483.413.38
120University of Montana3.313.383.383.32
120Pace University3.
127Cleveland State3.
127Washburn University3.
127Duquesne (PA)3.383.453.443.42
132Santa Clara University3.
134Vermont Law School3.
134Chapman University3.243.333.413.27
134Arkansas – Little Rock3.313.253.24
139University of Maine3.243.373.383.36
140Hamline University3.253.273.32
140William Mitchell (MN)
140Suffolk University3.
142Willamette University3.
142Loyola University New Orleans3.
142South Dakota3.373.363.13.15
142University of North Dakota3.
144Campbell University3.313.243.173.26
144Oklahoma City3.
144University of the Pacific (McGeorge)
147Samford (Cumberland)3.313.233.23.25
148Northern Illinois University3.
148Widener (Commonwealth PA)
151San Francisco3.
151Ohio Northern3.
151South Texas3.
151Southern Illinois Univ.–​Carbondale2.912.963.093.1
151St. Mary’s University3.
151La Verne2.952.92.882.83
151UMass Dartmouth3.122.972.973.03
151Belmont University3.423.413.433.42
151University of D.C.2.992.982.993.07
151Western State College of Law3.
151Regent University3.363.293.233.37
151Elon University3.
151Roger Williams3.
151Ave Maria3.0833.063.15
151Western New England3.
151Golden Gate2.982.942.983.11
151Northern Kentucky3.
151Charleston School of Law3.012.892.993.17
151Mississippi College3.082.983.113.3
151Capital University3.
151Detroit Mercy3.
151Texas Southern3.
151Valparaiso University3.022.933.13
151Inter-American – Puerto Rico3.
151Southern University2.862.792.822.82
151Atlanta’s John Marshall3.053.042.912.98
151New England3.
151Widener (DE)
151Barry University32.962.992.89
151North Carolina Central3.313.243.243.17
151California Western3.
151St. Thomas (FL)
151Arizona Summit2.962.882.942.88
151Nova Southeastern3.
151Thomas Jefferson2.892.742.842.86
151John Marshall (IL)
151Florida Coastal2.872.882.932.97

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  1. I am interested in attending the University of Tennessee’s law school as an in-state student. I am confident that I will get in, but I want your thoughts on the amount of scholarship money you think I will receive.

    My GPA is a 3.5 and I got a 161 on the LSAT.


  2. Hey Evan and Josh,

    I am a junior at WashU and I just got my LSAT score back. I’ll have a 3.8 GPA and with this score, a 169 LSAT, when I apply to law school. I would like to go to a top ten law school. Is it worth it to retake the LSAT? I of course have a lot of time and my practice test average was higher than 169 (it was a 172 with the occasional 178’s).

  3. I have a question for you guys. I’m on the fence about retaking after getting a 166 for the second test in a row after averaging 173/174 on Preptests 36-72 ( they were proctored 5 section preptests with an analog watch and scantron). A part of me wants to retake, but at the same time, I’m kind of worried that I might be a choke artist when it comes to the real test. Is it worth a shot at a retake? Do I have a reasonable shot at Cornell, Georgetown, and UT with my LSAT 1 point below median and my GPA slightly above?

  4. 30 y/o going back to school after 5 years.
    3.2 GPA (brought up from a 0.7! in my freshman year) and a 151 LSAT (no studying)
    Hoping for Cumberland School of Law (at Samford U) since it’s the closest ABA school

    • Kitty I am returning to school after 15 years. My UGA is as yours. Have you applied and received notification from a law school?

      I wish you all the best!

    • Jeffery,

      Absolutely! A lifetime membership means just that: once you’re in, you’re in for life! We’ve got your back from the day you join & where here for you as long as you need us.

  5. 3.7 GPA (with a few A+s, which I believe LSAC factors in) and I still have 2 more undergraduate semesters that will factor into my GPA in time for law school applications (so I’m hopeful that I can get it up to a 3.75). I will be taking the LSAT in February. Do I have a chance at NYU or Columbia with a good LSAT score, even though my GPA is a little below the median? If so, what score should I aim for?
    Also I’m sure this has been asked before, but law schools give no consideration whatsoever to your undergraduate major when looking at your GPA, correct? (As someone who has taken lots of math, this is somewhat frustrating..)

    • Turner Johnston on

      Schools care more about the LSAT than GPA. Also, equal GPAs from different schools carry different weight. They consider that. A GPA from Texas Tech is valued less that an equal GPA from Georgetown. You will need a very high LSAT score to get into those schools. Probably upper 160s-lower 170s. And yes, they do care about your major. A 3.75 in psychology is much easier than a 3.75 in engineering. They typically value stem degrees or business degrees (anything technical) more because they get saturated with History, PoliSci, English, etc.

      • They don’t actually. Turner, you’ve been giving awful advice. GPA’s are all roughly valued the same, since schools only care about the GPA median they report to US News.

  6. Just scored a 151 on October LSAT (it was a fun birthday surprise from my mom- what fun, right?) with no studying whatsoever.

    Just found out she signed me up for December LSAT as well.

    Missed only 2 on reading comp, missed an equal number spread across the rest of the test. What would you suggest to be the thing to study to get the biggest score boost within the next month?

  7. To Josh and Evan,

    I have a 3.62 LSAC GPA and a recent Sept. LSAT score of 161. I am taking the test again in December (about 5 weeks from now). Assuming I get either the same score or anywhere from 1-2 points higher (i like to put harsher predictions on myself) what do you think my chances are are Boston College, Fordham, and Notre Dame?
    ***If this counts for anything, my applications will most likely be done and sent in by the first week of january.
    Thank for all your help!

  8. I will be applying for law school having already obtained a masters degree. Will the admissions consider my undergraduate GPA only? Will having a high graduate GPA outweigh a low undergraduate GPA?

    • Rebecca, Ann, we are in the same boat. My UGPA is not strong. But with my masters I graduated Summa Cum Laude. I hear we are not awarded for our strong post graduate work. However each law school has the right to take as much as they like into consideration.

      This rule of keeping the doors of law school locked because of a low to moderate UGPA is simply ridiculous. Even God forgives bad decisions and behaviors!!!

      I wonder if most law schools with declining applications, and graduates, would reconsider accepting one with a good LSAT but not so good UGPA? Most have so much to prove, failure is not an option.

      Don’t know about you but I surely am not the little girl I was in college!!!

      Let me know if you two get accepted, I’ll do the same!

  9. Hello!

    I just finished reading your 5 harsh truths and I want to thank you for writing it!
    I must admit that I am guilty of not prepping hard enough despite taking 2 kaplan courses, I know… I feel terribly disappointed with myself but its no use getting worked up about the past.
    Im about to take the December LSAT and I know I won’t score anything higher than a 150.
    With that said, I am planning on finishing up my applications by January and not submitting them because I am planning on retaking it. I leave on a 4 month backpacking trip to south america in February and hopefully by the time I come back in June I will be able to make myself study the appropiate and intensive amount of time. This time I won’t use Kaplan, but I will self prep using the powerscore books. If anything what I learned from taking 2 prep Kaplan courses was that all I need are numerous practice questions and their explanations. Id like to know what you think of this plan!

    Thanks so much


  10. @OnLawSchool I’m interested in UNC Chapel Hill for law My GPA is 3.85. I am out of state. What LSAT score do I need to get in? Is it easier to get in in state oout of state? They said they give more offers out of state because they yield less due to higher OOS tuition but I can’t find a number for how many are offered OOS. Should I try to become a resident to increase odds of getting in? Thanks!

    • Turner Johnston on

      Probably in the mid-upper 160s. Schools place the highest value on the LSAT when evaluating an applicant. Also depends on your undergrad school. A 3.85 from Texas Tech is easier to get than a 3.85 from Georgetown. Interesting about out-of-state applicants. I know schools are always looking to up their prestige, and people traveling from other states always looks good. The money thing too…In the end, I think they are mostly looking for the numbers (lsat gpa).

      • Turner is wrong, schools don’t care about where you went to undergrad or what your major is. All schools care about is your final LSAC GPA, since that is what they have to report to US News for the yearly rankings. Stop giving bad advice, man.

      • Turner Johnston on

        I completely disagree with you Dennis. They give deference to undergrads from higher ranked schools. I’ve spoken with former admissions panelists about this from my school.

  11. I have a 3.5 Criminal Justice undergrad GPA w/ legal certifications, and am currently working in a law office as a legal assistant.
    I took the LSAT practice cold and got a 150. I plan to take the real one in June and apply to schools in September. (UT & UVA are my 1st and 2nd choices)
    I’m pretty confident that I can boost my score with studying, I’ve bought some powerscore books to help, which they have.
    What do you think is the most a person can “up” their score, with the cold score in mind?

    Thanks !

    • Turner Johnston on

      Probably not too much unless you really get down how to map ou the logic problems and learn good notation. I had a 155 cold. I checked out a LSAT prep book from the library, studied for 2 weeks, watched youtube videos on how to solve logic puzzles, went back and got a 155 again. For me (as with most) it’s the speed thing. If given more time, I could nail it, but that’s the point. Law school exams give you about 2 min per question and they usually have anywhere between a paragraph and a page of facts to sort through. Hopefully your story works out better than mine. Best of luck to you. With your numbers you could get into a lower-ranked school, work hard and get into the top 10%, then transfer to a better school.

      • To be fair, 2 weeks is hardly enough time to gauge any progress and you should count yourself lucky that your score didn’t drop – the general trend is that in the second PT, the score drops before it starts climbing up again from PT 4 – 5 onwards- I prepped for a year and a half and raised my score 15 points to a 167 (and that too when I left one portion of the test completely unanswered as I ran out of time)

      • And with prep a 10 – 15 point score increase is common… that changes the range of schools to which you can apply… in my first attempt I had a 163 and was in at BU, BC and UCI, but with a 167 I made it to the T14s.

      • Turner Johnston on

        I’ve heard prep courses can raise your score up to 10pts, but that’s never been the story for people I know who have taken one cold, then followed-up after taking a prep course. Congratulations on your results and getting to T-14! That’s awesome your saw your goal through. I only prepped for 2 weeks because I was wavering on whether I really wanted to do it or not. I contemplated teaching, or history grad program. I did end up finishing top 10℅ during 1L (at a low ranked school) and transferred to a tier 1.

        Wonder how that guy ended up doing.

    • I studied with a friend, using two prep books he had purchased. The area that made the biggest difference for me was learning how to create diagrams for puzzles. I went from crappy guessing to nailing them, and also got much faster at working through them. We studied (and later, took practice tests) for probably 2-4 hours a week for a few months. Went from 163 cold score to 170 on the test (although I got a 172 years earlier as an undergrad – parenting has made me dumber).

      I think a 10 point improvement starting from a 150 cold score is completely realistic if you put in the time, and it’s worth definitely worth it.

  12. I have an ugpa of 2.97, unfortunately I couldn’t recover completely from a stressful freshman semester due to a family member passing away. I’ve been consistently getting B’s or better since that semester (my major GPA is 3.4). I don’t have any great internships as of yet, but I am working on getting one. I scored 174 on my LSAT. Do I have a realistic chance of getting into a top 5, 10, 15, or 20 law school?

    • Turner Johnston on

      I had a friend who had a 2.65 gpa coupled with a 171 on the LSAT and got into UT-Austin (Usually a top 15 school).

      If you don’t get in where you want, you could go to a lower ranked school, get in the top 10%, and transfer to a higher ranked school after 1L.

      Maybe include something in your personal statement about what happened that year.

      Good luck!!

    • Take a year or so off and build up your resume. That LSAT and developed resume, coupled with a noticeable upward trend in grades will surely enable you to get into several of the bottom half of the t-14, if not better.

      I got into 6 of the T-14 with a 3.2 undergrad undergrad GPA, 168 LSAT, and solid LoR’s via internship/working experiences.

  13. Hello,
    I once saw an article about how interning at a law firm as an undergraduate student was not a good idea. Would interning at a law firm as an undergrad help me or hurt my law school application?
    Thanks in advance!

  14. People, why do you want to go to law school? I’ve been a lawyer nearly 19 years. I wish just about every day that I had never gone to law school. I’m working myself to death. The work is so stressful. You’re never done. There is always so much that needs to be done. I haven’t been on a vacation in years. The money is nowhere near as good as I thought it would be. There are so many easier ways to make a living. I have child support to pay, bills to pay. I can’t just quit but I would in a heartbeat if something better came along. God I hate it. I have a jury trial next week and my young co-counsel just took a non law job. I envy the guy, don’t blame him at all.

    If you haven’t worked for lawyers, consider doing that if you can find any who can afford to pay anyone right now. I work for someone else and didn’t get paid on Friday. It isn’t the first time that’s happened. I get a salary plus a percentage of what I bring in paid in bonuses, theoretically. None of the lawyers in any of our offices have gotten their bonuses in I think ten months. We’re lucky to get our salary checks. Why don’t we quit? There are no jobs and we have to have something to pay our bills.

    Things are probably worse in my area than many. We have offices in Oklahoma and Arkansas. Our area has not recovered from the recession and low oil and gas prices are killing us. I just checked the Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data and the median income for attorneys in my metro area has dropped to just a hair over $50,000. The mean is only $62,850. The mean or average is skewed upwards by a small handful who still do pretty well, but has dropped by tens of thousands over the last few years so nobody is doing that well. Half the attorneys here are making $50k a year or less, and the number of attorneys is of course dropping with people moving away and many just finding something else to do. There are so many out of work attorneys, and that is everywhere. Here old law firms have broken up and highly experienced attorneys are out there competing for entry level law jobs just to have something to pay their bills. I’m always hearing about some attorney filing bankruptcy. My Registered Nurse wife with an associates degree is presently making more money than me, not that she doesn’t work hard for it but I did spend five more years in school, get a 172 on my LSAT, made good grades, have worked my rear end off. I thought I’d be making hundreds of thousands a year by this point in my career. But I’m working for an employer who owes me thousands and thousands of dollars who will probably file bankruptcy soon and name me as a creditor. I don’t know if I will have a job tomorrow.

    Things are only going to get worse. Every year tens of thousands more will become lawyers and there aren’t nearly enough jobs for them. Lawyers will make less and less money fighting over what little scraps there are out there to make. Big companies will send more and more of their work overseas and some guy in Mumbai will review their contracts and do all their drafting. Judges will increasingly appoint public defenders in criminal cases to keep the cases moving so there are precious few left for private attorneys and public defenders everywhere will have New Orleans sized pd caseloads. The rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer anyway so the common man is less likely to be be able to afford lawyers. Lawyers are a dime a dozen so if they want work they have to be willing to work for less and less even when those paying the bills have money.

    I hate to sound all negative, but this story popped up on my Facebook feed and I started seeing all these comments and I have to wonder if any of you have any idea what you are trying to get yourselves into. Most of you will never make any money in this profession. You will struggle to survive. You will barely see your families because you have to work so much. Your spouses will resent you for working so much but making so little. Your lives will be so hard. Don’t do it unless it’s just a strong dream you cannot deny yourself and you don’t care if you make any money or not.

  15. If I surpass the median LSAT scores.. but my undergrad GPA does not meet even the 25th percentile.. Do I even have a chance of going to my dream school at Ohio State?? I’m hoping to score a 165+…

  16. mariam.j.sheikh on

    When you say these are the stats for class of 2017, does that mean they’ve already admitted students for the coming Fall? Aren’t admissions still ongoing?

  17. I can’t see this list even though I am a member and logged in. Anyone else experiencing this glitch? Any alternative way to receive this list of median GPAs and LSAT scores?

  18. Any thoughts on whether Berkeley will be harder or easier to get into because it dropped 4 places in the 2017 rankings? Wondering if this has any effect at all in helping/hurting chances at admission….



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