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Logic Games

A Complete LSAT Conditional Reasoning Lesson

Conditional reasoning is a common feature of the LSAT, tested heavily in both the logic games and logical reasoning sections. While the term ‘conditional reasoning’ is a little intimidating, it’s important to realize that you already understand these logical relationships intuitively and use them in your daily speech. In this…

Logical Reasoning LSAT Logical Reasoning Basics

LSAT Logical Reasoning Fundamentals

Sometimes, it’s tough for me to remember what it was like to begin studying for the LSAT. At first, the whole thing was totally foreign to me. In recognition of that, we wanted to do a post for those just starting out learning logical reasoning (LR) in order to help…

Logical Reasoning LSAT LR Flaw Questions

LSAT LR Flaw Questions For Non-Dummies

The following is a lesson from our LSAT Mastermind Study Group, which we invite you to join. Learning how to spot and critique flaws is the single most important skill that you need to develop in order to succeed on the LSAT logical reasoning section. We are all good at spotting…

Logical Reasoning LSAT Logical Reasoning Checklist

LSAT Logical Reasoning Cheat Sheet

Here, we describe in just one or two sentences the core of what you need to do to answer each LSAT LR question type. While it’s not technically cheating, if you always stay focused on just these tasks when doing the questions, you will score as if you were cheating!

Logical Reasoning LSAT LR point at issue questions

LSAT LR Point At Issue Question Strategy

If you are having trouble with logical reasoning point at issue questions (also called “disagreement” or “identify the disagreement” questions), you are likely getting distracted too much by thinking about argument structure, or you are falling for crafty wrong answers. We can help you. In point at issue questions, you have…

Logical Reasoning LSAT LR method of reasoning questions

Destroy LSAT LR “Method of Reasoning” Questions

LSAT logical reasoning “method of reasoning” questions (also sometimes called “method of argument” questions) are one of the more minor question types on the LSAT LR section. You’ll never see more than two in a given LR section, and sometimes there aren’t any.  However, each one you encounter is still worth…

Logical Reasoning

How To Solve LSAT Weaken Questions (Logical Reasoning)

In case you didn’t notice, we are taking you through strategies for specific LSAT logical reasoning question types. We just covered ‘main point’ questions a few days ago. Today, we’ll talk about LSAT logical reasoning “weaken” questions, another one of the major question types you’ll encounter on the LSAT LR section.…


Best LSAT Logical Reasoning Prep Books

You’ve probably already realized that logical reasoning questions make up half your total score on the LSAT. It’s critical that you have this section mastered if you want a high score. Thankfully, the logical reasoning section of the LSAT is very teachable. Start off your LSAT prep with the best…

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