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Don’t Forget About The July LSAT!

The sun rises. Taxes are due in April. Summer blockbusters are released in summer. And the LSAT is given four times a year (September or October, December, February, and June). Right? Wrong! This year, you can take it in July as well! 2018 has the following test dates for the…

Logic Games

A Complete LSAT Conditional Reasoning Lesson

Conditional reasoning is a common feature of the LSAT, tested heavily in both the logic games and logical reasoning sections. While the term ‘conditional reasoning’ is a little intimidating, it’s important to realize that you already understand these logical relationships intuitively and use them in your daily speech. In this…


December 2017 LSAT Discussion

Updated 2:11PM CST You’ve spent countless hours over the past few months pouring over lessons, drilling questions, and taking PrepTests. Your friends have stopped texting you because you’ve always got your head in a book. Your significant other has gone to bed alone while you stayed up to review your last…


5 Horrifyingly Wrong Ways To Study For The LSAT

We are pretty positive people here at, but I can’t be merry and just tralala through life all the time. Why not? Because I see people doing stuff to prep for the LSAT that is very wrong and I have to fix it. We are also going to get…


7 Shortcuts to a Higher LSAT Score

We thought we’d give those of you new to the LSAT some general tips to make sure you are doing this right. If you’re a regular reader, you may have seen this advice before, but it’ll still be a good refresher. However, for the newbies here’s your welcome to the…

Logical Reasoning LSAT LR Flaw Questions

LSAT LR Flaw Questions For Non-Dummies

The following is a lesson from our LSAT Mastermind Study Group, which we invite you to join. Learning how to spot and critique flaws is the single most important skill that you need to develop in order to succeed on the LSAT logical reasoning section. We are all good at spotting…


Feeling Unprepared for the LSAT?

Have you only taken a handful of full, timed full LSAT preptests? If so, you’ve got ALOT of room for improvement. I was probably only scoring around 160 or so by my 6th timed LSAT preptest. After my 20th preptest or so I was up in the low 170s and by the time I’d…

Archive September 2016 LSAT Discussion

September 2016 LSAT Discussion

UPDATE: We’ve confirmed that the following sections were REAL (PLEASE HELP US BY CONTRIBUTING/CONFIRMING IN THE COMMENTS BELOW) REAL LOGIC GAMES Park Rangers Teaching Assistants Neighborhood Deliveries Computer Viruses REAL READING COMPREHENSION PASSAGES Muscle Memory Contract Violation of Select Performances Native American/Clearing Forests/Woodlands Architect/Eileen Gray/Lacquer REAL LOGICAL REASONING QUESTIONS Caterpillars/fruit…

Logical Reasoning LSAT Logical Reasoning Checklist

LSAT Logical Reasoning Cheat Sheet

Here, we describe in just one or two sentences the core of what you need to do to answer each LSAT LR question type. While it’s not technically cheating, if you always stay focused on just these tasks when doing the questions, you will score as if you were cheating!


How Many People Take the LSAT Each Year?

Wondering how many people will be taking the LSAT with you this year? LSAC, the makers of the test, track how many people they administer the test to each cycle, so you can get a rough idea. Here is the chart: [source:] However, a lot of people retake the…


February 2015 LSAT Discussion

UPDATE – 03/02/15 UPDATE 03/02/2015 – 7:00 PM (CST) – Score Are Out, Now What? Watch the free webinar replay here: You Got Your LSAT Score. Now What? – Live at 10:30 PM Central Standard Time We’ll discussed topics including: What school can you get into with your score? How to know if you…


Reusing Old PrepTests

It’s one of the longest standing myths in LSAT prep: that you can’t gain anything from reusing old LSAT exams. A lot of prep companies subscribe to this belief, and I admit that for a long time I was convinced it is true, at least with regards to logical reasoning and…

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