Can you get nearly every question in a logical reasoning section right if you have unlimited time but fall apart if you try to do it any faster than usual…?

Can you usually finish LR in 35 minutes, but with much worse accuracy than if you had even 40 minutes…?

Do you not even have the first idea how long these questions should be taking…?

Are you so close to finishing the LR section on time and looking to make some adjustments that have worked for other top scorers?

If you are having any issues with LR timing at all and want to speed up a little or a lot (i.e., if you are like 99% of LSAT takers), come to chat with Josh Craven (177 LSAT, zero wrong on LR), and myself (Evan Jones, 173, just one wrong on LR), and get some advice on how to get faster at logical reasoning.

Students joined us for this relaxed advice session that we held open to the public. Students had an opportunity to ask LSAT questions and hear firsthand what we did to crush logical reasoning.

Watch the webinar replay above to hear tips for beginners to expert level on how to shave time off the clock in logical reasoning, including:

  • Ideal pacing for LR
  • Typical mistakes to avoid
  • Deciding how many questions to tackle
  • Avoiding time traps
  • Confident answer selection

Thanks to everyone who joined us!


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