How are logic games relevant to law school? Why are logic games included in the LSAT?

Logic Games are relevant to law school because they require you to quickly analyze a complex set of facts with many variables and apply those facts to related questions.

Of course, it is unlikely that a law school course will ever ask you what order a particular group of people could stand in line… but a huge part of law school is reading a set of facts and applying your knowledge of the relevant area of law to those facts in order to determine how a court would treat the particular case.

Logic games are relevant to law school because, although the subject matter will be different in law school, the basic analytical reasoning abilities that the lg section tests are similar to those required to succeed in law school. Furthermore, the tight timing element of the logic games section (an all LSAT sections for that matter) tests your ability to read, analyze, and synthesize material quickly–which will also be very important on law school exams.

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