What is the LSAT experimental section? Does the LSAT experimental portion of the exam count toward by LSAT score?

The LSAT experimental section is an unscored section of the LSAT. An experimental section is included whenever the real LSAT is administered. The LSAC uses the results of the experimental section to refine and revise the section for use on future exams.

You will not know which section of the LSAT that you take is the experimental section. The experimental section is added to your LSAT randomly, so you will not be able to know whether it will be the first, second, third, fourth or fifth section that you take. Their is however, some chance that you can tell which section was the experimental after the test. See our post about “How to Tell Which Section of The LSAT Was The Experimental” for this info.

As a result, you should not try to guess which section of the LSAT is experimental. Treat each section as if it were a graded section. If you have already completed a LG section and you run into another LG section, you won’t know if the first or second LG section is the experimental section. You MUST treat both as though they were real or you run the risk of underperforming on the graded portion of the exam.

However, if you do run into a particularly difficult section, work on it as though it were a real section… then, after you have finished it, ASSUME that it was the experimental section rather than letting yourself worry about your performance on that section. Don’t let a tough section throw off your performance on the rest of the exam.

Often times, the experimental section will feel a little bit different. Rather than let yourself stress out about it, just complete the section then forget about it, assuming it was an experimental section. You don’t want to freak out and mess up on the rest of the exam or cancel an lsat score because of one difficult section that could be the experimental section.



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