On test day you have to take an experimental section in addition to the graded sections. Should I consider adding an experimental section when I am practicing in order to get used to the additional length?

Yes. At the end of your LSAT preparation, you should try adding a mock “experimental” secton to your LSAT preptest.

The actual LSAT administration will include six 35-minitue sections.

  • 2 of the six sections will be logical reasoning [LR]
  • 1 of the six sections will be analytical reasoning (logic games) [LG]
  • 1 of the six sections will be reading comprehension [RC]
  • 1 of the six sections will be an unscored experimental section (either LR, LG or RC)
  • Finally, an unscored writing sample is administered at the end of the exam.

The LSAT preptests available for purchase do not include an experimental section. Furthermore, you should generally not worry about completing the writing sample for the preptests you take as you prepare for the LSAT. Generally, when you are preparing for the LSAT, you should simply take the 4 main sections included in the LSAT preptest packet.

However, if you are only taking the standard 4 sections of the LSAT preptests, it will only take you 2 hours and 20 minitues to complete the exam. The actual LSAT administration, including the experimental and writing sections, will take 3 hours and 40 minitues to complete.

After a 2 hour and 20 minitue exam, you will probably be mentally exhaused. The additional 35 minitue experimental section might feel like too much if the first time you add it is on exam day.

Therefore, it is advisable that you take at least a few preptests that include an experimental section, and perhaps even a writing section, at some point late in your LAST preparations. This way, the extra section and additional time will not be completely new to you on the day that you sit for the actual LSAT administration.



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