Vanderbilt Law School has a stable place among the top 25 law schools in the country. While Vanderbilt typically ranks just outside the much vaunted “Top Fourteen” as ranked by the US News and World Report, it enjoys a national reputation and job placement comparable to other legal giants such as Georgetown, Northwestern, and UT-Austin.

This year Vanderbilt is ranked 17th spot in the US News rankings. As can be expected at a top school, getting in is a very competitive process. To give you a better idea of what GPA and LSAT you need to get into Vanderbilt law, here are the numbers for students who enrolled last year:


Vanderbilt LSAT/GPA numbers for the  J.D. Class of 2021:

Vanderbilt Law GPA numbers

  • 75th percentile GPA: 3.87
  • Median GPA: 3.80
  • 25th percentile GPA: 3.61

Vanderbilt Law LSAT numbers:

  • 75th percentile LSAT: 168
  • Median LSAT: 167
  • 25th percentile LSAT: 161

Having numbers between these 25th-75th percentile ranges makes you a competitive applicant for Vanderbilt Law. If both your LSAT and GPA numbers are over the medians, you have a very high chance of admission.

That said, the doors at Vanderbilt aren’t closed even if your numbers are not entirely up to par. Vanderbilt says: “We evaluate each application thoroughly, reflecting our belief that the quality of the educational environment at Vanderbilt Law School benefits from considering a range of information far broader than your GPA and LSAT score.” (source)

To prove that they mean what they say, Vanderbilt also encourages applicants to partake of the opportunity to conduct an in-person interview with VLS admissions officers. You can do this by visiting the school or, if you can’t get to them, you can schedule interviews at a multitude of locations throughout the country. More information here.

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