This evening’s post comes from Ann Levine, president and chief consultant at Law School Expert. Ann is the former director of law school admissions at two ABA-approved law schools and the nation’s leading law school admission consultant. She has personally guided over 2,000 law school applicants through the law school admission process. Ann is also the author of the bestselling law school admission guidebook The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert.

3 Reasons to Re-take the LSAT

LSAT scores are out. Are you thinking about taking the LSAT again?

Here are 3 reasons to re-take:

Retake Reason #1:

You now realize you failed to prepare enough for the test.

If you did fewer than five 5-section, timed LSAT exams to prepare for the big day, then you did not do enough to get ready. Also, if you studied on your own, and –honestly – did more dabbling than immersing – then you should try again. The good news? The solution is simple: more time, more tests, more endurance building. It may not sound like fun, but this is your future we’re talking about. How badly do you want it?

Retake Reason #2:

Your score on the October LSAT is 3 or more points lower than your average practice exam score.

The good news? It won’t require a whole heck of a lot for you to keep your skills up since you’re not trying to learn new material or train your brain; you’re just keeping your brain tuned-in and turned-on (with testing materials and any practice tests you may not have already memorized) so you can score on test day more in line with what you’re already scoring on practice tests.

Retake Reason #3:

Rolling admissions is important, yes, but applying before Thanksgiving is less important than it has ever been.

Why? Because there are fewer law school applicants, and a lot fewer highly qualified applicants. That means schools aren’t filling their classes as early as they used to, and they are holding out for late-date test takers. Therefore, it’s a better strategy to apply with a higher score in December, than apply before Thanksgiving with a significantly lower score. Let me say it another way: If you are confident in your ability to raise your score by 3 or more points, it’s absolutely worth giving up the early application for the better application. You will still submit applications by mid-January and be ahead of the game.