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Law Schools the best law schools for your money

The Best Law Schools For Your Money

Law schools charge a lot of money for tuition, and since the Great Recession it has been increasingly said that most of them don’t offer the job prospects to justify the expense. While the debate over the value of a law degree wears on, it’s at least clear that law…

LSAT Best LSAT Prep Courses

How to Find the Best LSAT Prep Course

What is the best LSAT prep course to take?  I need help deciding!!! We get asked all the time which LSAT courses are considered the best. While we can’t attend them all, we can help you out with some information to guide your decisions. A lot of the information you’ll…



In today’s post, we compare the GRE vs. the LSAT to help those thinking about graduate or professional school and deciding where their strengths lie. To get into most decent post-graduate programs, you are going to need to take a seriously difficult test of some kind. The GRE and the…

Admissions Law Schools with Spring Admissions

Law Schools With Spring Admission

As you may have heard, law schools right now are doing everything and anything to get people to come, including keeping the doors open for spring (and even summer) admission. As we recently blogged, at least 25 law schools are accepting applications from June LSAT takers for admission the immediately…

1L Year

Why Do You Want To Be A Lawyer?

There was a time when law school was a good (great even) default option for very bright individuals who didn’t have any other ideas about what to do with their life. Rather then asking themselves “why do I want to be a lawyer?” they probably just thought, correctly, that they…


Getting Into Law school With A Low GPA

I wish someone would tell students when they first get to college how important it is to get a a good GPA if they are considering law school as a future option. Alas, they do not. So how important is GPA? Very. GPA taken alone probably accounts for about a…

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