Law school acceptance rates are an important admissions statistic to consider when you’re applying to law school. In this post, we take a look at the admission rates for every ABA-accredited law school in the US. The table below ranks all 204 law schools from the most selective to the least selective.

The range is broad from the extremely selective—Yale admits only about 9% of applicants—to the unscrupulously open, with schools towards the bottom of the pack accepting a whopping 80% or more of prospective students.

Acceptance rates are a fairly good proxy for how a school ranks in the minds of potential law students. The more desirable a school is, the more people apply and the more the picky the school can be when deciding who they’ll admit. For this reason, the acceptance rate is one of the factors measured in the US News and World Report’s influential rankings of the best law schools.

Comparison across widely disparate schools is difficult, however, because different cohorts apply to different schools. If every single prospective law student applied to Yale, for example, their acceptance rate would actually be lower. Generally only those who think they have some chance of acceptance apply, which makes the low acceptance rates at these top schools all the more impressive: they attract a highly-qualified pool of the most competitive applicants and they’re still the most selective.

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Scan through the list and see what percentage of applicants get in to your dream school. If you have any questions about your chances of admission, let us know in the comments!

Law School Acceptance Rates

Which Law Schools Are the Hardest to get into? (and which are the easiest?)

#Law SchoolAcceptance Rate# Applicants# Accepted
1Yale University9.47%2,735259
2Stanford University10.70%3,821409
3Harvard University16.65%5,454908
4Pennsylvania, University of17.00%5,593951
5Northwestern University17.79%4,625823
6Virginia, University of19.86%4,794952
7Duke University20.16%5,0951,027
8Chicago, University of20.68%4,380906
9Columbia University20.83%5,8771,224
10Georgetown University23.52%9,8622,320
11Michigan, University of23.74%5,0761,205
12George Mason University23.77%2,587615
13Texas A&M University23.88%1,893452
14Cornell University24.07%4,101987
15California-Berkeley, University of24.89%5,3361,328
16Washington, University of26.90%2,517677
17Texas At Austin, University of27.15%4,4241,201
18California-Irvine, University of27.17%2,035553
19Georgia State University27.25%1,952532
20California-Los Angeles, University of27.98%5,3531,498
21Appalachian School of Law28.21%28079
22Florida International University28.67%1,901545
23Boston University29.33%4,8041,409
24Georgia, University of29.53%2,225657
25New York University29.75%6,2451,858
26Southern California, University of29.98%4,5261,357
27Notre Dame, University of30.28%2,612791
28Richmond, University of30.98%1,872580
29Alabama, University of31.47%1,624511
30Washington University31.87%4,1131,311
31Houston, University of32.26%2,508809
32Vanderbilt University32.26%4,3801,413
33California-Davis, University of32.82%2,852936
34Baylor University33.33%2,904968
35Colorado, University of34.27%3,2801,124
36Florida State University34.34%1,855637
37University of Nevada – Las Vegas34.44%665229
38Arizona, University of34.48%1,392480
39Florida, University of35.59%2,703962
40Pennsylvania State – Dickinson Law35.86%817293
41Pittsburgh, University of36.17%1,341485
42Tennessee, University of36.49%1,003366
43Emory University36.90%4,0161,482
44Boston College37.15%4,5201,679
45Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles37.25%4,0481,508
46Fordham University37.35%4,6371,732
47Northeastern University38.19%2,9511,127
48Indiana Tech38.55%332128
49George Washington University38.92%6,9432,702
50Southern Methodist University39.00%1,831714
51Tulsa, University of39.22%612240
52Howard University39.33%1,068420
53San Diego, University of39.66%3,1041,231
54Pennsylvania State – Penn State Law39.79%1,822725
55District of Columbia40.00%605242
56William And Mary Law School40.62%4,2271,717
57Temple University41.54%2,046850
58Indiana University – Bloomington41.64%1,633680
59Arizona State University41.94%1,860780
60St. John’s University42.54%2,158918
61Villanova University42.57%1,783759
62Regent University42.71%494211
63North Carolina Central University42.88%1,145491
64Case Western Reserve University42.98%1,645707
65Arkansas, Little Rock, University of43.01%665286
66New Mexico, University of43.24%629272
67Hawaii, University of43.69%547239
68Brigham Young University43.81%436191
69North Carolina, University of44.13%1,371605
70Minnesota, University of44.54%1,960873
71Elon University44.62%744332
72Michigan State University44.71%2,3621,056
73Mississippi, University of45.01%782352
74City University of New York45.40%1,447657
75Wake Forest University45.44%1,906866
76Wisconsin, University of45.66%1,406642
77Illinois, University of45.71%1,236565
78Iowa, University of45.72%1,214555
79Pepperdine University46.69%2,3751,109
80Washington And Lee University46.91%1,908895
81Texas Southern University47.05%1,256591
82Connecticut, University of47.14%1,084511
83California-Hastings, University of47.39%3,4161,619
84Akron, University of48.04%1,224588
85Nova Southeastern University48.53%1,356658
86Ohio State University48.98%1,574771
87Brooklyn Law School49.32%3,6291,790
88Utah, University of49.35%612302
89Concordia Law School49.49%19898
90Oklahoma, University of49.59%853423
91Chapman University49.90%1,499748
92Touro College50.30%1,016511
93Syracuse University50.73%1,920974
94Liberty University50.83%303154
95University of Buffalo – SUNY50.96%993506
96Stetson University51.05%1,812925
97Catholic University of America51.23%1,265648
98Florida A&M University51.33%976501
99Rutgers University51.48%1,863959
100Southwestern Law School51.55%1,806931
101Seton Hall University52.08%1,609838
102University of La Verne52.13%917478
103Cincinnati, University of52.23%829433
104Drexel University52.40%1,166611
105Maryland, University of52.43%1,726905
106Texas Tech University52.78%1,186626
107Denver, University of53.05%2,1641,148
108New Hampshire University of53.15%476253
109Quinnipiac University53.38%710379
110American University53.43%4,3912,346
111Cardozo School of Law53.49%2,6661,426
112Wayne State University53.97%667360
113Atlanta’s John Marshall Law Shool54.06%1,319713
114Oregon, University of54.09%856463
115Missouri-Kansas City, University of54.16%565306
116Arkansas, Fayetteville, University of54.27%632343
117Ave Maria School of Law54.32%637346
118Loyola University – Chicago54.32%2,1761,182
119Idaho, University of54.94%466256
120Missouri, University of55.00%580319
121Hofstra University55.14%1,808997
122Memphis, University of55.20%587324
123Western New England University55.25%619342
124New York Law School55.57%2,6671,482
125Cleveland State University55.89%501280
126Pace University56.22%1,423800
127Barry University56.23%1,220686
128Toledo, University of56.46%418236
129Tulane University56.54%1,758994
130Albany Law School of Union University56.66%1,013574
131Detroit Mercy, University of56.69%785445
132Kansas, University of56.74%645366
133Gonzaga University56.84%855486
134Nebraska, University of56.85%577328
135Indiana University – Indianapolis57.60%915527
136South Carolina, University of57.74%1,259727
137Wyoming, University of57.94%378219
138Baltimore, University of57.98%1,090632
139South Texas College of Law Houston58.17%1,585922
140Miami, University of58.21%2,3691,379
141Valparaiso University58.30%777453
142Western State College of Law58.45%633370
143Montana, University of58.56%374219
144Lewis And Clark College58.91%1,307770
145Florida Coastal School of Law59.07%1,8131,071
146Mercer University59.07%777459
147Ohio Northern University59.42%382227
148Belmont University59.53%551328
149Campbell University59.57%705420
150South Dakota, University of59.64%337201
151University of Massachusetts Dartmouth59.67%786469
152West Virginia University59.71%479286
153Inter American University of Puerto Rico59.72%494295
154St. Thomas University (Florida)59.94%986591
155Dayton, University of60.07%536322
156Louisiana State University60.45%847512
157Duquesne University60.69%809491
158Saint Louis University60.80%852518
159Drake University61.14%543332
160Washburn University61.19%420257
161Northern Illinois University62.94%564355
162San Francisco, University of63.48%1,9061,210
163North Dakota, University of63.57%291185
164Suffolk University63.57%1,9241,223
165Widener University – Delaware63.88%789504
166Golden Gate University63.95%1,412903
167Chicago-Kent College of Law – IIT63.97%1,7151,097
168Arizona Summit Law School64.09%880564
169Seattle University64.16%1,504965
170St. Mary’s University64.28%1,338860
171Mississippi College64.38%671432
172Charlotte School of Law64.69%2,1891,416
173John Marshall Law School64.89%1,7491,135
174Maine, University of65.77%485319
175Kentucky, University of65.79%757498
176Puerto Rico, University of65.80%307202
177Marquette University66.08%1,135750
178Southern University66.34%606402
179Whittier Law School66.49%934621
180Mcgeorge School of Law66.75%830554
181New England Law – Boston66.88%1,425953
182Pontifical Catholic University of P.R.66.94%245164
183Lincoln Memorial67.23%177119
185Oklahoma City University67.72%567384
186Louisville, University of68.23%554378
187Samford University68.39%579396
188Faulkner University68.42%304208
189Roger Williams University68.81%856589
190Depaul University69.47%1,7981,249
191California Western School of Law69.53%1,5031,045
192Santa Clara University69.54%2,1571,500
193Southern Illinois University – Carbondale70.04%474332
194St. Thomas, University of (Minnesota)71.13%478340
195Charleston School of Law72.50%1,258912
196Mitchell Hamline72.60%1,033750
197Creighton University72.88%944688
198Willamette University74.16%507376
199Northern Kentucky University76.71%498382
200Capital University79.17%528418
201Vermont Law School80.96%646523
202Thomas Jefferson School of Law82.66%1,107915
203Loyola University – New Orleans84.77%709601
204Thomas M. Cooley Law School85.75%1,067915