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Evaluating Your LSAT Score – Free Webinar

For people who just got their score and are thinking a retake might be necessary or are wondering where to go from here, come sit in and listen to Josh and I talk about advice and strategy. Tonight at 9pm Central Time (10 pm EST), we’ll cover a bunch of…


Are High LSAT Scorers Returning To Law School?

While more and more college grads have been avoiding the law school path, there is one group that appears to be coming back: high LSAT scorers. Going by the LSAT and GPA numbers, the current crop of students at the top law schools is substantially weaker than the pool we…


GPA Medians For Law Schools 2015

In today’s post we have a reference chart of GPA medians by law school. These GPA figures, pulled from the class that entered in Fall 2013, are those used in ranking law schools for the current 2015 US News Best Law Schools Rankings. I expect that these median figures reflect with reasonable accuracy what GPA you will…


Ranking The Law School Rankings 2013

Ranking law schools is a big deal. It’s no secret that the legal world is prestige obsessed. Everything is ranked and ranking is everything. So how about the rankers themselves? One of Manhattan LSAT Prep’s bloggers, Mary Adkins, got the idea to rank the law school rankings. It’s a good…


Should I Cancel My LSAT Score?

First, congratulations on completing the LSAT! Even living through that test once is something to be proud of. The LSAT is always a big time ordeal! Now, about your score: everyone is going to second guess whether they did well on the LSAT in the next few weeks. That’s normal.…

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