In today’s post we have a reference chart of GPA medians by law school. These GPA figures, pulled from the class that entered in Fall 2013, are those used in ranking law schools for the current 2015 US News Best Law Schools Rankings.

I expect that these median figures reflect with reasonable accuracy what GPA you will need to be competitive in the coming admissions cycle– though something around 10,000 fewer people have applied for Fall 2014 than for Fall 2013, it looks like we’ll regain much of what was lost for Fall 2015. In other words, you can expect the next published medians (2014) to be slightly lower than this, but expect the GPA numbers for your class entering 2015) to be very similar to what you see here.

For those new to the admissions game, having a median or above GPA paired with a median or above LSAT makes you a near shoo-in for admission to the school. Here is a chart of LSAT MEDIANS AT TIER 1 LAW SCHOOLS for reference. If your GPA is a little below the median, having an LSAT at or over the school’s median can make up for it. For more information on admissions by the numbers, check out these posts:

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Remember that of the two numbers, LSAT and GPA, LSAT weighs far more in the admissions process. As such, there is no reason to have fits of despair if you are .1 or even .2 or .3 off the median. You can still get in. See our post on getting into law school with a low GPA,

Without further ado, here are the GPA medians for law schools:

Law School GPA Medians


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