Lately we’ve gotten some questions from students in our Mastermind Study Group about diversity statements. When is it a good idea to write one? How does it fit in with the rest of your application? To answer this, I brought in an authority — Peg Cheng, admissions counselor and founder at Prelaw Guru.

A diversity statement is an additional essay which most law schools invite you to submit alongside the other materials in your application. Typically, the purpose of the diversity statement is to highlight unique factors about your background, so that the law school may understand the ways you may contribute to a rich makeup of students.

Enjoy listening to the conversation. My apologies that Peg is a little hard to hear in the video. I’ll make sure to have better recording software next time we do this! For those wishing to get in touch with Peg to discuss the specifics of your situation, email her at

Some links are mentioned in the video where you can check out sample student diversity statements and find more advice on this:

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