What LSAT and GPA numbers will give you a good chance of admission to Georgetown Law?

Georgetown University Law Center, more commonly known as Georgetown Law, has a solid place among the very best law schools in the country. GT Law is typically considered the gatekeeper of the Top 14 law schools, those schools that are considered to have a strong national reputation for excellence. Georgetown law is currently ranked #14 according to the US News and World Report (2019 rankings) Accordingly, you can expect the admissions process at Georgetown law to be highly competitive.


To have great chances at Georgetown University Law Center, you will want an LSAT score around the 167+ range and an undergraduate GPA in the 3.7+ range.

These LSAT and GPA numbers for Georgetown Law School class entering in 2018 can help give you an idea what you need to get in:

For the 2018 entering class, the median GPA was 3.80 and the median LSAT was 167.  The 75th and 25th percentiles for GPA were 3.90 and 3.56 respectively.  The 75th and 25th percentiles for LSAT were 168 and 163 respectively.

LSAT Score to get into Georgetown Law (2018 entering class)

  • The 25th percentile LSAT Score at Georgetown Law is 163
  • The Median LSAT Score at Georgetown Law is 167
  • The 75th percentile LSAT Score at Georgetown Law is 168

GPA to get into Georgetown Law

  • The 25th percentile undergrad GPA at Georgetown Law is 3.56
  • The Median undergrad GPA at Georgetown Law is 3.80
  • The 75th percentile undergrad GPA at Georgetown Law is 3.90

Source: Georgetown Law Entering Class Profile

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However, a low GPA or LSAT score won’t necessarily eliminate your chances of admission to Georgetown Law. According to their website:

The Admissions Committee takes into consideration a number of factors in evaluating whether a candidate would be suitable for admission. These factors include whether the person is likely to succeed at Georgetown, would benefit from a legal education here, and could contribute to the Georgetown legal community.

In making such determinations, the Committee focuses on a number of criteria and does not use numerical cut-offs. In addition to examining the applicant’s LSAT score(s) and academic record, the Committee also considers the personal statement, letters of recommendations/evaluations, choice of major, nature and difficulty of course selection, extracurricular activities, graduate work, contributions to the community and professional experience.


Turning in your application as early as you can give you a better shot at being admitted to Georgetown Law. In the past cycle, Georgetown Law began accepting applications starting on September 15.

Georgetown Law also has a binding early admission program for those applicants who know they wish to take advantage of Georgetown’s excellent program. Details on binding early admission may be found here. If your set on Georgetown Law, make sure you are pumping everything into getting a great LSAT score. Prep hard and make sure you are using the best LSAT prep books for you. To see what I did, check out how I got a 177 on the LSAT.

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