LSAT Score and GPA to Get into Penn Law


What LSAT and GPA numbers do you need to get into University of Pennsylvania Law School?

U Penn Law is one of the preeminent law schools in the country. Situated in an excellent legal market, U Penn also is a tremendous force in the New York City market. U Penn Law has ranked in the top 10 according to the US News and World Report each of the last four years, and currently shares the #7 position with UVA law (2014 rankings) Accordingly, the admissions process at Penn Law is among the more competitive.

Highly competitive applicants at U Penn Law will likely have LSAT scores in the high 160’s range and an undergraduate GPA in the 3.7+ range.

The following LSAT and GPA numbers of the University of Pennsylvania Law School Class of 2015 may give a better picture or what you need to make it in to Penn:

LSAT Score to get into University of Pennsylvania Law School

  • The 25th percentile LSAT Score at U Penn Law is 164
  • The 75th percentile LSAT Score at U Penn Law is 171

GPA to get into University of Pennsylvania Law School

  • The 25th percentile undergrad GPA at U Penn Law is 3.55
  • The 75th percentile undergrad GPA at U Penn Law is 3.94

Source: University of Pennsylvania Law School 2015 Entering Class Profile

However, a lower GPA or LSAT score does not fully extinguish your chances at U Penn Law. According to them:

The Admissions Committee seeks accomplished professionals and bright minds: we look far beyond the short stories of test scores and transcripts. All information presented by an applicant is reviewed and considered. If Penn Law is the right fit, we strongly encourage you to apply.

At top schools like U Penn Law, applying early is critical to give yourself the best chance of admittance. September 1st is the earliest that you can submit applications to the law school. For details on applying, check their page at Penn Law- How to Apply

If University of Pennsylvania Law School is on your law school

Penn Lawwish list, be sure that you are maximizing your LSAT score by prepping hard. It’s key that you use the right LSAT prep books. Look at an earlier post of ours to see what I did to get a 177 on the LSAT.


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  1. Hi! Basically one of your (Joshua) success stories is keeping me going for studying. I’m averaging around 165-167 and I’m trying to break a 170 for the December LSAT. Penn is my dream school, and I’m hoping to get in this cycle, but I had a question. I know Penn offers some scholarships but I won’t get much with a 170 (if I get one). Do you guys think it’s possible to take the June LSAT next year also and negotiate scholarships? It’s been hard studying during school and I feel like once I graduate this winter I can improve a bit more

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