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Law school is a bit like a stable, and the professors are its horses. Brian Leiter, a professor at UChicago, devised a method of ranking the law school stables with his proprietary “Scholarly Impact Score.” The score is calculated from the mean and the median of total law journal citations over the past five years to the work of tenured members of a school’s law faculty. This score gives us an idea how influential the faculty are among the various schools.

We have talked about how incoming law students are in a better position than ever to get big merit scholarships. A recent article in Fortune has me realizing that I may have underestimated just how green the grass is out there. How green is it? It’s 18th-hole-at-Augusta-green. Fortune reported on a student bound for the law school Washington University in St. Louis who negotiated a full-tuition scholarship with a 166 LSAT score. While that’s a respectable score, it should be noted that it’s just at the school’s median for the previous year!

What LSAT and GPA numbers do you need to get into University of Pennsylvania Law School? U Penn Law is one of the preeminent law schools in the country. Situated in an excellent legal market, U Penn also is a tremendous force in the New York City market. U Penn Law has ranked in the top 10 according to the US News and World Report each of the last four years, and currently shares the #7 position with UVA law (2019 rankings) Accordingly, the admissions process at Penn Law is among the more competitive.

What LSAT and GPA numbers do you need to get into Northwestern University Law School? Northwestern University Law (NU Law) is one of the highly respected ‘Top 14’ law schools in the country. ‘Top 14’ schools give students the ability to readily transport their degree to any major legal market. So while Northwestern dominates the Midwestern legal market alongside the University of Chicago, Northwestern Law grads are sought after throughout the country.

What LSAT and GPA numbers do you need to get into Cornell University Law School? Cornell Law is one of the much vaunted ‘Top 14’ law schools in the USA. Top 14 schools carry a strong national reputation and degrees from these schools are generally considered transportable nationwide, meaning students will have strong job prospects in any major market in the country. That said, most Cornell Law students choose to work in New York City, where the school carries a terrific reputation.

What LSAT and GPA numbers will give you a good chance of admission to Georgetown Law? Georgetown University Law Center, more commonly known as Georgetown Law, has a solid place among the very best law schools in the country. GT Law is typically considered the gatekeeper of the Top 14 law schools, those schools that are considered to have a strong national reputation for excellence. Georgetown law is currently ranked #14 according to the US News and World Report (2019 rankings) Accordingly, you can expect the admissions process at Georgetown law to be highly competitive.

What LSAT and GPA numbers do you need to get into U.C. Berkeley Law School? Berkeley Law School, currently ranked #9 in the country by the US News and World Report, is the flagship law school of the UC system. It is matched for prestige on the west coast only by Stanford. Admission to Berkeley would be best described as highly competitive: ABA/LSAC data for 2017 shows 5466 applications with 1266 offers made, for a low 23.16% acceptance rate. (Source)

What LSAT Score do I Need to Get into Stanford Law School? The short answer is that you need an LSAT score somewhere in the range of 169-174 to get into Stanford Law School. That is the published range of their 25th percentile to 75th percentile scores last year, meaning that 25% of their students had an LSAT score at or below 169, and 25% had an LSAT score at or above a 174. The rest fell into the middle. Along with the GPA here are numbers for students admitted to Stanford in 2018:

If you want to get into Yale Law, make sure that you are maximizing your LSAT score by studying with the right LSAT prep booksCLICK HERE to learn how I got a 177 on the LSAT For the class graduating Yale Law School in 2021: The lowest LSAT score was: 154The 25th percentile LSAT score was: 170The median LSAT score was: 173The 75th percentile LSAT score was: 176The highest LSAT score was: 180 The lowest GPA was: 3.48The 25th percentile GPA was: 3.84The median GPA was: 3.92The 75th percentile GPA was: 3.98The highest GPA was: 4.27