For the University of Oklahoma Law School Class of 2023

  • The 25th%ile LSAT Score is 154
  • The Median LSAT Score is 157
  • The 75th%ile LSAT Score is 159

And, as far as GPA goes:

  • The 25th%ile Undergrad GPA is 3.40
  • The Median Undergrad GPA is 3.63
  • The 75th%ile Undergrad GPA is 3.84

The University of Oklahoma Law School says:

In addition to giving considerable weight to the LSAT and undergraduate grade point average, the Admissions Committee also examines the other more personal variables of motivation, character, and capability. Insight into these variables can be derived from a careful examination of your resume, personal statement, and other contents in the file

What LSAT score do I need to get into the University of Oklahoma?

Although there isn’t a lot of data for the University of Oklahoma on LSN, you can check out their graph here.

University of Oklahoma Law School Rankings:

US News ranks The University of Oklahoma School of Law is ranked #63 in the US.



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