You need a great LSAT score, right?

A score that gets you into the law school you really want, with a massive scholarship ($$$).

I’m right, aren’t I?

That’s EXACTLY what you need…

I know it is. It’s the truth. Because that’s what everyone heading for law school needs.

It’s also what most students prepping for the LSAT are worried sick about accomplishing.

I’ve spoken to 1,000 plus LSAT students in the last year and I hear it all the time, and I were there once too… Taking the LSAT is killer on the nerves.  

There are 1,000,000 ways you could try to attack it, and about 100 different prep companies trying to sell you on their product. Fake blogs, fake forum profiles, dodgy apps. It’s a mess.  

Let me give you some clarity: I started as an antidote to the mass of misinformation and noisy sales tactics out there. We give our honest, independent advice all the time, but I’ve still got this nagging feeling that I could still be doing more to help…  

I want you to get that great score. My 177 was truly life-changing. It got me into the University of Chicago Law School on the biggest scholarship they had to offer.  

You are where I once was.

I am where you very well may be a few years from now… and I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make sure you get there.

To that end, Evan and I have decided to go into this thing full time.

This is my passion, and I’m committing 100% of my efforts into helping you, the reader, maximize your LSAT score and get into the best law school possible.

Today, I’m taking things to the next level, and I’d love for you to join me…   To help you get to a life-changing score the best way I can, I’m launching something totally new.

Yes, I know this is a long post, but I’m REALLY, REALLY psyched about this.

I want you to join my new LSAT Mastermind Study Group TODAY.  

Here’s what the mastermind study group is: Evan and I are forming a closed group of serious LSAT students with a single-minded purpose: crushing the LSAT and getting into the best law school possible.  

This study group will give you full access to us as we take you through the entire LSAT and law school admissions process step-by-step.  

This way we can give you our best advice and insights, straight from us, on demand. Plus, you’ll have a community of driven LSAT prep students to work with and rely on. 

We can’t do this for many people, so join now while there is still space.   No matter what else you are doing to prep for the LSAT, you can raise your score more by having Evan and I coach you.

LSAT prep courses teach to the average student, and they see average results. We can leave average way behind and take you into advanced territory. Let’s crush this LSAT thing together.  

Click Here to Get Unlimited Access

(Hurry, Limited Availability!)

7 Ways This Differs From Our Free Material:

  • Live Webinars from Josh and Evan, discussing ways to prep intelligently and effectively. Webinars will be recorded so you can watch at any time. Each video will take you step-by-step through key aspects of studying for the LSAT and key techniques for attacking the problems.
  • Priority access to us, all the way from LSAT prep through to acceptance to law school. Any question you have about LSAT prep or law school admissions, you’ll be able to ask it and get a quick response, guaranteed. Any question! This is like buying an LSAT book that thinks!
  • Private mastermind forums for support from like-minded prep students and law school applicants: no trolls, flames, or clueless jerks like you get on TLS.
  • Weekly live office hours where you can ask us questions in a group chat.
  • Free study schedule and tons more premium material: You get access to our study schedule (normally 20 dollars). LSAT explanations, lessons, and drills will be published weekly.
  • You get our freshest insights. Because we are going to be focusing a lot more energy on our study group than our free material, this is where we’ll be showcasing our knowledge.
  • You can suggest content! Is there a game you want to be explained? Something you don’t fully grasp? You’ll be given priority over any non-members, and we’ll make what you need.

When it comes time to apply to law school, we’ll guide you through that process as well.  

It’s unbeatable coaching from two experts that you already trust. We are only taking a limited number into our group, so sign up now while there is still space!  

1 on 1 LSAT tutoring and admissions counseling costs HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS AN HOUR. Working with you in a group allows us to give you comparable instruction and advice for a tiny tiny fraction of that.   Try our Mastermind study group instead! I give you my guarantee that it’s the absolute best money you’ll spend on LSAT prep, period.


Looking forward to working with you!  

Joshua Craven


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