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What Are The Best LSAT Prep Apps?

What are the best iOS and Android apps for studying for the LSAT? With the app explosion, a whole bunch of companies have created apps to help prep for the LSAT. The problem? Most of them are terrible and will deprive you of your hard-earned cash for nothing in return.…

Books the best lsat explanations

The Best LSAT Explanations

These are the best LSAT explanations in terms of sales on Amazon and the best quality. With LSAT explanations, it’s often good to start with ones that explain the problems using the system you are used too. So, if you learned using Powerscore methods for example, you should probably start off with…

LSAT Best LSAT Prep Courses

How to Find the Best LSAT Prep Course

What is the best LSAT prep course to take?  I need help deciding!!! We get asked all the time which LSAT courses are considered the best. While we can’t attend them all, we can help you out with some information to guide your decisions. A lot of the information you’ll…

Logic Games The Best LSAT Logic Games Strategies

The Best LSAT Logic Games Strategies

The Best LSAT Logic Games Strategies In this post we discuss the best LSAT logic games strategies learned from my own LSAT prep and my time as a professional LSAT tutor and classroom instructor. This approach helped me, and later many of my students, go from being unable to finish…


Best LSAT Logical Reasoning Prep Books

You’ve probably already realized that logical reasoning questions make up half your total score on the LSAT. It’s critical that you have this section mastered if you want a high score. Thankfully, the logical reasoning section of the LSAT is very teachable. Start off your LSAT prep with the best…

LSAT LSAT Practice Test

LSAT Practice Questions

Where can I find LSAT practice questions? I’m looking for free practice LSAT questions online as well as LSAT practice test questions that I can purchase. What are the best sources for LSAT practice tests during my LSAT prep? I’m only looking for real LSAT practice questions written by LSAC.