On the day of the LSAT, must I bring a passport photo to the test?

NO! The new photo requirements require you to upload an image that will be printed directly onto your ticket.

According to the LSAC, the photo must meet the following requirements:

The photo that you upload through your account must meet the following requirements, or you will be denied entry to the test center.

  • The photo must have been taken within the last six months.
  • The photo must be clear, so that there can be no doubt about your identity.
  • Only your face and shoulders should be included in the photo (like a passport photo).
  • The uploaded photo must be a different photo than the photo that appears on the government-issued ID that you must take with you to the test center (do not scan or photograph your ID photo for uploading).
  • The uploaded photo must match your appearance on the day of the test (e.g., with or without beard).
  • The photograph will be retained by LSAC only as long as needed to assure the authenticity of test scores and to protect the integrity of the testing process.

To learn more about the latest photo requirements, please visit this page.

Please review the sample photographs in the link above to make sure you take the photo correctly. The photo may be deemed unacceptable if there is glare on your glasses, a hat is covering part of you face or ears, over- or underexposure, visible pixels, or a whole host of other things. Basically, LSAC is just a strict about the photo as the government is with passport photos, if not more so, so don’t go sticking your tongue out or making cute peace signs. This is not the photo booth at your local bar! You can take the photo you will upload yourself, so use a white background, face the camera directly, just as you would for a passport or driver’s license photo.

Checkout all the the requirements for what you bring on test day here.

A word to the wise: always follow all of LSAC’s directions carefully, I can’t think of any LSAT experience worse than being turned away at the test center after months of hard preparation. It is nothing to be nervous about: just follow the directions and you will be absolutely fine.

LSAC provides an email and a phone number in case you have any questions about the photo requirement: e-mail or call 215.968.1001.


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