*Not an actual law school at Christmas

Wondering what to get the law student in your life? We can help with that. We were both law students not so long ago, and there is one thing that any and all future lawyers need help with around the holiday season: reducing stress. Trust me. Finals just finished. Soon enough, your poor law student has to march back to school and go through all of that again. Any gift that makes the next semester less stressful is going to be just the thing they need.

With that in mind, we’ve listed some of the best stress-reducing gifts for law students. By the way, if you’re a current law student, there is nothing wrong with splurging on yourself a little around right now. You’ve earned it.

The Ultimate Law School Gift: Noise Canceling Headphones

To a law student, being free from distraction is more important than food, water, and sleep. Noise canceling headphones can convert the busiest coffee shop into a personal studying haven. By eliminating the intrusive noises of the outside world (which does not matter to the law student) they can focus on what does matter (case law).

The gold standard best in noise canceling headphones are those from Bose, like the Bose® Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones. You know how it is with Bose– they do everything right. They can make an iPhone dock sound like the Metropolitan Opera.

If you don’t want to jump for the Bose headphones, reviews I’ve read say these compare favorably with the QuietComforts, and they are cheaper:

Audio-Technica QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

They have a pretty sleek look, and will do what they need to: filter out noise from loud political discussions in the law student lounge.

 A Case They Don’t Have To Read

Like moths become butterflies, law students turn rapidly into lawyers. Lawyers need a case. Even before that actually, a good briefcase is really going to help — the typical law student takes summer jobs in the city, and they can’t have a backpack mashing up their suit on the commute.

I’ve noticed that the hard briefcase is kind of dying off. It’s being replaced by something a little less staid, halfway between a case and a messenger bag. Here’s a prime example:

The Visconti Berlin Leather Twin-Buckle Briefcase looks like it’s terrifically expensive, but it’s not. It’s pretty much the perfect way to send your future lawyer in to the field with confidence.

That messenger style strap is removable, so you can choose to go with comfort or remove the strap and use the more old-fashioned, spartan, time-tested method of carrying things with your hands.

Money To Buy Books

Every dollar of their own that a student spends on law school textbooks is painful. Giving your law student money that they can spend on casebooks frees up cash for other things, and that will be deeply appreciated. Most law students buy their casebooks on Amazon, where they tend to be the cheapest.


Get them an Amazon gift card and they’ll have the choice whether they buy books with it or get something for themselves! That way it’s not like you are “buying them books,” which would be boring.

Now, you’ve got some options. If you want to send the card in a cute little Christmas gift box, apparently you can do that: Gift Cards – In a Gift Box – Free One-Day Shipping

If your are sending it to an environmentally conscious law student (that’s most law students, at least if you ask them), you might prefer the paperless route, with customizable email gift cards:

Click Here to Find Paperless Amazon E-mail Gift Cards

Let’s face it. Amazon basically dominates the world right now. You can buy anything on there. Law students don’t have a lot of time to go walk around for shopping. An Amazon card is always going to be the perfect gift.

Coffee, Coffee, And More Coffee

I wouldn’t say that coffee is exactly a net stress-reducer, but if you’re a coffee addict (like most law students), not being able to get your coffee fix can cause serious anxiety. Prevent painful coffee withdrawal by making sure your law student can self-medicate at any time of the day.

The best solution is K-cups, which are, frankly, awesome. Every law firm has a K-cup maker now. Get one for your law student’s home.

I recently picked up a Keurig K-Cup home brewer for my place and it’s been the best addition to the family home since my dog. You can choose cup sizes, and the larger 7.25 ounce size perfectly fills a travel mug.

Really, it’s a costs savings thing. This makes better coffee than my law school cafe ever did. If you get one of these, yes, you might miss standing in line at the cafe and talking, but you can buy a piece of fruit or something. Bring the coffee and save your money for something nutritious.

You can leave getting the K-cups up to the giftee, but one thing that works really well is a converter so one can use their own favorite coffee with the home brewer. Try this cheap Solofill reusable K-cup.

Now, if the law student you are shopping for is a Starbucks addict, don’t fight against it. Starbucks makes their own K-cups. Problem solved.

Looking for a cheaper coffee option? Amazon delivers Starbucks Gift Cards with the option of holiday wrapping. You can get either a $25 or $50 gift card.


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