Last week we posted a list of the top 50 law schools from the leaked 2017 US News rankings.

Now, the full list of the top 100 law schools has been leaked. Once again, we have Spivey Consulting to thank for leaking the rest of the top 100.

The table below shows the unofficial leaked 2017 rank, along with the official 2016 rank & the change.

The table is sorted by 2017 rank by default. Click the first row of any column to re-sort.

The Top 100 Law Schools in America - USNWR 2017 Rankings

Yale University101
Harvard University202
Stanford University202
Columbia University404
University of Chicago404
New York University606
University of Pennsylvania707
University of Virginia808
University of California—​Berkeley808
University of Michigan—​Ann Arbor1138
Duke University8-311
Northwestern University12012
Cornell University13013
Georgetown University14014
University of Texas—​Austin15015
Vanderbilt University17116
University of California—​Los Angeles16-117
Washington University at St. Louis18018
University of Southern California (Gould)20119
University of Iowa22220
Boston University26620
Emory University19-322
University of Minnesota—​Twin Cities20-222
University of Notre Dame22022
George Washington University22-325
Arizona State University (O’Connor)26125
Indiana University—​Bloomington (Maurer)34925
University of Alabama22-628
University of California — Irvine30228
University of California—​Davis31130
Boston College34430
Ohio State University (Moritz)34430
University of Washington28-533
College of William and Mary (Marshall ​Wythe)29-433
University of Wisconsin—​Madison31-233
University of Georgia31-233
Fordham University34-337
University of North Carolina—​Chapel Hill34-438
Brigham Young University (Clark)34-438
University of Colorado—​Boulder40040
University of Illinois—​Urbana​Champaign41140
Washington and Lee University42240
University of Arizona (Rogers)42240
Wake Forest University47740
George Mason University42-345
University of Utah (Quinney)42-345
Southern Methodist University (Dedman)46145
University of Maryland (Carey)47-148
University of Florida (Levin)47-148
Tulane University50050
Florida State University50050
Temple University (Beasley)52250
University of Houston59950
University of California (Hastings)59950
University of Richmond (Williams)52-355
Baylor University56155
University of Nebraska—​Lincoln56-157
Georgia State University56-157
Case Western Reserve University59257
University of Kentucky63360
University of Miami63360
University of Oklahoma67760
University of New Mexico711160
University of Cincinnati822260
University of Tennessee—​Knoxville52-1365
Pepperdine University52-1365
University of Missouri59-665
University of Connecticut63-265
Seton Hall University63-265
University of Kansas67265
Loyola Marymount University751065
University of Denver (Sturm)67-572
Loyola University Chicago78672
University of San Diego71-374
Yeshiva University (Cardozo)75174
St. John’s University82874
Villanova University871374
University of Nevada—​Las Vegas67-1178
American University (Washington)71-778
University of Pittsburgh78078
University of Oregon82478
St. Louis University87582
Northeastern University87582
University of New Hampshire School of Law87582
LSU — ​Baton Rouge (Hebert)941282
Pennsylvania State University71-1586
Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago ​Kent)78-886
University of Tulsa82-486
Syracuse University87186
University of Arkansas—​Fayetteville75-1186
University of Hawaii—​Manoa (Richardson)82-1092
Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern)94292
University of Louisville (Brandeis)94292
University of South Carolina94292
Brooklyn Law School78-1997
West Virginia University94-397
Wayne State University105897
SUNY Buffalo Law School87-13100
Michigan State University94-6100
Indiana University—​Indianapolis (McKinney)1022100
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