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Which New York City Law School Just Got A Price Cut?

Brooklyn Law School recently announced a 15% percent cut to tuition. Although Brooklyn will maintain tuition at its current level of $53,850 a year for the class entering this coming fall, next year’s tuition will decrease to $45,850. That’s not all Brooklyn is doing, however: they are also increasing need-based aid, decreasing merit…

Admissions A High-Ranking Law School Has Actually Cut Tuition!

Finally, Law Students Start Demanding A Price Cut

Prairie populism is apparently alive and well, but now it’s law students, not farmers, throwing their collective weight against the entrenched élite. The Iowa student bar association is supporting a proposal to lower out-of-state tuition at Iowa’s only public law school, The University of Iowa College Of Law, by nearly $8,000.…

Admissions Law School Scholarships

LSAT Score & GPA for Law School Scholarships

I financed two degrees already (B.S. & M.S.) and have accumulated a nice amount of student loan debt. The only way to continue pursuing law school is to receive financial support (scholarships). No point in applying if I know I can’t financially support the decision at that school. Is there a…