In this post, I’ve tried to compile the best LSAT lsat test day tips — the sort of advice that I wish someone would have sat me down and told me in the days leading up to the LSAT. I think that in the in the days leading up to the exam, it would be great to have some simple tips and advice about how to help stay in the right frame of mind for the actual LSAT test day. I hope that you find it helpful! Please ask a question in the comments below if there is anything that might help calm your LSAT test day nerves.

Get your head in a good place in the days leading up to your LSAT test day. Don’t freak yourself out. Don’t allow stress and doubt to overcome you. You have studied and worked for countless hours in preparation for the exam. You are ready to dominate the LSAT.

Yes, the LSAT is probably the most important exam that you will ever take. Don’t let this fact frighten you, but let it inspire you. If you are well-prepared, then you are ready for anything that the test-makers throw your way. Every LSAT follows the same formula, and there shouldn’t be any surprises on the day you take the LSAT. The questions will feel familiar, since you have seen thousands of similar questions during your prep.

Harness the pressure of exam day into focus and drive to succeed. Cultivate a positive attitude and optimistic outlook. You are ready. You are prepared. You are going to crush the LSAT!

Don’t allow anything to distract you tomorrow when you sit for the exam. Yes, the kid sitting behind you might have a cough… the room might be warm… the butterflies in your stomach might be fluttering… but you are aware that things like this might happen, and you are prepared to tune them out and push forward.

While you are standing in line and waiting around tomorrow at the LSAT testing center, visualize what it will be like to take the exam. Visualize yourself opening the LSAT, working quickly and efficiently through each section, skipping difficult problems as needed rather than getting stuck, and maximizing every minute of the exam time in order to earn the highest score possible.

The LSAT is a difficult exam for those who aren’t prepared, but not for you. You are prepared. You are ready. Your test-taking techniques have been finely-tuned throughout your months of prep.

So go in there and approach this exam exactly the same way as you approached your highest-scoring preptest. Don’t switch anything up or do anything differently. Exam day isn’t the day to test out a new technique. Just sit down and crush it out, just like you have on dozens of occasions during your prep.

Stay positive, optimistic, and calm. You can do it!


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