LR Timing: LSAT Logical Reasoning Time Per Question

For the logical reasoning section of the LSAT,  you’ve got about 1 minute and 25 seconds per question (assuming 25 questions / 35 minutes).

This includes the time it takes to bubble in your question on the answer sheet, so you have to account for bubbling time.

Note: The LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible has more great LR tips!

LSAT Logical Reasoning Time Management

Remember, this is just an average. Generally, the first ~10 questions in each LR section tend to be relatively simple… so you should aim to finish those questions in less time… you will need the extra time to complete the harder questions that you will run into later.

When I was taking tests at full speed, I generally tried to move through the first 10-12 questions in around 1 minute per question or less. These questions are often the easiest, and if you can complete them in around ten minutes, then you will have put yourself in a good position to finish the section on time. If you are having timing issues, skip the lengthy parallel reasoning questions that always seem to appear toward the end, especially if these questions tend to slow you down. You can always attempt them at the end if there is time.

So try to give yourself time when things get tough by crushing through the first 10 questions in under 10 minutes. That way, you will leave yourself with over 1 minute and 40 seconds per question on the last 15 questions.

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