Thanks for all the great advice! How long do I have to wait before I get the results from my LSAT exam?


You should get your LSAT score about 3 weeks from your LSAT test date.

They typically release the scores prior to the official LSAT score release date.

LSAT sores are released by email, but generally you can see them a hour or so in advance of that on your LSAC account. People often spend hours and hours monitoring the forums to see when the scores start being uploaded. Then they sit around with their LSAC loaded on their browser, compulsively hitting refresh. While I would say that don’t do this because it is just going to drive you crazy, I couldn’t help myself either.

I realize that 3+ weeks is an eternity when you are waiting to hear something this important. Try to get your mind off it until at least July 1st. Depressurize and relearn how to enjoy life without LSAT study as a constant concern. Catch up with friends that you may have been neglecting while you were mired in prep tests.

If you are taking an upcoming administration of the LSAT, the three weeks while you wait for your score is a good time to finish up your law school applications if you have not already done so. Remember that generally you want your applications in to law schools as soon as possible as admissions occur on a rolling basis.

I hope you all receive good news on the release date!

In the meantime for those of you studying here are some tips to help guide your study:


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