What is the best LSAT watch? No digital watches are allowed when you take the lsat. Analog Watches are the only timers that you can bring into the LSAT. So I’d like to know: what is the best analog watch for the LSAT?

The best LSAT watch is the LSAT Mastermind Watch

LSAT Mastermind WatchIt took me two years and many, many prototypes, but I can honestly say that my team and I have developed THE BEST possible watch for the LSAT.

The Mastermind watch is a silent analog wristwatch meticulously designed specifically for the LSAT.

With one-click start, one-click stop, and one-click reset functions, you won’t have to worry if you’ll have time to reset your watch between sections.

It’s bold, large face (available in black or white) makes it exceptionality easy to read at a quick glance.

Inside, a masterfully crafted Swiss movement ensures accurate, precise timing.

The first 35 minutes are divided evenly into 4 colors, providing you with a clean visual benchmark that is especially useful on the reading comprehension and logic games sections of the LSAT.

The Mastermind Watch is LSAC compliant (silent analog wristwatch), so it is ideal for use on test day.

Beyond test day, I also wanted the watch to be a useful tool during your prep as well, so I’ve designed the watch to include markings that extend beyond 35 minutes, providing additional flexibility which can be very useful during your prep when you’re working on timing.

While most other LSAT watches are unreliable & cheaply made, I felt strongly that you deserve better, so I approached the development of the LSAT Master Mind Watch with the same obsessive passion that drove me to get a 177 on test day.

Optimized for ease of use, accuracy, speed & reliability, providing you with peace of mind and allowing you to focus 100% of your mental energy on test. I’m convinced that The LSAT Master Mind Watch is the perfect watch for the LSAT.

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Using the LSAT Mastermind Watch

Before the LSAT Mastermind Watch was an analog watch with a turning bezel.LSAT watch with rotating bezel

I used a Casio Men’s MRW200H-7EV Sport Analog Dive Watch, which I felt was the best lsat watch that I could have found.

Using your LSAT watch with rotating bezel

The bezel turns, and all you have to do is line the “0” on the bezel up with the minute hand at the point that the test begins. Then you have an easy, visual, reference to see exactly where you are within the 35 minutes.

Make marks at the 8:45, 17:30, 26:15 for additional reference points on the bezel. I’ve found it be to very helpful. It is one less thing that I have to think about during the test, and helps me make sure that I never lose a sense of proper pacing.

I think that an analog watch with a bezel tops any other type of watch for the LSAT. People usually just use a standard analog watch, and set the time to 12:00 at the beginning of the exam. However, I think that my method slightly decreases the time that it takes to reset the watch in between LSAT sections. It also minimizes the risk of error (e.g., forgetting to push the pin back in the watch in order to start the clock when the section begins).

There are other analog watches with bezels, but I loved the Casio. It also lays flat on the table, so you don’t have to keep looking at your wrist… you can just set it next to your exam and quickly glance at it whenever you need to.

I would recommend buying this type of LSAT watch and using it throughout your LSAT prep as you take preptests, so that by exam day, you will be incredibly familiar with using it.

Click here to buy the Casio analog watch (any watch with a rotating bezel will work as an LSAT watch, but that one is the cheapest analog watch with a rotating bezel that I could find on amazon).


  1. Is battery replaceable? Going to start a three month study mission for the Feb test but want to make sure I don’t have an issue of battery dying prior to test and it not being user replaceable.

  2. I’m taking the bar in CA and need an absolutely silent analogue watch. Completely silent. Is this watch silent (even when I hold it to my ear)? If not, any recommendations?

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