I need to know what I should be doing after I take an LSAT preptest. I currently just look over questions that I missed and see what the right answer is. What is the best way to review LSAT preptests?

When reviewing LSAT preptests, ask yourself 2 questions:

1) What am I missing?

  • Are you missing specific question types? (eg. Must Be True/Assumption/Flaw/etc.)
  • Are you missing questions with formal logic elements?
  • Are you missing questions with heavy conditional reasoning elements?
  • Are you missing questions with numbers and percentages?
  • Are you missing questions that deal with technical nomenclature?
  • Are you missing questions that deal with science/economics/law/etc.?

If you can key in on the specific content of the types of problems that you are having trouble with, then you can work on developing an effective strategy for attacking those types of problems.

2) Why am I missing this/these question(s)?

  • Are you having timing issues and only missing questions when you are rushing at the end of the section? (focus on timing)
  • Are you misreading? (focus on attention to detail)
  • Are you misunderstanding the stimuli? (focus on attention to detail)
  • Did you get frustrated?  (focus on mental/emotional strength & stamina)
  • Did you lose focus? (focus on mental/emotional strength & stamina)
  • Is there a more effective way that you could’ve attacked the problem? (focus on approach)
  • Did you misunderstand and/or mis-diagram the relationship between elements in the stimuli? (focus on attention to detail/conditional reasoning/formal logic)
  • Did you narrow the answer choices down to the correct answer choice and the answer choice that you incorrectly selected? Why did you choose the incorrect answer choice? Why was it attractive? Are you choosing the same types of incorrect answers over and over? (ie. opposite answers, shell game answers, out of scope answers, etc.)

Review LSAT preptests, looking for patterns in your mistakes: Many people make similar errors time and time again because they don’t realize what they are having trouble with and why they are making errors. Carefully consider your weak areas, and aggressively work to develop those skills.

If you realize that you are struggling with Necessary Assumption questions, for example, carefully reread that section in the LRB, then skim through preptests 1-20 or so, locating each “assumption” question. One-by-one, work through ONLY assumption questions in untimed conditions. Review after each question.

Don’t move on until you are comfortable that you thoroughly understand that question.

Develop a methodical approach to the question type, then drill until that approach is ingrained in your mind and becomes almost reflexive.