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Product Description

After years of work, Joshua Craven and Evan Jones are proud to finally release our long anticipated full LSAT course!

Over 180 Lessons!

We know you have a lot of choices about what to do to prepare for the LSAT, so we wanted to tell you why made a course in the first place and why we think our resource is one of the best, if not the best, available.

We Teach You Logic In The Way The Makers Of The Test Understand It

Existing LSAT courses aim to give you tools for the vast majority of situations you will face on the test. The best courses do this fairly well, and if you absorb what they teach, you are going to be able to hack through the questions ably and may even pull out a great score. The more experience I gained with taking and teaching the LSAT, however, the more I became aware of the gap between this and a true understanding of the test and the logic behind the questions. I’m talking about the more thorough understanding of logic that the people actually making the test questions employ when they build these questions.

Frankly, I wasn’t there yet when I took the actual test. Although I hacked it out pretty well (173), if I could take the understanding I have now and use it back then, I know I would do better, with more confidence and less stress. In fact, I am certain I know the test as well as the makers of the LSAT themselves do.

What is the difference between now and then?

The biggest difference came from retooling my understanding of arguments and argument theory. The makers of the test know this stuff in depth, and you should too. Anyone that can take an argument, totally independent of any question stem, and tell me about its features (Is it deductive or inductive reasoning? Do premises provide adequate support for the conclusion? Are there implied premises? etc.) is going to be able to deal quickly with any analytical task that the LSAT throws at you.

Having the ability to actually talk about how the argumentation in given problem works is a completely different level of understanding than just blindly apply set strategies. Having this understanding allows you to more confidently eliminate wrong answers and be sure of the right one, which eventually translates to being faster. The impetus behind this course is to get people to this greater command of logic.

Learning logic and argumentation theory more completely does require more effort out of you, the student. You have to learn at least as much about arguments (and in some areas a little more) than you would learn from a semester-long logic class at the university level.

For some years now I’ve talked with other people in the prep industry and although some of the best educators want to teach it this way, there is the general feeling that it would be too much for the vast majority of students. My belief is that you guys can handle it  (and if you can’t, it is best to know now). As such I designed a rigorous course that is going to take longer to digest than other material out there. The payout, however, is well worth it.

These logic lessons, and the logic games and reading comprehension sections of the course, are based on techniques that we have developed for years now as part of our LSAT mastermind group, seeing what works and what doesn’t. I’m especially proud of my “two chains” technique for solving in/out grouping games, as I believe it is a significant improvement on other methods.

You can take a look at the curriculum for Logic Games, Logical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension and preview some of the lessons!

How Does The Course Work?

The course is set-up to be ideal for highly motivated self-studiers. Josh and I are both self-studiers who approached the test without any expensive live classes, and that is the group we want to help out! I knew then, and I want you to know now, that you can study more effectively than people who are sinking thousands of dollars into classes. Our online course, combined with a rigorous study schedule, is one way to do that. So how does it work?

It’s all online, accessible any time on any of your devices. You can go through the course at whatever pace suits you, though it is designed to take from 3 weeks (very fast) to 2 months or more (for those on a longer schedule). The core of the course is dual text and video lessons with quiz material and examples to reinforce the concepts.

Unlike other courses, like 7Sage, where the text is just a transcript of the video, the video is a separate reteaching, giving you the opportunity to visualize, rethink and deepen your understanding of the material.

Why Is The Course So Cheap???

You may have noticed right off the bat that this course is substantially less expensive than the alternatives. How do we do it?

The biggest difference is was that this course was made organically over years, not months, by just myself and Josh. Unlike the big companies, we don’t employ an army of course writers (who wouldn’t even do a good job anyway), and thus we don’t have to pay a ton of staff. We are a small company that just deals with the LSAT.

Secondly, we don’t provide the LSAT questions to you at a big markup. Most prep companies include the actual text of questions. We debated doing that, but we didn’t because it saves you money. LSAC charges a ridiculously high fee to prep companies that wish to license test questions. On top of that, prep companies then charge you an additional premium. LSAC, perhaps wishing to keep the profits to themselves as much as possible, offers questions direct from them much cheaper, which you can obtain at the lowest cost on Amazon (here is every available preptest).

We still analyze and explain hundreds of questions in the course, but you do have to bring the actual questions if you want to get the most out of it.

Finally, philosophically, we want great prep available to everyone. We are looking to disrupt an industry that has been stagnant, enjoying cushy profits for a long time. LSAC themselves made a nod to doing this disruption with their free Khan Academy course but, unfortunately, they didn’t put in the effort to make a comprehensive course and what they have is really more of a slightly beefed up introduction. While that might give a boost to the crowd that studies for a couple weeks, take a couple practice tests, and then hopes for a median score (about 70% of people taking the LSAT) it is not much help to those trying to become high scorers.

In sum…

This course is years in the making and we are super proud to release it. We are certain this is the best resource at the best value.

The course will continue to be refined and unlike a book, you will never need to buy a new edition. Right now, we are giving lifetime access for an introductory price, not the three or six months that other companies give you.