Law School Application Deadlines (2018-2019)

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Below, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all regular law school application deadlines for students who will be starting their 1L year in Fall 2018.

While latecomers can use these deadlines to make sure their applications are timely, it is worth reminding everyone that, when it comes to law school admissions, earlier is generally better!

Higher ranked undergraduate schools tend to make decisions on all their applications in one giant batch. All law schools, by contrast, admit students via rolling admissions, which means that they start handing out acceptance letters early—almost right after they start receiving them—and batches of acceptances keep flowing out continuously after that.

More scholarship money may be available to earlier applicants, and those with less competitive numbers are more likely to be admitted earlier in the cycle, when schools are looking to fill seats by offering acceptance to students that are very likely to attend. You can find a longer discussion of rolling admission policies here.

One further note: schools have in recent years shown some willingness to bend their own rules and take students after their own deadlines have passed. When it happens, however, it is generally only for students with exceptional numbers (both LSAT & GPA above median). These same students would likely be better off applying early the following admissions cycle.

Law School Application Deadlines

Fall 2018 JD Regular Admissions Deadlines for Every ABA-Approved Law School
This table represents the application deadlines for regular admissions only. Schools may have other deadlines for special application types (e.g., early admissions, transfer students, international students, etc.)



    • The dates listed in this table are regular application deadlines only. The February 2nd deadline at USC is their ‘priority application’ deadline. Their regular application deadline isn’t until 4/1, so you still have time to get your app in!

  1. Hey there, I’m just wondering if you could shed some light on my specific situation–got a 164 last year and canceled my October score because I did not do well. Want to take it again in December and apply immediately after I get my score. Do you think I’ll have a decent shot at some of the lower t14? I’ve been out of school three years, working at nonprofits, including a year in AmeriCorps.

  2. It is also good to keep in mind that for some schools you need apply for whatever scholarship/program you’re interested in before the regular admission deadline. For example, for NYU’s Latino Rights Scholarship or their public interest scholarship the deadline is January 1, 2017 even though the regular application deadline is February.

    • Absolutely. The table above only list regular application deadlines. These days law schools may have all sorts of deadlines (early decision, priority, regular, etc)… and many will even still accept applications beyond the posted deadlines (just ask).

      Of course, all else equal, it is always best to get your apps in as early as possible in the cycle. But as long as it is in before the deadline, you’ll have a shot!

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