Law School Application Deadlines (2017-2018)

Below, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all regular law school application deadlines for students who will be starting their 1L year in Fall 2017.

While latecomers can use these deadlines to make sure their applications are timely, it is worth reminding everyone that, when it comes to law school admissions, earlier is generally better!

Higher ranked undergraduate schools tend to make decisions on all their applications in one giant batch. All law schools, by contrast, admit students via rolling admissions, which means that they start handing out acceptance letters early—almost right after they start receiving them—and batches of acceptances keep flowing out continuously after that.

More scholarship money may be available to earlier applicants, and those with less competitive numbers are more likely to be admitted earlier in the cycle, when schools are looking to fill seats by offering acceptance to students that are very likely to attend. You can find a longer discussion of rolling admission policies here.

One further note: schools have in recent years shown some willingness to bend their own rules and take students after their own deadlines have passed. When it happens, however, it is generally only for students with exceptional numbers (both LSAT & GPA above median). These same students would likely be better off applying early the following admissions cycle.

This table represents the application deadlines for regular admissions only. Schools may have other deadlines for special application types (e.g., early admissions, transfer students, international students, etc.)

Rank Law School Application Deadline City State
1 Yale University 2/28/2017 New Haven CT
2 Harvard University 2/1/2017 Cambridge MA
2 Stanford University 2/1/2017 Stanford CA
4 Columbia University 2/15/2017 New York NY
4 University of Chicago 3/1/2017 Chicago IL
6 New York University 2/15/2017 New York NY
7 University of Pennsylvania 3/1/2017 Philadelphia PA
8 University of Michigan—Ann Arbor 2/15/2017 Ann Arbor MI
8 University of California—Berkeley 2/1/2017 Berkeley CA
8 University of Virginia 3/6/2017 Charlottesville VA
11 Duke University 2/15/2017 Durham NC
12 Northwestern University 2/15/2017 Chicago IL
13 Cornell University 2/1/2017 Ithaca NY
14 Georgetown University 3/1/2017 Washington DC
15 University of Texas—Austin 3/1/2017 Austin TX
16 Vanderbilt University 4/1/2017 Nashville TN
17 University of California—Los Angeles 2/1/2017 Los Angeles CA
18 Washington University at St. Louis 8/17/2017 St. Louis MO
19 University of Southern California (Gould) 2/1/2017 Los Angeles CA
20 Boston University 4/1/2017 Boston MA
20 University of Iowa 5/1/2017 Iowa City IA
22 Emory University 3/1/2017 Atlanta GA
22 University of Notre Dame 3/15/2017 Notre Dame IN
22 University of Minnesota—Twin Cities 7/15/2017 Minneapolis MN
25 Arizona State University (O’Connor) 3/1/2017 Phoenix AZ
25 Indiana University—Bloomington (Maurer) 8/10/2017 Bloomington IN
25 George Washington University 3/1/2017 Washington DC
28 University of Alabama 8/1/2017 Tuscaloosa AL
28 University of California — Irvine 3/1/2017 Irvine CA
30 Boston College 3/31/2017 Newton MA
30 Ohio State University (Moritz) 8/1/2017 Columbus OH
30 University of California—Davis 3/15/2017 Davis CA
33 University of Georgia 6/1/2017 Athens GA
33 University of Washington 3/15/2017 Seattle WA
33 University of Wisconsin—Madison 4/1/2017 Madison WI
33 College of William and Mary (Marshall-Wythe) 5/1/2017 Williamsburg VA
37 Fordham University 3/31/2017 New York NY
38 Brigham Young University (Clark) 3/1/2017 Provo UT
38 University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill 8/1/2017 Chapel Hill NC
40 University of Arizona (Rogers) 7/1/2017 Tucson AZ
40 University of Colorado—Boulder 3/15/2017 Boulder CO
40 University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign 3/15/2017 Champaign IL
40 Wake Forest University 3/15/2017 Winston-Salem NC
40 Washington and Lee University 7/3/2017 Lexington VA
45 George Mason University 6/15/2017 Arlington VA
45 Southern Methodist University (Dedman) 2/15/2017 Dallas TX
45 University of Utah (Quinney) 2/15/2017 Salt Lake City UT
48 University of Florida (Levin) 7/15/2017 Gainesville FL
48 University of Maryland (Carey) 8/1/2017 Baltimore MD
50 Temple University (Beasley) 4/1/2017 Philadelphia PA
50 Florida State University 7/15/2017 Tallahassee FL
50 Tulane University 8/14/2017 New Orleans LA
50 University of California (Hastings) 3/1/2017 San Francisco CA
50 University of Houston 2/15/2017 Houston TX
55 Baylor University 3/15/2017 Waco TX
55 University of Richmond (Williams) 3/1/2017 University of Richmond VA
57 Case Western Reserve University 4/1/2017 Cleveland OH
57 Georgia State University 6/1/2017 Atlanta GA
57 University of Nebraska—Lincoln 3/1/2017 Lincoln NE
60 University of New Mexico 3/1/2017 Albuquerque NM
60 University of Cincinnati 3/15/2017 Cincinnati OH
60 University of Kentucky 3/15/2017 Lexington KY
60 University of Miami 7/31/2017 Coral Gables FL
60 University of Oklahoma 3/15/2017 Norman OK
65 Loyola Marymount University 4/15/2017 Los Angeles CA
65 Pepperdine University 2/1/2017 Malibu CA
65 Seton Hall University 4/1/2017 Newark NJ
65 University of Kansas 4/1/2017 Lawrence KS
65 University of Connecticut 4/1/2017 Hartford CT
65 University of Missouri 3/15/2017 Columbia MO
65 University of Tennessee—Knoxville 8/1/2017 Knoxville TN
72 Loyola University Chicago 4/1/2017 Chicago IL
72 University of Denver (Sturm) 6/1/2017 Denver CO
74 Yeshiva University (Cardozo) 8/10/2017 New York NY
74 St. John’s University 4/1/2017 Queens NY
74 University of San Diego 8/4/2017 San Diego CA
74 Villanova University 4/1/2017 Villanova PA
78 American University (Washington) 3/1/2017 Washington DC
78 University of Nevada—Las Vegas 6/1/2017 Las Vegas NV
78 University of Oregon 7/15/2017 Eugene OR
78 University of Pittsburgh 4/1/2017 Pittsburgh PA
82 LSU — Baton Rouge (Hebert) 6/1/2017 Baton Rouge LA
82 Northeastern University 3/1/2017 Boston MA
82 St. Louis University 5/1/2017 St. Louis MO
82 University of New Hampshire School of Law 7/15/2017 Concord NH
86 Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago-Kent) 3/15/2017 Chicago IL
86 Syracuse University 8/1/2017 Syracuse NY
86 Penn State Dickinson 7/15/2017 Carlisle PA
86 Pennsylvania State University 3/31/2017 University Park PA
86 University of Tulsa 7/31/2017 Tulsa OK
86 University of Arkansas—Little Rock (Bowen) 3/15/2017 Little Rock AR
86 University of Arkansas—Fayetteville 4/15/2017 Fayetteville AR
92 Lewis & Clark College (Northwestern) 3/15/2017 Portland OR
92 Rutgers—Newark 3/15/2017 Newark NJ
92 University of Hawaii—Manoa (Richardson) 7/1/2017 Honolulu HI
92 University of Louisville (Brandeis) 4/15/2017 Louisville KY
92 University of South Carolina 3/1/2017 Columbia SC
97 Brooklyn Law School 8/28/2017 Brooklyn NY
97 Wayne State University 7/1/2017 Detroit MI
97 West Virginia University 3/1/2017 Morgantown WV
100 Indiana University—Indianapolis (McKinney) 8/1/2017 Indianapolis IN
100 Michigan State University 4/30/2017 East Lansing MI
100 SUNY Buffalo Law School 3/1/2017 Buffalo NY
103 Florida International University 7/31/2017 Miami FL
103 Stetson University 5/15/2017 Gulfport FL
103 Catholic University of America 7/1/2017 Washington DC
106 Cleveland State University (Cleveland-Marshall) 6/1/2017 Cleveland OH
106 Creighton University 7/1/2017 Omaha NE
106 Howard University 3/15/2017 Washington DC
106 University of Mississippi 3/15/2017 University MS
106 Washburn University 4/1/2017 Topeka KS
111 DePaul University 4/1/2017 Chicago IL
111 Drake University 4/1/2017 Des Moines IA
111 Drexel University 8/1/2017 Philadelphia PA
111 Duquesne University 5/1/2017 Pittsburgh PA
111 Hofstra University (Deane) 6/30/2017 Hempstead NY
111 New York Law School 7/1/2017 New York NY
111 Seattle University 3/1/2017 Seattle WA
111 Texas A&M University 7/8/2017 Fort Worth TX
111 University of Baltimore 8/1/2017 Baltimore MD
111 University of Idaho 7/31/2017 Moscow ID
111 University of Maine 7/31/2017 Portland ME
111 University of St. Thomas 8/1/2017 Minneapolis MN
123 Marquette University 4/1/17 Milwaukee WI
123 Mercer University (George) 3/15/2017 Macon GA
123 Texas Tech University 3/1/2017 Lubbock TX
123 University of Missouri—Kansas City 4/1/2017 Kansas City MO
123 University of Montana 3/15/2017 Missoula MT
123 University of Wyoming 6/10/2017 Laramie WY
129 Albany Law School 6/1/2017 Albany NY
131 CUNY 6/15/2017 Long Island City NY
132 Gonzaga University 4/15/2017 Spokane WA
132 Quinnipiac University 8/1/2017 Hamden CT
132 Vermont Law School 7/15/2017 South Royalton VT
132 Willamette University (Collins) 4/1/2017 Salem OR
136 Chapman University (Fowler) 4/15/2017 Orange CA
136 Pace University 8/24/2017 White Plains NY
136 University of Akron 6/30/2017 Akron OH
140 Loyola University New Orleans 8/1/2017 New Orleans LA
140 Hamline University 8/1/2017 St. Paul MN
143 University of South Dakota 7/1/2017 Vermillion SD
144 Campbell University 5/7/2017 Raleigh NC
144 University of the Pacific (McGeorge) 4/1/2017 Sacramento CA
144 Oklahoma City University 8/1/2017 Oklahoma City OK
144 University of Toledo 8/1/2017 Toledo OH
144 University of North Dakota 7/15/2017 Grand Forks ND
NR Appalachian School of Law 8/7/2017 Grundy VA
NR Arizona Summit Law School 8/22/2017 Phoenix AZ
NR Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School 8/11/2017 Atlanta GA
NR Ave Maria School of Law 8/15/2017 Naples FL
NR Barry University Dwayne O. Andreas School of Law 8/4/2017 Orlando FL
NR Belmont University College of Law 7/31/2017 Nashville TN
NR California Western School of Law 4/3/2017 San Diego CA
NR Capital University Law School 8/1/2017 Columbus OH
NR Charleston School of Law 3/1/2017 Charleston SC
NR Charlotte School of Law 7/31/2017 Charlotte NC
NR Concordia University School of Law 8/1/2017 Boise ID
NR Elon University School of Law 8/7/2017 Greensboro NC
NR Faulkner University, Thomas Goode Jones School of Law 7/15/2017 Montgomery AL
NR Florida A&M University College of Law 5/31/2017 Orlando FL
NR Florida Coastal School of Law 8/26/2017 Jacksonville FL
NR Golden Gate University School of Law 4/15/2017 San Francisco CA
NR Indiana Tech Law School 8/15/2017 Fort Wayne IN
NR Inter American University School of Law 6/30/2017 San Juan PR
NR Liberty University School of Law 7/1/2017 Lynchburg VA
NR Lincoln Memorial University–John J. Duncan, Jr. School of Law 7/15/2017 Knoxville TN
NR Mississippi College School of Law 7/15/2017 Jackson MS
NR New England Law | Boston 3/15/2017 Boston MA
NR North Carolina Central University School of Law 3/31/2017 Durham NC
NR Northern Illinois University College of Law 7/31/2017 DeKalb IL
NR Northern Kentucky University–Salmon P. Chase College of Law 6/1/2017 Highland Heights KY
NR Nova Southeastern University–Shepard Broad College of Law 5/1/2017 Fort Lauderdale FL
NR Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, School of Law 4/15/2017 Ponce PR
NR Regent University School of Law 7/15/2017 Virginia Beach VA
NR Roger Williams University School of Law 4/1/2017 Bristol RI
NR Southern University Law Center 5/1/2017 Baton Rouge LA
NR Texas Southern University–Thurgood Marshall School of Law 8/1/2017 Houston TX
NR Thomas Jefferson School of Law 8/1/2017 San Diego CA
NR Touro College–Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center 8/13/2017 Central Islip NY
NR University of Detroit Mercy School of Law 4/15/2017 Detroit MI
NR University of La Verne College of Law 7/1/2017 Ontario CA
NR University of Massachusetts School of Law–Dartmouth 6/30/2017 North Dartmouth MA
NR University of Puerto Rico School of Law 3/30/2017 San Juan PR
NR University of the District of Columbia–David A. Clarke School of Law 7/15/2017 Washington DC
NR Valparaiso University Law School 7/15/2017 Valparaiso IN
NR Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School 9/3/2017 Lansing MI
NR Western New England University School of Law 8/1/2017 Springfield MA
NR Western State College of Law at Argosy University 7/29/2017 Irvine CA
NR Whittier Law School 8/1/2017 Costa Mesa CA
NR Widener University Commonwealth Law School 6/15/2017 Harrisburg PA
NR Widener University Delaware Law School 5/15/2017 Wilmington DE
NR South Texas College of Law 3/15/2017 Houston TX
NR Ohio Northern University (Pettit) 8/15/2017 Ada OH
NR Rutgers, Camden 3/15/2017 Camden NJ
NR Samford University (Cumberland) 6/1/2017 Birmingham AL
NR Santa Clara University 2/15/2017 Santa Clara CA
NR Southern Illinois University Carbondale 8/1/2017 Carbondale IL
NR Southwestern Law School 4/1/2017 Los Angeles CA
NR St. Mary’s University 3/1/2017 San Antonio TX
NR Suffolk University 4/1/2017 Boston MA
NR John Marshall Law School 3/1/2017 Chicago IL
NR University of Memphis (Humphreys) 3/15/2017 Memphis TN
NR University of Dayton 8/1/2017 Dayton OH
NR University of San Francisco 2/1/2017 San Francisco CA



  1. It is also good to keep in mind that for some schools you need apply for whatever scholarship/program you’re interested in before the regular admission deadline. For example, for NYU’s Latino Rights Scholarship or their public interest scholarship the deadline is January 1, 2017 even though the regular application deadline is February.

  2. Hey there, I’m just wondering if you could shed some light on my specific situation–got a 164 last year and canceled my October score because I did not do well. Want to take it again in December and apply immediately after I get my score. Do you think I’ll have a decent shot at some of the lower t14? I’ve been out of school three years, working at nonprofits, including a year in AmeriCorps.

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