The LSAT is just a short while away. It’s a good time to take stock of where you are and make sure you will be ready for this thing. Let’s run down what you need to do.

Shoot To Hit Your Peak On Test Day

Rocky Peak

You need to be a great LSAT taker for just one day. In fact, just for two hours and twenty minutes. The home stretch, which you are entering now, is all about focusing on being in peak LSAT form when test day comes. Here are some strategies for being in peak LSAT performance mode come February:

Build Peak Stamina

To build your LSAT stamina, we recommend taking three full, timed LSATs each week from now until the LSAT. Take these under simulated testing conditions, using RECENT PREPTESTS. That isn’t all you should be doing either. On days where you don’t hit a full simulated preptest, do timed sections from recent preptests and review. Focus on weak areas until you eliminate them.

Copy The Thought Process Of Great LSAT Takers

For people still regularly getting more than five wrong on each individual section, we really recommend that you get your hands on some explanations. Use them to review preptests after you complete them. This will help you fine-tune your approach and do what great LSAT takers do to attack problems.

All great LSAT takers have one thing in common: they approach questions in highly methodical, organized, mechanical fashion. When you see it done well, it’s almost like watching an LSAT robot. To learn how to copy this approach, you have to see it in action.

Stay Warm And Healthy

I know it’s not helpful to just say, “don’t get sick” but really, there should be some things you can do to avoid the winter colds that are the bane of February LSAT takers. First, focus on staying unstressed. After you’ve done that, maybe stay away from crowded subways, college dining halls, and other reservoirs of illness. Basically, avoid the unwashed masses.

Okay, now here’s the last thing you need:

Have Confidence

For a lot of people, the February LSAT is a retake. Have confidence that it’s going to be easier this time around. Everything is easier when you’ve done it once before. The vast majority of people improve at least a little on a retake. You are going to improve as well.

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For first timers, you are in the lowest stress, best position possible, so take confidence from that. If things don’t go right you’ve got June, October, and December to fix the issue (that said, you should never take the LSAT if you don’t feel ready. let us know in the comments if you are having doubts about your preparedness and we’ll discuss your situation).

Final Note

Historically, We’ve tended to discourage students from applying for law school immediately with a February LSAT score. Click here to see why. However, these days law schools are so greedy for qualified applicants that it doesn’t hurt you nearly as much as it may have in the not-too-distant past.

February takers focused on applying for fall of 2019, on the other hand, are getting an excellent head-start! Taking the LSAT early is a great way to get the biggest part of the process over and done with. You’ll leave yourself with plenty of opportunities to retake the exam, should you need to, and you now have all the time in the world to work on the other parts of your application.

In fact, I wouldn’t even think about other application stuff until summer. Just focus on good grades or getting promoted or whatever else you’ve got going on. That’s the luxury of taking the LSAT ahead of the game.

Good luck to you all and enjoy the rest of your holidays!

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