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LSAT Sample Questions

Where can I find/download free LSAT preptest sample questions? I want samples of questions from actual, official LSAT preptests. Where can I find these and maybe also full LSAT sample tests for download or online? Free LSAT Sample Test Questions And Answers Download: Sample LSAT Questions with Explanations available for free…


Tips For Increasing Your Focus On The LSAT

Standardized tests are really, really tough to focus on and the LSAT is certainly no exception. Reading comprehension especially tends to set even the most diligent mind wandering. While the LSAT may not even be the worst offender around when it comes to boring tests, it certainly doles out some…

Reading Comprehension LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips

Follow these 10 LSAT Reading Comprehension tips during your LSAT prep to increase your LSAT reading comprehension speed, accuracy, and overall score. Note: The LSAT Reading Comprehension Bible has more great RC tips! LSAT Reading Comprehension Tips Read the RC passage first. Don’t read the questions first. Try and read the RC…