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7 Shortcuts to a Higher LSAT Score

We thought we’d give those of you new to the LSAT some general tips to make sure you are doing this right. If you’re a regular reader, you may have seen this advice before, but it’ll still be a good refresher. However, for the newbies here’s your welcome to the…

LSAT the cost of lsat prep courses

Why Do LSAT Prep Courses Cost So Much?

If you are thinking about throwing a thousand dollars or more in to an online prep course or a live course, it may have crossed your mind “why does this cost so much?” It’s a fair question. Basically, it boils down to one thing: huge markups on LSAT prep questions. In this post,…

LSAT Best LSAT Prep Courses

How to Find the Best LSAT Prep Course

What is the best LSAT prep course to take?  I need help deciding!!! We get asked all the time which LSAT courses are considered the best. While we can’t attend them all, we can help you out with some information to guide your decisions. A lot of the information you’ll…