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1L Year Civil Procedure

Best Civ Pro Supplements

Civil procedure is usually offered first semester of 1L year so it’s where many students first get acquainted with legal reasoning. At my school, UChicago, where we were on the quarter system, Civ Pro 1 was one of only two exams we had first quarter. As such, all of us…

1L Year

5 Things To Do To Start Law School Right

The idea for this post came from another blog, but I wanted to share my thoughts about some smart things to do when you start law school. Law school is a fresh start, and you can improve yourself and your habits to make 1L year a lot easier. 1. Behave…


Best Books to Prepare for Law School

BEST LAW SCHOOL PREP BOOKS Getting to Maybe¬†– A great guide on how to do well on law school exams. Law school exams are unlike anything you experienced in undergrad, and your law school grades in each course are based largely on a single exam. Knowing how to approach these…