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February 2017 LSAT Scores Are Out!

February #LSAT Scores Are Out Today!!How'd you do?— (@OnLawSchool) March 1, 2017 February 2017 LSAT Scores were released today (February 28, 2017) How did it go? Take a second to fill out the twitter poll (above) and/or leave a message in the comments below & let us know how things went! We’ll update this

February 2016 LSAT Discussion

UPDATE: 2/29 - 5:30PM CST - It is Gray Day! Scores are coming out for February test takers. February #LSAT scores have started coming out today! How'd you do?— (@OnLawSchool) February 29, 2016 Take our poll on twitter or let us know how you did below in the comments! Need to Retake in June? We're Here