Drill 1: Super Basic Linear Games – Balanced

Welcome to your first drill set. Drills work in the following way. For each drill set you will find a list of questions or games to complete.

PT07 S2 Game 1 means PrepTest 7, Section 2, Game 1. So you would go the LSAT book that contains this PrepTest (the test numbers are written on the cover of each of the books, in this case, it is the 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests). When it says Game it means to do the game and all of the questions for that game.

If a Drill says PT07 S1 Q6 that would indicate that you would go to PT7, Section 1 and complete question 6. Remember you do not need to do all of the drill question, only until you feel comfortable and a good rule of thumb is getting about 90% of the answers correct. You can save some drill questions for additional practice later in your studies.

Also a quick note about the LGB chapters and chapter titles. As many students are using editions from 2013 to 2016 of the books, please go by the Chapter title vs number to make sure you are reading the right material.

Ok Here is your first Drill set:

PT07 S2 Game 1

PT12 S2 Game 1

PT18 S1 Game 2

PT23 S1 Game 1

PT24 S4 Game 2

PT26 S1 Game 2

PT27 S2 Game 1

PT28 S2 Game 1

PT29 S3 Game 3

PT30 S1 Game 4

PT32 S3 Game 3

PT34 S4 Game 3

PT11 S1 Game 2 – Harder

PT27 S2 Game 4 – Harder

PT10 S2 Game 1 – Pure Seq.

PT21 S1 Game 1 – Pure Seq.

PT33 S4 Game 1 – Pure Seq.