Last update 9/16/2017 12:46 CST Verifying Real and Experimental Sections

You’ve spent countless hours over the past few months pouring over lessons, drilling questions, and taking PrepTests.

Your friends have stopped texting you because you’ve always got your head in a book.

Your significant other has gone to bed alone while you stayed up to review your last PrepTests.

Your parents have called you to make sure you’re still alive.

Now you’re even starting to have weird dreams about working through LSAT questions.

As you’ve slowly adjusted to living your life in 35-minute increments, the LSAT has so thoroughly engulfed your mind that you can’t even escape the LSAT while you sleep.

It’s been a long road my friends, but alas, you’re about to reach the finish line and take the September LSAT. Congrats!

As is the tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, September 16, 2017. We’ll update this post throughout the day to track the September 2017 LSAT discussion as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Last update 9/16/2017 12:46 CST Verifying Real and Experimental Sections

Real RC Passages – 
Indigenous Languages
Grand theories

Real LG Games –
Food in Different Restaurants

A few ground rules:

  • DO feel free to share RC, LG and LR keywords, this will help us figure out what the real passages were.
  • DO celebrate your achievement! You’ve worked hard and you have completed the LSAT!
  • DO NOT post any question specifics like “I got A for #2” or write at more than just a keyword or two about any question, this could get you (and us) in trouble with the LSAC. Saying I had an RC passage about Galileo is ok, saying I had an RC passage about how Galileo was not the first person… is not ok.
  • DO NOT talk about specific game set ups, or how you tried to solve it.
  • Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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  1. Are you sure the scored (non-experimental) LG section is the section that has:
    Food in Different Restaurants

  2. How did everyone feel about the scored LG section overall? I feel like I struggled with that more than I would’ve hoped.

    • My experimental was RC and it was the first section I had. I thought it was pretty tough. My worst section by far was LG (as I assumed it would be) but it happened to be the 3rd section I had. Very difficult for me.

      • I had an experiemental RC too! I can’t figure out which one was the scored tho… either the one that included a passage about judges or one that included a passage about John Stuart mill… and I definitely feel better about the one that included John Stuart mill

      • Patty, I’m sorry to say but the one about judges was the scored one. That was the only one I had. I had an experimental LR section

  3. RC was my last and I think hardest because my pacing wasn’t great. For me LG wasn’t terrible because all of sketches yielded fairly strong deductions and the if questions yielded the rest. It’s the first lg section I’ve taken in a few practice tests where I didn’t have a sketch that was mostly blank.

  4. hi

    i had test in abu dhabi (international test center). i had 2 Logical games sections, i want to know if the section with question of apartments/ pets not pet owner was experimental

    • hi, i also had two logic games sections and i did not have one regarding apartments and pets, so I’m going to assume that was the experimental section for you!

      I had the one about investigators and presentations, and it was the 3rd section.

      • could you tell more about investigators and presentations. i cant remember. i had 3rd section as LG. but i was so engrossed to remember it now.

  5. For those of you who had the two RC’s, was the Judges/Honesty the first one or second one? I’m trying to remember… brain must still be fried haha

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