September 2016 LSAT Discussion


UPDATE: We’ve confirmed that the following sections were REAL



  1. Park Rangers
  2. Teaching Assistants
  3. Neighborhood Deliveries
  4. Computer Viruses


  1. Muscle Memory
  2. Contract Violation of Select Performances
  3. Native American/Clearing Forests/Woodlands
  4. Architect/Eileen Gray/Lacquer


  • Caterpillars/fruit
  • political demagogue
  • City changing signs/waste of money
  • Parents singing to their children

You’ve spent countless hours over the past few months pouring over lessons, drilling questions, and taking preptests.

Your friends have stopped texting you because you’ve always got your head in a book.

Your significant other has gone to bed alone while you stayed up to review your last preptest.

Your parents have called you to make sure you’re still alive.

Now you’re even starting to have weird dreams about working through LSAT questions.

As you’ve slowly adjusted to living your life in 35-minute increments, the LSAT has so thoroughly engulfed your mind that you can’t even escape the LSAT while you sleep.

It’s been a long road my friends, but alas, you’ve reached the finish line. Congrats!

As is tradition here at, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today: Saturday, September 24, 2016.

We’ll update this post to track the September 2016 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

A few ground rules:

  • DO feel free to share RC and LG keywords, this will help us figure out what the real sections were.
  • DO celebrate your achievement! You’ve worked hard and you have completed the LSAT!
  • DO NOT post any question specifics like “I got A for #2” or write at more than just a keyword or two about any question, this could get you (and us) in trouble with the LSAC. Saying I had an RC passage about Galileo is ok, saying I had an RC passage about how Galileo was not the first person… is not ok.
  • DO NOT talk about specific game set ups, or how you tried to solve it.
  • Comments that violate these guidelines will be deleted.

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    • I didn’t finish the 1st section of LR in time so I had to bubble random guesses before time ran out towards the end, but I’m hoping that was experimental. That was the only LR section with 27 questions and my other two LR sections were 25 questions.

      • Do you recall any of the questions in your first LR section? I struggled with my first LR section (of 3) so am hoping it was experimental.

      • To followup, I would recognize but can’t recall any Qs on the first LR, and I believe it had 27 Q.

      • I’m having trouble remembering the questions too 🙁 my brain is just fried! There was 3 LR so I can’t remember distinctive sections unfortunately

      • From what I remember I only had 2 logical reasoning sections and none of them had 27 questions. So i think logical reasoning with 27 questions was the experimental section

  1. I also had 3 LR sections. 1 with 25 QS and 2 with 26 QS. However, the third LR section contained what I am pretty sure was a typo. It was on the question about anestiologists being able to administer anesthetics without the supervision of a doctor.

    Additional Q, do all test takers not have the same experimental section? Some test takers had 2 LGs?

  2. cilib2rkcilib2rk
    2 hours ago 5 karma
    I had 3 LR sections–two of them had 26 questions and the other had 25. One of my LR sections with 26 questions had its very first question regarding loggerhead turtles. Trying to figure out if that was real or experimental. Can anyone recall if they had that question? Also, did people with only 2 LRs have 25 questions in one of the sections?


  3. I had 2 LG sections on mine. The first section was definitely experimental. I’m hearing mixed reviews about the difficulty of one of the scored games regarding computer viruses. I didn’t find that one to be too difficult once you understood how to do the set up.

    • Just FYI: The order in which the sections are presented varies depending on which test form you had. They may be multiple test forms with 2 LG sections, so the order of the sections isn’t a reliable way to determine which was experimental. It’s always best to be sure and cross-reference the list of real LG sections (at the top of this post).

    • I as well had 2 LG. The first one, which was section one for me was terrible. But I can’t remember what games were in it. Do you?

  4. Dear friends I do need help at this hard time. I took the test in DC and got 2 readings section, that was section 1 and 3. The comparative passage for sec 1 was about online virtual trade, and the comparative passage of sec 3 was about muscle regainning. Since I didn’t do well in sec 3 so I was desperately considering whether to get this score or not and hoping somebody could find out which one is the formal section. Prey for all.

    • Ooops it seems that I might make a mistake cuz i now remembered the online trade was not the comparative passage, but a law passage. the comparative on should be about folk phycology.

    • I only had one RC section so it was not experimental, it dealt with muscle memory and legal contract breaches- two ways to handle them monetary compensation etc. the third one I got to had to do with the historical uses of forest clearings. It’s a little bit foggier to me and I unfortunately didn’t even get to the fourth passage in the section ):

    • One was about bodybuilders, another about a woman architect, one was comparing legal matters of monetary compensation or forcing someone to fufil a contractual law.

    • For anyone who took it abroad (Europe): Native american art/Wolfs and dogs, human cues/major inheritance case/EU competition law

  5. Hi there! I took the test abroad and am sure that my RC and LR sections were completely different than those in the US.

    I had an experimental LG and would love any confirmation form someone who took it abroad (Europe?)

    One section started with a sequencing game about witnesses (I’m pretty sure it was in this section that there was a game about printing vs. verifying transactions). The other one involved inspections over 4 months in Ghana/India/France. Really hoping the second one was experimental.

      • Thanks for writing Ally.

        Did that same section also have a game about violinists and pianists?

        Only just starting to remember the games…

        Or does any of this sound familiar:
        – Sequencing witnesses.
        – Printing vs. verifying transaction
        – 4 people who are stencilling/origami/mosaic etc.

      • I took the LSAT in Europe and also had two LG Sections (RC, LG, LR, LR, LG). The 2nd LG section was with violinists/ pianists, printing/ verifying transaction ….
        Really hoping the 1st LG section was the experimental one. The 1st LG had one game about new employees/ senior employees.

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