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Update 5:50 PM EST — Score Release Confirmed!!!

Here’s the curve: A -12 gets you a 170. Snapshot:


Bear in mind that scores often take as long as a couple hours to roll out. If you don’t have yours yet be patient. Check in here to tell us how you did!


Some More Updates:

5:45 EST: There are reports that the email date has been changed to today’s date. Get ready for it!

5:30 EST: It now appears that a lot of people are seeing gray!

4:49 EST: Killoran also posted part of an email from LSAC to verify his claim: http://imgur.com/1BdX666. Either LSAC lied or scores will be out today. Try to not refresh the LSAC site so much that you break it!

4:03 EST: Dave Killoran (CEO of Powerscore) claims to have official word from LSAC that scores will be out today.


3:23 EST: Kaplan, Blueprint, Powerscore AND USNews have all jumped the gun. USNews published an article 5 hours ago with the author saying scores had been released. Clearly he was just guessing that they would be by the time of publication.

3:10 EST: Powerscore is also claiming some scores are out. Where’s the proof???

3:00 EST: Some TLS users report seeing gray. It could be starting soon.

2:55 EST: Kaplan and Blueprint appear to have jumped the gun by tweeting that scores were being released. They’ve fallen victim to believing people on Twitter. I’m waiting to see a curve sheet before I confirm. No one on TLS even reports “going gray” yet.

2:50 EST: As of yet no one has confirmed receiving their score, and everything is still “green.” LSAC’s site is slowing down however, which often happens just as scores are about to be released. Fingers-crossed for you guys. It’s 99% probable the release will happen today, so don’t stress!


When will September 2014 LSAT scores be released?

September 2014 LSAT Scores are scheduled to be released on October 22nd.

I think you’re most likely to see an October 16th, 17th or 20th release date. Historically, when LSAC schedules a Wednesday release date in October, the scores generally come out on Monday, two days earlier. That would be the 20th. I peg that as the most likely release date.

I do think, however, that we could potentially see a release date as early as today or tomorrow.

Here’s why…

June scores were scheduled to be released on Monday, July 7th and were released on Tuesday, July 1st. As the number of people taking the LSAT continues its decline, it may be easier for them to process scores. In any case… I wouldn’t start obsessively refreshing your inbox until the 16th or 17th 🙂

If scores aren’t out by Friday, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be released over the weekend… so feel free to relax and enjoy the weekend.

We’ll keep you posted with any updates as they come in, so be sure to check back regularly over the coming days.

If anyone sees any activity from LSAC, please send in your tips by using the comments section below this post.


How did the September 2014 LSAT go?

As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, September 27th, 2014.

We’ll update this post to track the September 2014 LSAT here as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

Update 1: It looks like the first round of test-takers are now finishing up! Hope you CRUSHED it today!

Update 2: From what I’m hearing…
The real LG section had 23 questions & a bouquet game & house owners game.
The real RC section had 27 questions & a Darwin passage & cameras passage & property ownership passage

Update 3: We’ve been able to confirm the following…


  • 23 Questions
  • Flowers/Bouquet
  • Houses/Buildings
  • CDs/Performances
  • Gold Room/Rose Room


  • 27 Questions
  • Property Ownership/Property Transfer
  • Darwin/Natural Selection
  • Cameras/Photography
  • Advertising



    • Hi. I am very disappointed with my performance on Saturday’s test. I didn’t feel nervous but I’m hoping that’s what caused me to blank out. I just couldn’t focus…even for the logic games which I have been practicing for 6 months. I completed the test but cancelled my score before leaving. I will be retaking in December but am feeling pretty shaky about my abilities. I have been following the bible series and the lsat trainer. I also have your 12 week study schedule. I have to admit that I never really took the simulated tests, however. I took the tests in sections. Hopefully that was my downfall. I don’t have enough money for a tutor but I sure could use help. I will be strictly following your schedule until Decembers test. Would you recommend my getting a tutor for one or two sessions? I was the oldest person at the test, which surprised me. Everyone is telling me that my brain is just not going to work as it did while in my 20’s. I’m not ready to give in; any words of encouragement? Again, I’m pretty disappointed in myself but am ready to start again… Thanks for being there!!

      • Diane – Do NOT listen to anyone about your age! I am a 37 year old wife and mother of 3 little boys and was by FAR the oldest at the test ~ I actually started cracking up when I walked in because the “kids” taking the test looked like the age of my oldest son!

        Being older can work to your advantage! Your life experience and the workload of daily adult life can certainly put the LSAT, associated stress, and amount of work it takes to study properly in perspective. I heard many kids yesterday say they “didn’t have time to study because they were working and going to school”…seriously??? When you’re young, basically ALL you have is time! The younger kids cannot know this yet, though, because only age any experience can give you that perspective!

        Try carving out 3-5 hours a day to study while raising a family, getting up and night with sick children, caring for aging parents, running a household, two family businesses, and trying to maintain a healthy marriage! You MAKE TIME for things that are important! You CAN do this!

        Also, with regards to “your brain not working like it does in your
        20’s”…. to that I call BS!!!

        On my first PT I scored a “4” in LG – that’s right, I got FOUR QUESTIONS RIGHT on my first PT, LOL! By the end of the 12 weeks (I used the 12 week guide on this forum and every single recommended book) I was regularly -4 on LG games! So…don’t let your age stop you or nonsense about your brain not working as you age!

        Remember, you’re only going to get older anyway! Think of it this way – in four years you’re going to be four years older regardless; might as well add a JD to your life and resume in the meantime!!! 🙂
        Don’t give up!!

      • thank you sooo much for your comment. it’s just the reminder and boost i needed. I am also ‘older’ 38 and have some of the same challenges. Yet it’s true we can do and must make the time commitment to get it done.

      • Diana , I agree with Amanda. Being older can have its advantages. Your life experiences will be a plus on the law school application. I am an older applicant to. Im 39. I will be retaking the test in December. The test isn’t easy but with practice and discipline you can do well. Taking a simulated tests is a must. The brain is a muscle and it will continue to improve as long as you work it no matter what age you are.

      • Ok not wanting to make anyone laugh but really!!! in that case all my brain cells are fried, seeing as I am at the later part of well on my way to 50. I had law school on my bucket list and decided to do it now, and I must say for someone coming from England i really will like 5 mins in a room with who ever came up with this LSATS concept. Anyway, that aside, please do not give up, you can do this and i am sure you will knock it out the park in Dec. Personally i left the LSATS on saturday glad i may have another chance in Dec and have a positive outlook on it, at least now i know what to expect.

        I was shocked and i do mean shocked that i could actually finish each test (of course accuracy being another matter entirely) but was very disappointed with the LC sections i mean what was all that about? As for the LG i froze too but picked up a bit later and like you had been practicing those game for a while.

        So the moral of this story is like everyone else on here has said you are never too old. I have a Bachelors and two Masters that includes an MBA and believe me the LASATs is still the hardest exam i have taken, so there!

    • Josh, Ian –

      Great work with lawschooli. So much of what you guys do helps a lot of people.

      The case is cracked for LG and RC. Do you have any more insight on which questions were on experimental LR vs scored? This seems to be the biggest question mark around. Many thanks.

    • Quick question about law school rankings and matriculation decision…

      If you are married, raising a family, and certain you will stay in the market in which you attend law school (no plans of trying to find employment in a different market), and one law school is ranked #18 and the other is ranked #93 (but quite strong regionally) – for employment purposes, is it better to go to a lower ranked school that you have a much stronger chance of being ranked in the top 10% after 1L grades, or is it better to go to the much higher ranked, much more academically competitive school?

      If the end goal is employment with one of the region’s largest firms, what do you think the best strategy would be in this case? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

      • I’ve seen no evidence that they’ve been released. My guess is the author is just being lazy and assuming that by this evening they’ll be released, which will almost certainly happen.

      • No, they are not, I just looked at my LSAC Page and it says Email Score Date will be October 22 .

      • They always say that and release it earlier anyway. The scores not coming out today would actually be quite unprecedented. They’ve been at least two days early on every release since I don’t know when. The only exception was when Hurricane Sandy closed their office around the planned release.

      • OMG, I just got my score back and while it is not perfect I did much better than I did the last time. YES

    • Hey guys-
      I got a 165 on this past LSAT and my GPA is a 4.0. It was the second time I took the test and I was wondering if I should take it again in December? I studied for about three months before the September one and I was averaging 168-169 on the prep tests with a couple reaching 171 and 172. If I do take it again, what material should I study? I exhausted all the prep tests and study books so I do not know where to start.

      • I think it depends on what school you want to attend. The LSAT is not cheap. The median is around 154, I think and you have way better score than that in my book. I can see you getting accepted to a lot of schools with that score, so I feel as though maybe you should focus on prep courses for law school. These are courses that begin to prep for the work in law school, but I would hold off until late spring or summer, especially if you are still undergraduate school as you still need to keep your grades up and graduate. The money you would spend on another LSAT can be your deposit to a school and when you decide to a law school, be picky and don’t send deposits all over because I am pretty sure you will not get them back if you decide to go elsewhere. You can also save that money for first year’s books or transportation to your new school. Please don’t take this as me telling you not to care about your score, but the application process is so much much more. Are you working on your personal statement? What experience do you have? Are you volunteering at a firm? What are your school activities? Do you have any?
        I say at the end of the day, what’s most important to YOU is what counts.

      • Sandydee-
        Thank you for your advice! It is very helpful. I’m looking at UT Austin, UCLA, and maybe Georgetown (but thats really a reach school). In regards to my personal statement, I am starting and hoping to finish it this weekend . I have also interned at a law office and a courthouse. I am in three honor societies at my school and I participate in intramural’s (if that counts as a school activity). I also work 20 hours a week at the local community college and I have volunteered for a couple non-profits.

      • Cody Smith-

        I can see you getting into a lot of schools including the ones you really want to attend.. I am having my personal statements looked at for grammar and other things. I definitely wish you the best of luck and maybe one day on here when we are both in school we’ll talk again.

  1. Nathaniel Johnson on

    Had RC as experimental. Relatively easy however the games seemed tougher than usual. Idk. I always feel that whenever there is an easy section, another section makes up for this lack of difficulty by being unnecessarily cruel. The LR seemed pretty standard as well. Thoughts?

  2. Hey,

    Just took the lsat today for the first time. Not unhappy, but taking it again in December because it can’t hurt. Have already read the powerscore bibles and Kaplan book. What would you recommend for a study method for the next 10 weeks? Practices tests every other day? Reread the bibles?

    • Jake,

      Sorry to hear that things didn’t seem to go your way today.

      First thing I’d do: throw the Kaplan book away

      Second thing I’d to: Pick up a copy of the LSAT Trainer. That book has proven to be very effective for retakers.

      Third thing I’d do: take a look at this post… Retaking The LSAT: How to Make Sure Your Score Improves, then come back here with any followup questions!

      How many timed, simulated LSAT preptests did you take before today’s exam? How long did you study for the exam? There are a number of common mistakes that people frequently make in their LSAT prep… take a look at the replay of the webinar Evan and I did on this topic & make sure you don’t make those mistakes when you’re prepping for December.

      • Hi josh, I don’t think I did well on this LSAT due to poor prepping for the logic games. I had to guess for most of the questions, therefore probably bombing the section. Would you recommend I take it a second time in December or wait till June? Or maybe even take it all 3 times? Going to law school in the Fall of 2015 is not a priority for me, I would be willing to wait a year if my score can substantially improve.

  3. In your opinion how good of a job does LSAC do of keeping the consistency of curves among separate exams.

    I took the June 2014 exam which I thought was difficult overall…and was debating between September/December 2014 retake and decided on Dec

    So far the consensus on TLS ( which may be unrepresentative given the amount of top scorers)…is that Sept 2014 was easier and there were no odd logic games like in June

    How close to the curves match up to the difficulty of the test? In my opinion a 165 should reflect the same level of reasoning whether or not a test was easier or harder

  4. Arguments seemed easier than previous PTs, so did RC. I had three arguments sections, so one of them was experimental. Games threw me too—pretty much bombed it. I’ve heard a lot of others complaining about the games being super open ended/somehow different.

  5. Experimental LG on my exam. Overall, LG and LR were both straight forward, but the RC was a bit rough. There was a pretty “out there” passage, and I wasn’t able to complete the RC.

  6. I had two logic game sections and trying to figure out which is experimental. One was super easy and the other I had trouble with. Over all the rc and logical reasoning sections weren’t too bad. But I’m freaking out over the logic games; could make or break me

  7. Real LG was flowers, buildings, a sequence, and people giving speeches/performances or something.

    Real RC was transfer of property, natural selection, etc.

    My first LR was experimental, assuming that there were 101 questions total, as the other two were 26/25 and RC was 27 and LG 23.

    Thought RC was more difficult than usual and the flowers game took me longer than game should, but other games were pretty straightforward.

    • So right now we’ve confirmed the following passages/games appeared on the real LG and real RC sections… can anyone help us fill in the 4th game/passage?

      REAL LG:

      REAL RC:
      Property Ownership/Property Transfer
      Darwin/Natural Selection

      • The other game was ordering songs on a CD I believe! I think it was songs….the names were in italics.

      • i think hannah is right! I believe the CD game was with the LG section as flowers game. I had two LGs.

  8. Not feeling completey confident due to the games. Was not able to complete everything, considering taking over in December.

  9. I had 3 LRs. One if of them was really hard and had a question dealing with a metirorite containing inorganic material.

    1 RC: Darwin, photography, advertising, property ownership

    1 LG: CDs, gold room and rose room, family owning buildings, bouquet

    Which LR Was real??

  10. Had a TON of trouble with LG to the point that I will probably be forced to retake, barring a significant curve/dumb luck, because I didn’t have time to even fill out a lot of the answers. I had the easy LG experimental and I’m crushed that that won’t be counted, as I think I did -0 on that section. Everything else seemed really manageable and straight-forward.

  11. Should I take the LSAT in February? I only have two more months until the December exam. Would it hurt my acceptance and scholarship chances? I have a 3.46 GPA

  12. I had 3 LR in sections 1, 3, & 4. I’m curious as to which one was experimental. I felt pretty strong in all of them but the first section seemed weird to me. Maybe that was the experimental. I’m already feeling anxious to get the results back!!!

    • I had the same LR sections; I thought the 4th was weird. It had the question with the meteorite containing inorganic material. I feel like I screwed up RC pretty bad, as one passage really slowed me down. LG seemed harder than any other PT. I ended up cancelling because I know I can do MUCH better. Feeling a bit depressed but I know i’m going to work my ass off the next 9 weeks.

      • I also had 1/3/4 LR sections and am really hoping the 4th section was experimental. It seemed weird to me. The answers were less clear than usual, but maybe that was just due to mental exhaustion?

      • 3 I feel like also had less of the normal question types than usual. So I think it was 3 or 4 but we’ll see what other people think.

      • There are typically at least 2 different test forms that include 3 LR sections….

        So some people may have had an LR experimental section 3rd and others may have had a different form with an LR experimental section 4th.

      • My experimental was RC, I don’t remember seeing a question about meteorite/inorganic material in LR so that section was probably experimental?

  13. I recognized questions I had previously. Wondering if they were experimental last time & real this time, or if questions just get recycled…

    • They don’t recycle questions on the graded sections of the test, but it is certainly possible that you saw them on a previous experimental section. They use the experimental section to test questions out before using them on a real (graded) section.

      However… I don’t think that you’ll know if those questions were being tested on another experimental section again or if they made the cut onto a real (graded) section.

  14. futurelawstudent on

    Everyone on TLS is saying that LG was challenging, but I thought all four of the games were really easy and straight forward. Am I missing something??? I’m getting worried that I misinterpreted something or overlooked something.

    • I feel the EXACT same way… I don’t really know what was so hard about it tbh? They all seemed pretty standard — nothing in comparison to the June 2014 test.


        Hey guys… PLEASE don’t post specific details like this any more!

        I censored this post, but I’m going to leave the censored version up as an example of the sort of thing YOU MUST NOT discuss.


        Yea, I agree as well….From what I remember 2 were just xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx games, one was xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and then the gold/rose room one was xxxxxxxx. I thought all four games were very easy. The last question of the section (the bouquet game) was the only one I had some trouble with. It was a xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx question, and I I think the only other info was that the xxxxxxxxxx had xxxxxxx. And the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx couldn’t have xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. I narrowed it down to two and had to guess.

  15. Idontwanttohavetoretake on

    Hey Josh,

    So apparently the Oct 22 score release date is the first time the scores are scheduled to be released on a Wednesday. When do you think they will actually be released?

  16. The RC and LG that are confirmed above were the real sections because I had 3 LR sections. Sections 1, 3 and 4. The 1st section seemed odd to me. I noticed the first section had 25 q’s, the 3rd had 26 q’s and the 4th had 25 q’s. Too many LR sections to remember specifics to try and see which was real -__-

  17. I also had LR(25)-RC(27)-LR(26)-LR(25)-LG(23)

    either 1 or 5 was experimental, but 3 LR (26) gave me most trouble.

    Does anyone remember a LR question about “ease of business” in a business magazine
    A new drug to be supplemented in addition to others to prevent bone loss.

    Business question came from my 4th section, 3rd LR.
    Drug question, I believeee was in my first section, 1st LR


      Hey guys… PLEASE don’t post specific details like this any more!

      I censored this post, but I’m going to leave the censored version up as an example of the sort of thing YOU MUST NOT discuss.

      Yea, I remember the bone loss question. If I remember correctly, the xxxxxxxxxx was about xxxxxxxxx being used to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (which is caused by xxxxxxxxxxxxxx). And then there’s a xxxxxxxxxxxxx which helps xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and therefore all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx should xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. It was either xxxxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I think?). I chose the answer that said xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx.

  18. I had 1/3/4 LR. 4 was experimental.

    The first LR section I had had a question about normal and sockeye salmon, and that was definitely the real one. I thought it was experimental- I didn’t finish in time and I usually have 6-8 minutes to go.

    The LR section about dinosaurs being on the migratory path or something like that was experimental, unfortunately, because I thought that section was very easy.

      • Wait, really???

        What about the sockeye salmon question? That was on my section 1. I’m so confused. Maybe I remembered the dinosaurs being in the wrong section.

  19. I do remember the question about Salmon and breeding. Was this in the same section as the New Drug for Bone loss, Coffee and Chocolate?

    I do not remember any question about dinosaurs being on a migratory path.

  20. Hey Josh and Evan,
    I tested today and it sounds like I had a pretty typical experience. I am curious about whether or not you guys have ever considered gathering intel on the test centers so future testers can prep for all the different settings at their chosen center as presented by people who have actually tested there. I’d be happy to leave feedback on a post like that.
    FWIW, I had 2 LG sections and one was super easy (sorry I don’t remember the content) but the second was really difficult (the building owner thing was brutal)

    • Good idea L, I’ll think about how we might do this effectively. I myself had positively minature desks. Luckily I had scoped out the test center and knew what I was in for, but a advance report could have saved me the trip.

    • I had 2 LGs too, first was section 3, and 2nd was section 4. 4 was really hard. Looking back, all of the games are running together for me. I’ve seen lots of people idetify the real ones, but does anyone remember anything about the “supposed” experimental games? About the only thing I can remember from what should be the experimental section was a game where I had to diagram a Thursday, Friday, Saturday schedule? Anyone else remember this, or anything else from this section? I felt good about the test other than this one section. If I could make myself believe this difficult LG section was experimental, it would make the next few weeks go by a lot easier, andI’d expect a much better score. Thanks

  21. Took the LSAT today. I had RC1, LR2 (25 questions), LG3, LG4 (the real one), and LR5 (a toughy).

    I only had 2 LR sections so I know that they are both real sections. It’s hard to recall which questions were in which section (so much test day stress!!!!!) but here is what I recall:

    -A salmon question (chose the “they did not interbreed answer” I believe)
    -A bone loss question
    -Never lie unless you think the other person wants to be flattered (this one destroyed me)
    -nerve transmitter in the brain

  22. Took the LSAT today and thought the Logic Games were very hard, but I did finish. I also had three LR 1,3, and 4. I think I froze up a little on the RC, not because it was hard, but just the amount of questions on the page. I was never good at taking test. At least I finished everything. I just hope my academic grade will compensate. December LSAT here I come !!!!!

  23. I had the test with the experimental reading comprehension section. I am indifferent on how I scored. I was following your 12-week schedule, but managed to fall behind greatly and finished few timed tests.
    I have decided to prepare for the worst and start studying for the December LSAT in case this score did not work out.
    Question: Should I start with the Powerscore Bibles, which I never really delved too much into, or go through the LSAT Trainer again?

  24. i only had two LRs… From the questions I remember (not sure if they are in the same section or not but maybe someone else will), I had a question about salmon, fluoride/sodium in ground water, sunscreen effectiveness, coffee and chocolate, civic buildings on a hill, and one of the LRs had 26 ?s and the other had less…. Can’t really think of anymore but hopefully it helps.

    • I remember all of those questions and I remember feeling really shaky about most of them. Was it just me or did it seem like there were a lot of LR questions with 4 really bad answers and 1 half-way decent answer that I simply chose via process of elimination?

  25. To complete the LR mystery of which section was logical….for you people who had the chocolate and what not (that was section 1). I remember section 4 one of the last questions was about being tired vs being irritated. It was a conditional type question about a girl. Did those of you with 2 LG or RC have this question or can we rule this section out as experimental?

    • I only had 2 LR sections and I remember there being a tired vs irritable question. I believe it was an MODERATED and concluded MODERATED. It was a classic MODERATED question.

    • Natalie – I have heard several places that the tied/irritable question was a scored section and that it was the the second to last (or one of the last) questions…how positive are you this was section 4? Other comments have put this in section 3 for those with LR,RC,LR,LR,LG.

      Do you (anyone?) recall questions on chemical fertilizers (I think was the last question) or binge drinking (was the first or maybe second question)…I’ve heard binge drinking was experimental and fertilizer question was scored.

  26. Anyone remember the number of questions on the last RC passage? I feel like I answered 5 questions, but that really doesn’t make any sense…I don’t think I’ve seen a 5 question passage before…

    • PEWPEW, 5 question passages exists in plenty of PTs but I am confident the comparative (last) passage was 6 questions, I remember noting that because I was a little tight on time…do you have any thoughts on whether those questions were very hard, pretty straightforward, etc? I did it in maybe 5.5 minutes, might have blind guessed on 1 but I felt OK assuming there weren’t tons of tricks or curve balls there, I just remember these questions and that passage the least since it was kind of a blur…which the whole test was!



    PLEASE GUYS…. DON’T talk about specific details of specific questions.

    Let’s just use common sense here… Don’t say anything specific enough that it could potentially give someone any sort of edge on a question if LSAC were to reuse it in the future.

    Don’t talk about how to solve a particular question.
    Don’t talk about specific answer choices.
    Don’t talk about anything that could potentially help someone answer any question.

    It’s okay to say “I had the houses game”
    It’s okay to say “I thought that game was hard”
    It’s NOT okay to say “Actually, it was pretty easy as long as you figured out ______________.”
    It’s NOT okay to say “I did figure that out, but the last question stumped me when it asked about _____________.”
    It’s NOT okay to say “On that question I picked the answer that said ________________.”

    Joshua Craven


    I don’t remember the speech/performance game. Was it the one where there was xxxxxxxxxxxxx rules and xxxxxxxxx were like “xxxxxxxxxx has to be either xxxxxxxxxxxxx or xxxxxxxxxxxx two other xxxxxxxxx?!” Did it have five xxxxxxxxxxx?

  28. I have never felt worse in my life. I was feeling so confident the whole morning of the test, until I opened that book. My heart was racing and I was shaking. I guessed on every single question. I totally blew it. I had taken 15 or so full 5 section tests and was scoring between 162-164. I can’t believe I got that nervous. This is not like me. I feel so defeated and don’t know what to do.

    • Cancel your score and retake in December! I was scoring the same in my prep tests and got really nervous yesterday too. I know I can do better so I will retake in December.

  29. Had 3 LR section LSAT. LR – RC- LR – LR – LG
    Wracking my brain to figure out which questions went where;

    LR one and LR 2 were both so easy that I can’t remember a single question. Finished each with about 12 minutes to spare. LR 3 was harder than 1 or 2 but still not a hard LR section.

    LR 3 had; Design Contest – Free T-Shirt. Genetically Distinct Salmon in Lake, Legitimate Agreement vs. Valid Contract.

    I think the Sept 2014 was a games-based curvebreaker. Games were each very unrestricted and a lot of trail and error was needed to finish them. Just barely finished games in time. RC was surprisingly easy considering how hard PT 60-72 RC’s were. Finished RC with 8 minutes to spare.

    RC with; Darwinian Constructionists, Marcusion Criticism of Advertising, Jane ? Victorian Photographer, was real.
    LG with; Gold Room/Rose Room, Families owning Houses, Florists, CD’s and songs was real.

    • John, nice post and well explained. Agree on your points.

      I had same format as you, I am 100% certain the genetic sockeye salmon question (salmon in two different parts of a lake) was in section 1, which was scored. You commented that was your Section 4, your 3rd LR?

      I remember two methane questions (lsac lover methane), one from LR3 and one from LR4. One was on breakdown of methane around the sun, the other was on methane and distance/data/geologic processes…do either of those sounds familiar and do you recall which section? Or, a question (it was like Q1 or Q2) on binge drinking? I think binge drinking was

      Welcome everyone’s thoughts here. The biggest TBD item of this exam seems to be which LR was experimental. It seems to be 3 or 4, but comments on all the blogs are highly varied on this.

  30. ——– MODERATED BY ADMIN ————

    Hey guys… PLEASE don’t post specific details like this any more!

    I censored this post, but I’m going to leave the censored version up as an example of the sort of thing YOU MUST NOT discuss.

    so. xxxxxxx question. I said the xxxxxxxx had xxxxxxxxx.

    Anyone wanna fill me in on why that’s wrong?

    • QQ,

      LSAC prohibits the discussion of anything specific about the test. While they seem to be okay with saying, for example, “I had the game about researchers,” any details beyond that about the structure or content would be a huge no-no. They have several reasons for this, the chiefest being that tests adminstered in foreign test centers on other dates may contain some of the same questions. Also, the experimental questions are likely to appear on subsequent tests.

      The other thing: when you take the test you sign a form saying you will not disclose any of the test, so you personally could have major consequences from violating the policy.

  31. Hey Josh and Evan,
    I took the LSAT yesterday for the first time. Was feeling confident until I got to the test centre and I think my nerves got the best of me, for the first two sections anyways until I calmed down a little. I am thinking of retaking in December because I know I can do better and was hoping you could give me a little direction in what to do to prep for a retake as I have already done almost every prep test. The only ones I haven’t done in the past 3 months are 7-18. Thanks!

    • Nicole,

      It’s definitely a challenge to study when you’ve run out of fresh material. However, if you just need to hit your practice score, not improve, 7-18 plus redoing the 10 most recent PTS should be enough practice to warm you up before the next administration.

      Trying to improve beyond where you were scoring in practice is harder. I suggest a combination of drilling yourself on specific question types, and redoing old PTs. The difference is you need to focus on making sure you can explain everything that is going on in a question. Turn yourself into a teacher of the LSAT, rather than a student, and you can make improvements. Learn to copy the thought process of an expert by reading explanations.

      Improvements at this stage are never guarenteed, but they do happen for some. Our mastermind group might be a good place to study as we have over 2000 explanations and places where you can post your own explanations for me to evaluate. Let me know if you have any questions about the group.



  32. For those who had two RCs. Was Section 1 or 3 the experimental? I know the experimental had the Darwin passage but I can’t remember if it was 1 or 3

  33. For those with the experimental LG, was the one that was scored (buildings, golden/rose room) the second LG section or the first?

  34. I had three LR sections: 1, 3 and 4. Section 3 seemed the most difficult to me, but I believe it had to do with it being the third section; as I learned from my practice tests, I typically lose steam in the third section and gain it back after a break. But I did get through all of the questions and had some time to check my answers, which was nice, considering I ran out of time in each of the LR sections in the June test.

    RC had a few tricky questions and I got hung up on the third LG game, which left me having to guess on two of the questions in the flowers game. But I felt pretty confident about all of my other answers in the section, so I guess it was a worthwhile trade-off.

    All together, this was a tough exam, but I think I kept my cool better and hopefully scored higher than I did back in June, and I owe that to your 12-week study plan. Thank you, Evan and Josh!

  35. i had 3 logical reasoning and can confirm that the rose/gold was the correct games section and the cameras/photography was the correct reading section. The mine has 1 3 and 4 as reasoning sections. 1 was a bit easy, more than likely the experimental. 3 was hard and worse- i HAD to pee in the middle of it. missed 5 questions. So praying section one is scored…but…you know how it goes.

  36. Would they mix up the order of LR sections? I had LR RC LR LR LG and im pretty sure my 3rd and 4th were scored. I had something in 3 about salmon and 4 about crime rates

      • Rob, Lisa,

        are you sure salmon was in your Section 3, because I’m sure that was in my Section 1?

        Did anyone have a question on binge drinking (like Q1 or 2) in Section 3 (LR2) or 4 (LR3). Question on dinosaurs walking a trail with crocodiles? How about two separate methane questions in two different sections?

      • I honestly only remember Q1 of section 1 LR.

        It was something about workers.. 40% of them and then another set of them 60%. Do you recall any of these numbers in any LR question? (specifically the first Q)?

  37. Evan, took the exam abroad, from what I have been able to observe, I had exactly the same exam as in the US, the 2 RC (1st and 4th), with correct being Darwin, Camera… the LG with the Flowers, properties etc. and the LR with questions that have been pointed out, .e.g., the salmon breeding etc.

  38. I had LR (25), RC, LR (26), LR (25), LG

    I’m trying to figure out which LR (1 or 4) was the experimental.

    I remember the first Q of the first LR.

    It had the numbers 60% and 40%. Can someone confirm if this was the experimental or not? please?

    • I had 3 LRs Q25, Q26, And another Q26. I remember my 25 question section had the 40/60 as the first and a fill in the blank as the last question. Did your 26 question section have a question about being tired and yawning for the second to last question?

  39. Does anyone who didn’t have 3 LR sections remember a question about 2 advertising proposals? Trying to figure out if this was my experimental section. Alternatively, does anyone who had 3 LR sections remember that question being in the same section as any of the above mentioned questions, i.e. coffee chocolate or salmon?

    • I had 3 LR sections, 25, 26, 26. I remember coffee + chocolate and salmon, but no advertising proposals.

      Did you have only one LR with 26 questions? One of those’s 25th was about being tired and yawing. Did you recall something like that for the second to last question? Can anyone with only 2 LR sections or 3 LR’s with only ONE 26 question section please shed some light on this?

  40. I think we may have had the same sections. I don;t remember yawning, but I remember tired/irritable.

    The advertising question was around question 15 of my first section. It was phrased as either marketing/advertising, but essentially it was about two different proposals.

  41. This is a long shot but does anyone remember how many questions there were for the comparative passage in RC? I ask because I had RC as my first section, panicked and ended up running out of time (4 min for the passage) and ended up making educated guesses on the questions.

    I think the rest of the test went well, but still anxious about the fact that I potentially got all of those questions wrong. Probably won’t cancel, and might retake in December.

      • I’d like to think that the questions were straightforward and that my guesses were pretty accurate, but that last passage really was a blur. I think I just had anxiety and spent too much time on the first 2 passages, because I can usually finish RC no problem. I’m just hoping that those guesses don’t tank my score

    • The comparative reading passage on mine had six questions and was about property ownership. It was my only RC passage so that passage was for real.

      • Adam, yes I recall 6 as well. Both L and I were tight on time for that passage and we were wondering how people felt on whether those questions on property passage were straightforward, if there were tricks/curveballs in there, I did it in about 5.5 mins and felt ok-ish but was definitely a blur. Any thoughts on how those questions were in terms of difficulty, and did that passage/questions feel in terms of difficulty relative to the other 3?

        Thanks for the insight everyone! The waiting for the score game might be as a crazy-inducing as the waiting to take the exam game!

      • Hey I was running out of time too and did it in about the same amount of time as you. I narrowed down the answers and then had to guess on two of them. Overall it didn’t seem any harder than any of the others. I think it would’ve been a breeze if I had another minute or so. My lsat watch was slow though apparently so it messed with my mind on the whole test

  42. What was the experimental LG then? I had two LG but cannot remember if it was the Gold/Rose room one that I did better on or not. Thanks!

    • My memories are fractured in regards to what people are saying was the more dfficult LG section. For me, it was the 4th section overall that was my 2nd set of games (right after the break). It got me shook, and I have a hard time remembering much at all about it, other than a game where I had to diagram a Thursday, Friday, Saturday schedule. Also, I think I remember it being longer (like 27 questions). None of the games clicked for me, just seemed like there were too many unknowns… Do you remember anything else about this section?

      • Tom, I had Logic Games as section 3 and 4 and section 4 was the one that was more difficult for me. I honestly do not remember much about it at all, just that I had almost two full games left with 5 minutes to go. I also think I remember on section 4 for having more questions which makes me believe it was the experimental. Yet, everyone else is saying that was the game that was real. Section 3 with LG was fairly easy to me.

      • I just remembered my more difficult LG section had a game about ingredients in a soup. Kale, potato, and so on. I think there were 7 total… I dunno, now I’m wondering if I’m mistaken about the order and grouping of my games. I’m sure ill be stressing till scores come out.

  43. Hey I have a question pretty specifically for Josh and Evan, but if someone else has some kind of authority to speak on this topic go ahead. Are there ever two tests administered at the same time that have a different number of questions? I’ve noticed that typically the average LSAT has 101 questions. 25 and 26 for LR, 27 for RC, and 23 for LG. However, there have been tests with 102. Such as December of 2010 when there were two graded LR sections with 26 questions a piece. So, on my test it was ordered LR RC LR LR LG. The order of questions was 25-26-26. I panicked on the first section with 25 questions right at the beginning because randomly question 2 was super hard for me and I am used to the first ten being pretty simply. So I am really hoping that was the experimental. People say this isn’t possible because the LSAT always has 101 questions which is obviously false.

    Now, I saw on a forum the other day that someone else had my exact same format except they had 25-26-25. So does that mean that one of my 26 question sections for sure was fake? Is it possible that his test had 101 questions and mine had 102? Or is that totally impossible and the LSAC would never do that? Some insight would be great. I am still holding out that first section was fake but we will see. I honestly can barely even remember the test or anything in it yet I feel terrible. I have never felt good about a single practice test but usually did about as good as I was hoping but not always. So, hoping for that. Anyway, I am trying to just ignore it. Either way I’d appreciate it if you have some insight on this question.

      • Honestly I don’t remember anything except for two of the reading passages and the games. I think my mind has already blocked it out, PTSD and all that lol

      • Did it have to do with contractors having certifications? I think that was the first question of my first section, but I don’t exactly remember how many questions there were.

      • Yep. I think I might have had 25 26 26, but I’m really bummed out by the fact that section one was likely real. I was about to switch one of my answers right when time was called

    • I had LR RC LR LR LG and the first LR had 25 questions, second LR had 26 questions, and last LR had 25 questions. And I’m not the person who posted on that other blog.

  44. I took the lsat last week and I had 2 logic game sections. The section with the game about the students playing the different instruments was on the game section which I did the worst. Does anyone remember this game? I’m hoping the was the experimental section.

    • It was the experimental for sure, the real one included:
      Gold Room/Rose Room

      • My LSAT from June started with an experimental Logic Games—threw me off for the rest of the test. Having a rough experimental first (especially when you don’t know it isn’t going to be scored at the time!) seems like a major disadvantage. But I do understand that some of them must be first to make it a more through test of questions–still it definitely impacted my 2nd and 3rd sections. I now wait with bated breath for redemption on the September LSAT.

  45. Will all LSAT statuses go gray simultaneously, or will that happen in waves like the emails? Also, do the scores post to lsac accounts before the emails go out ever?


    • I believe some go gray a little before others, but don’t worry, it happens for everyone pretty quickly. As to the timing of the emails vs lsac account update, I don’t know. Can someone provide that info?

      • In June, I just so happened to see my score on my account before I received my email. They came very close together though so the safest bet is probably just waiting on the email as the website has been having issues all day

  46. David Killoran of Powerscore posted this on Reddit:

    “In case anyone is wondering why PowerScore tweeted the score release, it’s because LSAC releases the test to us the day it’s released, along with a message about score release. This is from their email message to us at 12:15 PM today: “Good afternoon. The scores are being released today.” So, we have that message and the actual test files at this point. They’ve been doing this for a few years now, and aside from one time when they sent the message to us early (and they corrected that within an hour), the scores always came out that same day.
    Now, it’s possible that the website issues could cause a delay, but I’ve seen web issues before on release day (because everyone loads and reloads the site, obviously), so I’m still betting on today.”

  47. Just got my score back…161 when I was scoring in low to mid 170s in all of my practice tests and got a 163 on my diagnostic. I freaked out under pressure day of, ran out of time in RC and ended up with -8 (even though I can usually finish in 25ish minutes with -1 or -0), and overall just blew it.

    Looking to retake in December/February, applying next cycle. Would love any tips for retaking. Thanks!

  48. I got my score tonight. Very disappointed. I was scoring mid-high 160’s and I got 150. I felt great about my LSAT after I took it. I had just gotten my timing correctly. Will be taking it again in February.

  49. Totally blew it, how would taking February exam impact my application cycle? That means if have to wait until next year, right?

    • Generally yes, Feb applicants are better off waiting until the following year. You aren’t likely to get the best scholarship offers applying that late, so it’s almost always a better idea to hold off. You can apply and try your luck, but be prepared to walk away if you don’t get good offers.

  50. 3.93 gpa, 173 lsat, highly unimpressive soft factors (at least on paper), non-URM — any chance at HLS?

    i spent my summers with unpaid internships at nonprofits, and during the year i work at a high school coaching their debate team. my main concern is a complete dearth of actual legal experience; is this something that will be held against me given my mediocre numbers (for HLS)?

  51. Got my LSAT score back yesterday, made a 169 although I was scoring in at least the 170s, usually mid 170s, on my practice tests so I plan on retaking in December because I think I can improve at least a few points. I am planning on going ahead and applying to schools now, but I’m not sure how exactly I’m supposed to go about this. I will obviously go ahead and apply to schools that I know I can get into with my current score, but I’m unsure about when to apply for more reach schools. For schools that I know I could not get into with my current stats (splitter for most T14… GPA was a 3.47 but should be higher because I transferred from a state school to a top 20 and my freshman year grades were a bit better) but might have a shot at with an improved LSAT score, do I go ahead and apply now and then send my December LSAT after I take it or do I wait and apply then so they can see the (hopefully) improved LSAT score alongside the 169? Or does it matter either way?

  52. Hey guys –

    Really enjoyed the video. Am having trouble getting a read on where my GPA puts me in regards to the T14.

    LSAT: 171
    GPA: 3.65

    Nothing special in softs, no-urm, small c&f issue a few years back. I’m feeling pretty good about 10-14, but do you think I stand any chance at Penn, NYU, or even Columbia? Thanks for any feedback.

    • One more piece of info: I have 2 yrs work experience in Government Relations (full time job I currently hold, graduate ug in 2011), which I suppose is somewhat helpful. Thanks again

  53. Hi Evan and Josh, it’s been a week since I received my first score and I am still staring down a difficult retake decision. Overall, I do feel good. I know I’d get into my home-state school in Hawaii, which is very affordable. Since I want to live in the NW, I feel good about Oregon and Lewis & Clark. However, my target school is University of Washington. With a 162 score and 3.91 GPA, I know have the potential to be a solid applicant. However, I worry my current score puts me on the bubble, thus I am considering retaking the LSAT in December in order to improve and be competitive at other elite schools.

    In terms of the first LSAT, I studied before I left my job in Japan and for nearly two months after I arrived back home, using the Powerscore books, LSAT Trainer, and a full batch of practice tests. Average score was 167-168. However, it felt like nerves got the best of me on test day and I struggled on RC and LR. Afterwards, the 162 was a pleasant surprise. Other schools I had hopes for like UCLA or Cal are reaches now (if they were my first choices, I’d be retaking), however, UW still seems possible.

    That being said, I am also weighing the probability of my LSAT score improving and the issues of the overall application timing. Since UW’s median is 164, a few extra points could be helpful. However, UW considers the averages, so I am weighing the benefit of an extra point or two with the cost of the time spent. Before receiving my score, I wanted to apply as early as possible with an additional supplemental essay about the school’s stated commitment to the global good and my experience. With three years in Japan as a teacher and an analyst in Tokyo for a US financial company, this fits my resume and my undergraduate background in international studies. Thus, I question whether a delay in my application is worth the LSAT bump.

    My questions:
    1) Would you recommend I retake the LSAT?
    2) How important can the application timing and the quality of its parts — like a unique resume, strong personal essays — be in mitigating an okay LSAT score?

    Sorry for the length. Thanks for taking the time and effort to put out an awesome, helpful blog.

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