Preptest 7 (February 1993) — Game 2 — LG Video Explanation

Here is another video games explanation, this time for Game 2 from the February 1993 LSAT (Preptest 7). This one is much harder than this morning’s warm-up game (Game 1, Preptest 7). It’s an advanced linear game with a bit of a wrinkle in the setup that you have to watch for.

This game has a few pretty tricky inferences that you could potentially spot while doing the inference. However, I don’t think even a great test taker would see them then. When you watch a lot of these LSAT game explanations, the video author always makes these super hard inferences all right in a row at the beginning, bing bang boom. That’s not how it usually plays out in real life though (trust me, I’ve talked to plenty of LSAT experts about this).

Here we are using the techniques from the Powerscore Logic Games Bible which a ton of you will be working with. If you want to see any game explained, let me know in the comments and I’ll get to it soon. Happy prepping.

PT 7, Section 3, Game 2

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