October LSAT Scores Released Today 10/28/2013 – Vent Here


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It looks like the scores are rolling out today! (As I successfully predicted yesterday.) The curve for the October 2013 LSAT released today is -12, meaning you could get 12 wrong and still score a 170.

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If you want to talk about your score or experience (anonymously or otherwise) use the comments in this post to vent. We’ll be happy to give advice if you need it.

First things first– For those of you who killed it, CONGRATULATIONS. It’s done, it’s over. You can burn your LSAT books now if you want.

Now I know all too well that some of you are not going to be happy with your scores. It sucks. Badly. If you scored well below your practice average, don’t worry. It was likely a freak occurrence. All you have to do is maintain your skills and try again. Have a fun Halloween and forget about it for the moment.

If on the other hand you scored too low but it was around what you expected based on your practice scores, well, then we have some work to do. Here are some resources for those considering a retake:

Retaker Resources

LSAT Retaker Score Improvement Averages

Retaking the LSAT. How To Make Sure Your Score Improves Next Time

Should I Retake The LSAT?

Are Your Chances of Being Admitted To Law School Limited If You Have Taken The LSAT 3 Times?

How Do Law Schools View Mulitple LSAT Scores?

Basically, there is no reason to freak out. Nowadays, law schools don’t put much stock in any lower scores so long as you go out and get a better one. If you still want this, it’s still yours to go get.

Please, feel free to comment below. We’ll be here all day to provide our advice, free as always. Vent, celebrate, whatever. Let it out.

Also, be proud of yourself just for getting through this. The LSAT is always an ordeal. You are a much tougher person for putting yourself through it.

UPDATE 3:45PM CST — Here is the October 2013 Score Conversion Chart


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  1. So, I got exactly in the range I expected to. And my score was good, don’t get me wrong! But after the wave of relief washed over me, I had a small voice in the back of my head telling me that if I was consistently getting 2-3 points higher on my practice tests, I can still improve on my score in December. At what point is it worth it to just say, “hey, you got a good score and are going to be fine,” versus putting myself through the whole crazy study thing again just for a few point increase?

    I didn’t want to post my score but I guess it’s fairly important to answering this question. I got a 170, but in practice tests had been averaging 169-173.

    • Danielle,

      That’s a tough one. Is your GPA good enough to get you into the schools you want with that LSAT?

      Situations like this are too tricky for me to say there is a ‘right answer’ for what you should do. One option to consider that you apply to schools ASAP, but sign up for a retake in Feb as well. If you aren’t getting the results you want out of your applications, you can retake to try to boost your chances.

      • Hey, thank you for answering my question and I apologize about my delay in responding again. I was expecting an email when a response came in and I never got one!

        My GPA is not as high as I wish it was…3.67. However, it is a GPA from a top 20 university, which I’ve heard they take into consideration? My goal is to get into a UCLA, with my reach schools currently around the Berkeley/Michigan area, and a super stretch being Columbia.

        My GPA is a little low for all these schools, but my LSAT for the most part is right where it needs to be. Would those extra points be enough to make them ignore my slightly lower GPA?

      • That GPA really isn’t that low so you’ll be fine and yes, they do consider the quality of the undergrad institution.

        I really think you are in good shape. You are likely in at several t14s. Columbia will be a bit of a dice roll, yes, but you are within their ranges.

        So, strictly speaking, you don’t need to boost your LSAT to make them overlook that GPA. However, your scholarship drawing power would go up quite a bit with a higher LSAT score. A 173 would probably also make admission at Columbia closer to a certainty.

        It’s a tough spot to be in. Too tough for an easy call. Weigh your choices carefully and seek more advice. One thing is that there is not a whole lot of downside if you take in Feb and do worse. However, Feb has it’s own drawbacks: https://lawschooli.com/should-i-take-the-february-2014-lsat-if-i-am-applying-to-law-school-for-fall-2014/

        Stay in touch and let me know what you are thinking.

      • Thanks so much Evan. I feel a bit better with some affirmation from you in terms of my eligibility to the schools in my ideal range.

        I’m thinking as of now I’ll probably follow your advice and apply as early as possible, with the backup plan of taking the Feb. test if my acceptances aren’t where I want them to be/if I’m not getting scholarships. I’m a tad concerned about how easy it would be to study the second time around since I basically used every available test since 2002, and so hopefully by the time I start studying for the Feb test, they will be less familiar and I will be able to use them again.

        Thanks again for you advice and I will definitely keep you posted/ask more questions as they arise. This site has been such a helpful resource throughout the studying process, and although this is my first time writing in, I can’t thank you guys enough for your informative and motivational posts. Your tips definitely helped prepare me and get me through some of the most stressful and intense months of my academic career!

        An appreciative fan,
        Danielle 🙂

    • That’s too bad Sam. My opinion is that you can’t fail, but you sure can make yourself very unhappy for a few days with a score below expectations.

      That said, there aren’t good law school options right now unless you get an above average score. Generally anyone below 155 should try at least one more time to boost their score.

  2. I was scoring around a 165 on my practice tests and ended up getting a 158. Even if I started studying today I would only have a month. Is it worth it to try and take it again?

      • That’s my biggest issue is anxiety on test day. I usually only get 2 questions wrong on LG and on the actual test I got 6 wrong, I think I read a rule incorrectly 🙁

      • Ouch, Im sorry. That can really happen to anyone. Just console yourself knowing it’s very unlikely to happen again.

        Trust me, no matter what you are going to be less anxious the second time around.

  3. An example of tenacity I saw on twitter:

    156 (oct 12) — 160 (dec 12) —-> 172 (october 13)

    What an improvement! Congratulations!

    • Joshua Craven and Evan Jones on

      Good luck Alice. They roll out in no particular order. Don’t worry it will come. People have been trying for years to figure out the pattern to how they release them, but it appears totally random as far as anyone can tell.

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