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It looks like the scores are rolling out today! (As I successfully predicted yesterday.) The curve for the October 2013 LSAT released today is -12, meaning you could get 12 wrong and still score a 170.

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If you want to talk about your score or experience (anonymously or otherwise) use the comments in this post to vent. We’ll be happy to give advice if you need it.

First things first– For those of you who killed it, CONGRATULATIONS. It’s done, it’s over. You can burn your LSAT books now if you want.

Now I know all too well that some of you are not going to be happy with your scores. It sucks. Badly. If you scored well below your practice average, don’t worry. It was likely a freak occurrence. All you have to do is maintain your skills and try again. Have a fun Halloween and forget about it for the moment.

If on the other hand you scored too low but it was around what you expected based on your practice scores, well, then we have some work to do. Here are some resources for those considering a retake:

Retaker Resources

LSAT Retaker Score Improvement Averages

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Basically, there is no reason to freak out. Nowadays, law schools don’t put much stock in any lower scores so long as you go out and get a better one. If you still want this, it’s still yours to go get.

Please, feel free to comment below. We’ll be here all day to provide our advice, free as always. Vent, celebrate, whatever. Let it out.

Also, be proud of yourself just for getting through this. The LSAT is always an ordeal. You are a much tougher person for putting yourself through it.

UPDATE 3:45PM CST — Here is the October 2013 Score Conversion Chart


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