UPDATE: 10/22/2015 5:52PM (CST)


LSAT Scores are out!

UPDATE: 10/3/2015 3:52PM (CST)

For those of you who are trying to figure out which section is experimental, here is a list of the REAL passages & games:

– Patent Law / Biotech
– Karl Popper / Postitive Negative Evidence
– Music / Beethoven
– Native American Tribe / Beads / Confederacy

– Photographs in magazine (L, M, S)
– Recruiting Accomplices in a Crime
– AM vs PM work shifts (LL, G…G, HJ, etc.)
– Cook Book / Publishing / Fall Spring

You’ve spent countless hours over the past few months pouring over lessons, drilling questions, and taking preptests.

Your friends have stopped texting you because you’ve always got your head in a book.

Your significant other has gone to bed alone while you stayed up to review your last preptest.

Your parents have called you to make sure you’re still alive.

Now you’re even starting to have weird dreams about working through LSAT questions.

As you’ve slowly adjusted to living your life in 35-minute increments, the LSAT has so thoroughly engulfed your mind that you can’t even escape the LSAT while you sleep.

It’s been a long road my friends, but alas, you’ve reached the finish line. Congrats!

As is tradition here at lawschooli.com, here is a post where we can discuss the LSAT that was administered today, October 3rd, 2015.

We’ll update this post to track the October 2015 LSAT as we get more information and you can use the comments section below this post to discuss the score release and anything else related to this test (how it went, do you need to retake, etc.)

Let the discussion begin! – Looking forward to hearing from everyone in the comments below.

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    • Went pretty good. I ended up having to guess on one of the games however. Other than that everything else was protocol. For RC, Karl Popper, and something about beads. For LG, something about shifts and photography.

      • I’m with you Roy I want to cry. I have been studying since June 2014 aiming for semptember 2014. I just sit in my room all day doing lsat, as im sure eveeyone else does. I felt so emotionally drained that i decided I have to do it this time…but nope def. A retake anyone interested in being partners?

        Roy…just remember you fall 7 times, stand up 8

    • I went into it thinking I would do great, especially the logic games. This is my third time taking it, the other two being over five years ago right after college. Life happened and I didn’t attend. Both of my scores had expired so I needed to retake. I just took numerous practice tests and did the powerscore bibles. Something happened with my strategy and timing on the logic games. I had two sections of it… After the first one, I was hoping it was experimental and that I could fix my timing on the next one. Came to the second one and same thing happened. I have no clue what went wrong. Other two went as expected though.

    • I think it went ok. I feel ok about RC (I had two) and LR (I had two). I got lucky and my first two sections were RC so I didn’t have to guess through the test what was experimental or not. I didn’t finish the LG section but the first two games were easy (basic ordering for the first and the photographers one second) I got part way through the shifts game when I ran out of time.

      I went into the test thinking I was not prepared (should have studied more, etc) but I found I actually knew more than I thought I did, I was able to recognize flaws and I think I did ok on the logic games I got through

    • real LG – photographs in magazine (L, M, S), AM vs PM work shifts (LL, G…G, HJ, etc)
      real RC – Beethoven, biotech, confederacy

      • Okay… So I think I’ve got this figured out… Please confirm if you can

        – Patent Law / Biotech
        – Karl Popper / Postitive Negative Evidence
        – Music / Beethoven
        – Indian Tribe / Beads / Confederacy

        – Photographs in magazine (L, M, S)
        – Recruiting Accomplices in a Crime
        – AM vs PM work shifts (LL, G…G, HJ, etc.)
        – Cook Book / Publishing / Fall Spring

      • Yes the 4 confirmed RC were Beethoven, Biotech, Confederacy (also know as beads), and karl popper (also known as negative evidence)

      • There was a cookbook one where they were either a summer or fall recipe…. Basically it was dividing 6 recipes up in to an undefined group… Fall or spring.

    • I had one logic game section. They were the shifts, photography (extremely tough had to guess), cook book, and an “ordering” game forgot what it was exactly.

      I also had one reading comp. section. They were the beads, karl popper, positive negative evidence (comparison passage) which was tough, and Beethoven

  1. I had one logic games section and they weren’t too bad. The only game that got me was the photographers question, it seemed impossible to me. I had three logic reasoning sections, the first, second and forth.

    • Can someone enlighten me as to what exactly the accomplice in a crime question was? I’ve be wracking my brain and I can’t think of it, starting to get scared I accidentally skipped a whole question

      • I don’t want to be too specific but it was a simple squencing game (first game) and there was a rule that mentioned a letter going into a particular slot explicitly stated in the rules with two letters that were boxed together.

  2. I had 2 logic game sections. It was really obvious which one was experimental because the first 3 games were RIDICULOUSLY easy, I think I finished the first 3 with about 18 minutes to spare. The last game was SO weird. It was about members of a board (a chair, a vice chair and members who could be employees of that company).

    • Same for me. I couldn’t believe how fast I breezed through them & knew it had to be the experimental b/c I was able to finish the entire section. Been I got to the next games section, it just solidified what I though.

    • I only had two LR. The only thing I remember for sure is that there was a question on employee productivity v. Experience value.

      • This might be pushing my luck but do you remember if you had a question about the economy and daycare?

        Trying to think of others…

      • David I had exprimental LR.

        I had the economy improving and decreasing daycare jobs (I belive my last LR which was the 4th section)

        On the first LR (my first section) I remember the first question was about reptiles and product in the swamp.

        I don’t remember anything from the second LR (my second section).

        Someone who had normal LR sections said they had the reptile one in one of their LRs. So that one most likely the real one.

  3. I had:
    RC, LR ( which I think was the experimental because the ordering of the questions was strange), LR, LG, LR

    Reading was definitely Karl Popper/negative evidence, Beethoven, Biotech/patent infringement, & the haudenosaunee confederacy.

    LG was the shifts, photographs ( not a clue guessed on almost all the questions, cook book, fall/spring “in/out” game.

    • I know the photography question got me from the start. Even the list question was very difficult!!! I think I had it down to two and just guessed…. Every other question was a complete guess!!! I feel like the game made no sense and none of the answers lined up to the questions so idk…. Did anyone understand it or finish it without guessing?

  4. The REAL RC were
    1. confederacy/beads/ Iroquois
    2. Positive/negative evidence/karl popper: This was the comparative
    3. Beethoven
    4. patent laws/especially relating to biotech industry

  5. I had 3 LR sections, one of which I didn’t finish because the first 10 took much longer than they usually do. Anyone else?

    • There was one that I did feel took longer, but I only had two sections of it… I usually end the game by guessing on 3-5 questions(usually like #15-20), but I ended up having 8 I didn’t get too. I’ve taken about 25 practice tests and it just felt odd to me…. However, I rebounded on the second one with my usual 3 questions I didn’t get to.

    • Bailey Rosecrans on

      I had 3 LR sections too. My order was:
      1. RC
      2. LR – with 26 questions
      3. LR – with 26 questions
      4. LG
      5. Lr – with 25 questions

      I’ve read that my last LR was a real one (questions about chess playing, travel from Peru to Mexico, ostrich farming).

      I’m hoping my section 3 was experimental, but I have a feeling it was the section 2. I know some of the questions on section 3 were about planets and Newton’s laws of motion. Anyone else have that section?

      • I had 3 LR too. My order was LR (26 questions) LR (25 questions) RC LR (25 questions) LG so I’m assuming one of your 26 question and one of my 25 question sections was the experimental!

      • I had the same order ABBYE do you by any chance the first question for one LR was about reptiles and high-products in the swamp … it was the first question on my first LR idk if that was exprimental or real.

      • I also had 3 LR sections with the same order and number of questions (26, 26, then 25). I had the section about ostrich farming, but I don’t remember questions addressing planets or Newton’s laws in the LR sections… only the double passage about positive/negative evidence in the RC. I could just be forgetting, though. Do you happen to remember anything about your section 2?

    Please do not discuss the
    details of

    • Bailey Rosecrans on

      That’s the way I did it to. To me, that was the easiest game. I had a harder time with the one about shifts.

      • Great seems we are on the same page then. I found the shifts one was the most difficult game too.

  7. I had 3 LR. LR LR RC LR LG

    The first LR had a question about replies and high-products in the water

    Another LR had something about immune system and stress I believe or maybe it was in the first LR I don’t remember

  8. This was my retake of the June exam and words can’t explain how much better this test was. I got lucky with 3 LRs (last time got 2 RCs) and although I filled in guessed for 2 whole games, I’m still feeling super confident about the rest of the test (and hopefully lots of lucky guesses!)

    • Do you remember some questions from LR? I had 3 LR too I want to know which one was exprimental lol

      I remember something about reptiles and high-products

      Another LR had something about charitable organization should be given a hall discount and political organizations should not be given a discount

      • See my reply on your other comment. For reptiles, do you mean the one that then went on to talk about alligators on a swamp being effected by hormones? I thinkkkk I had that in my second section. I think the second was my expiramental because I recalled far fewer flaw types than are typical, whereas the other two felt more “normal.”

        Also, my first two LR sections had 26 questions each and were the second and third sections. My fifth section had 25 questions. Not sure how much that helps?

  9. So hard to figure out which LR was experimental, blaaah! That damn 4th passage about negative and positive evidence sucked really badly. Really sucks not to have a good grasp on how I did.

  10. Does anyone know what the experimental RC had in it? I can’t remember which one I thought I did well on, and I think if I knew one of the questions on the experimental I would remember. I know the real RC was the biotech/confederacy questions. Struggled a bit getting through LG, too. Other than that, I thought it was okay!

  11. This is was my retake from the June exam and I hope I did better. I didn’t run out of time on any of the sections like I did in June. I had 2 RC but the game with the photographers was so rough!! I was so lost.
    Now I just gotta wait for my scores and then apply!!

  12. Does anyone remember what the experimental logic games were?

    Trying to jog my memory and see which one I didn’t do well on. I had two logic games sections.

    • The real ones were:

      – Photographs in magazine (L, M, S)
      – Recruiting Accomplices in a Crime
      – AM vs PM work shifts (LL, G…G, HJ, etc.)
      – Cook Book / Publishing / Fall Spring

      So the others were experimental

      • I understand.. I just wanted to know some of the main concepts/titles from the experimental because I can’t remember for sure if “the confirmed” was the one I bombed…

        On one logic games section I finished 3 of 4 and on the other I only finished 2… I’m about 80% sure the one I only finished two is the confirmed but I thought seeing some of the titles of the experimental would confirm my suspicion.

        Unfortunate. I did well on 4 out of 5 sections but the one I got hung up on seems to be the one that will count.

        December, here I come 🙁

        thanks anyways.

      • there were different experimental LGs – mine had something about rock bands openers & main acts. another one had boardmembers chairman, etc. hope that helps.

  13. I found the test to be alright. I had 2 LR sections 1 RC and 2 LG. The Games section really got to me. I felt that three out of four games required more time and towards the end I had to rush through in order to finish the section. I think that the level of difficulty in the Games section was disproportionate to the amount of time allocated. During my practice tests, the test makers seemed to create a better balance in giving games of various difficulty and in this section most of them just seemed difficult. LR and RC were what was expected. Mainly worried about Games.

      • SAME. Mine were section 2, 3, and 5. I had this one question in my 5th section dealing with more babies being born during a full moon being analogous with some other absurd scenario (maybe something to do with doctor visits on a certain day?). Another question I had dealt with a certain type of diamond being the oldest part of the earth yet to be discovered, and dating from 4.3 million years ago. The diamonds were supposedly formed 300 million years after earths crust. I THINK that was also a 5th section question for me.

        I had a parallel flaw question in my third section (I think) dealing with someone who had to be either talented or hard working to be in the symphony/orchestra. The stimulius concluded that she was talented, therefore not hardworking.

        The very first question in my second or third section (I want to say second)dealt with expert testimony and fetal-something monitors.

        Sorry my memory is a little fuzzy! Hope this helps!

      • If you had a section with a two-question stimulus, that one was experimental. But I browsed quickly on reddit and it seems as though there were two different experimental LR sections.

  14. I finished the test in Asia on Sunday and it seems to have been completely different from what’s been discussed. I didn’t have any RC passages about patent law or music nor did I have any games related to cooking or crime. Do the tests differ by continent?

    My sections were LG-LR-RC-LG-LR.

    • Hey, I took my LSAT in Japan on Sunday. My sections were LR, RC, LG, LR, LG. I think we definitely had different topics then everyone else. I’m pretty confused as to which LG was the experimental section for us.

      • I took it in Asia as well. Everyone I’ve talked to had two LGs and no one can figure out which is the experimental. One LG ended in a game with a question about rule substitution. The other LG ended in a game about Finance/Oversight Committees. I’d love to know which is real!!!

      • I also took it in Asia and had two LG sections. One of them had Finance/Oversight Committees and the other had the Board of Directors game everyone is mentioning as being in the experimental section. I’m guessing the committees one was the non-experimental…?

        Do any of the RC topics seem familiar to you guys? They don’t to me.

      • The real RC topics for us were Machiavelli’s The Prince and Invasive Plants. Can’t remember the other two. Most people on TLS think the Financial/Oversight one was real. They said there was a bus game right before the F/O one. I wish I could remember the other games in there. There was one about 3 floors or levels or something with a condition on N’s placement. I think it was in the second LG. I can’t recall the first two games in the second LG but I don’t recall thinking they were hard. Ugg this is going to be a long three weeks…

  15. I had two LR sections and both had 26 questions. This means that both must be “real.” Add that to the 23 for LG and 27 for RC and this test had 102 questions.

    • Although, I took the test in the UK. Are they different? These questions/topics don’t seem to jive at all with what I saw on the test… Can someone help clarify how the international tests work/are scored compared to those in the States?

    • Imani,

      I encourage you to join the LSAT Mastermind Study Group. We’ve got a highly-engaged group of students aiming for high scores. I think you’d be a great fit!

      Joshua Craven

      • Hi Joshua,

        I was actually looking at the mastermind group before you posted this. I saw the content of what’s covered and it seems like a prep course. I know the fundementals but it’s really timing that’s killing my score. I read you blog on shaving off time and plan to do that. How will this mastermind be beneficial for a retake who already knows the fundementals?

        I have been studying since June 2014. I am at a “review” stage where I just have to review and learn from my mistakes. I’m looking for a something that will help me learn some tricks in getting to the right answer faster besides just finding the argument core and assumption.

        By the way, I emailed you on gmail. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for all your posts

  16. I had three LRs they, my second and third sections were both 26 questions and my 5th section was 25 any ideas which were experimental?

  17. I also found the test to go pretty much as expected with a surprise in the LG section. Hard to tell if the games were irregular or if it was just test fatigue from 4 previous sections and an experimental RC section. I feel that rather than the games being actually hard, looking back it just seems like the test makers did a good job disguising the game types–the in/out game was disguised fairly well, but the double-layer sequencing game was what really took time to untangle. Had to guess on 4 questions there.

      • Could be referring to the Fall/Spring recipe game. Either fall, or spring. So it’s kind of like an in and out game.

      • Oh okay lol I consider this grouping game but thanks for clarifying. Was it me or was that fall/spring and the first game super easy? Usually the last game is hard but this time the middle two games were hard but first and last were easy

    • I found the LG to be shockingly difficult in terms of the third game. I got through 1 and 2 in 15 minutes, was floored after diagramming at how unbreakable game 3 appeared to be, skipped ahead to game 4 and finished with 10 min to spare, which I dedicated to trying to brute force my way through a few questions on game 3 before guessing on three of them. It was so weird… and it seems like a lot of people shared this frustration with game 3. Anyone else have thoughts on this? I know we can’t get specific but I’d like to hear about other testers’ experiences with this game, impressions-wise.

      • I did the same thing. For game 3, I could not make a sketch that really had anything filled in…there were so many slots that it was difficult to assign/exclude entities to anything. I ended up flailing about and guessing on 4 questions I think. I always guess C, so hopefully at least one was by luck! I also worry that I rushed on the 2nd or 4th game to get back to the 3rd and got one or 2 questions wrong from one of those games. Also forgot to set my watch back for that section so that didn’t help matters. Normally miss 2-3 on LG and for this test I feel like I missed 5+ 🙁

      • Hahah I always guess C too so fingers crossed for both of us 🙂
        I also tried to break down into game boards but with four boards, literally nothing was concretely filled in except one rule! UGH. I can’t wait until this game is released with the exam scores so I can redo it and figure it out. There’s obviously a solution, and it’s going to nag at me until I can see it.

  18. I have 3LRs — my order was RC, LR, LR,LG,LR – my first LR had 36question and my other two LRs had 25 – idea on which is experimental?

    • One of the 25 question LRs was experimental. I had LR (26) LR (26) RC LR (25) LG, so there was one LR (26) and one LR (25) that were real.

  19. As scores are now out, I wanted to ask your feelings on retaking. I received a 145 which I am disappointed about (some PT scores are 142, 145, 147, 157). I have a 3.7 LSAC GPA. I have great LORs and a significant amount of experience. I don’t care about getting into a top school but an okay school (Vermont, Baltimore, etc.). Should I retake the test?

  20. I scored exactly the same as you. This was my third time, however the previous two scores were over three years ago. I plan to take it again in December. I scored about 4-6 points under my practice scores. I’m a non traditional so I am only looking at one school and maybe a back up. My score is good enough to get in with excellent LORS but I really want to see if I can bump it and if it was just nerves.

  21. This was my second time and I scored worst. 147. I don’t even know what happened and I’m freaking out because I’ve already started applying and i’ve got all my LORs and transcripts done but I was relying on killing this test to get into the schools I’m applying to. My gpa wasn’t high- 3.1- so now I just look like a horrible applicant. I’m thinking about retaking it in February but will it be too late for getting into law school in 2016? I’ve only got this one chance because then I can’t take it again for 2 years and wtf am I supposed to do for 2 years if I suck again?
    Ugh I’m just so upset, sorry for ranting

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