The Number Of LSAT Takers Falls Again, Sharply, In October 2013


arrow-downYou might have more room to spread out and stretch your arms in 1L class if you are enrolling next year. As predicted, the slide in LSAT takers continued this October (2013), falling sharply to 33,673, down from 37,780 takers last October. (source) That’s a 10.9% drop. The Volokh Conspiracy blog added that there were 13% fewer new LSAT takers, meaning underlying total of potential applicants to law school is even lower.

Click here to see the full chart containing the number of LSATs administered 1987-present.

This marks the third year in a row that the number of LSAT administered has dipped in October. Overall, the total of LSATs administered last year in 2012 was down roughly 35% from 2010 highs (~170,516 down to 112,515). By the time this year’s numbers are in, I expect that total to fall even further for 2013.

The slide is hurting law schools where they live, especially at unranked 3rd and 4th tier schools. Some, like Hamline law school in Minnesota, have fewer than half the number of students enrolling that they had in 2010. (source) If you are considering a law school that has lost half its class in the last few years, take caution. The school might not be around by the time you graduate.



  1. I do want to ask.. my oct lsat score is 25th percentile of my reach school, and I’m retaking it this december.. Should I still apply and submit my application with my october score since it’s rolling based? or should I wait until december..? If I do decide to apply with my october score, would it be disadvantageous for me to tell them that I’m retaking it in december? (since it’s rolling, would they look at my application in december if i tell them about my retaking?)

    thank you

    • Hi, SS.

      If you tell them you are retaking they likely aren’t going to look at it until you get that second score, so you might as well hold off an apply in December. However schools vary on their policy on this. Contact the admissions office and ask. You don’t have to tell them your name.

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