LSAT Preptest 7 — Game 3 — LG Video Explanation

Here is a logic games explanation for Preptest 7 (February 1993), Section 2, Game 3. This is a somewhat tricky grouping game with a weird rule that can put you on the defensive. However, if you stay confident with your setup and diagram the rules visually, the solutions should come quickly. Try it before watching the review.

This game can be found in the first preptest from your 10 Actual Official LSAT Preptests, a compilation of ten preptests which is where you should generally begin when you start doing real LSAT questions.

Here, we use techniques similar to those found in the Powerscore LG Bible. If you are using another book, then your techniques may differ, but you’ll get the idea of how an experienced test taker tackles a grouping game. Unlike most other explanations though, I go at a reasonable pace so you won’t be wishing you could slow the video. Enjoy!

PT 7, Section 3, Game 3

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