LSAT Preptest 64 — Complete, Free Logic Games Explanations

Here are full LG video explanations for PT 64, Section 2, Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, and Game 4.

This is PT #64 from 10 Actual, Official, LSAT Preptests Volume V.

For diagramming we predominantly use strategies found in The LSAT Trainer.  However, this system won’t be too alien to those using The Logic Games Bible or The Blueprint for Logic Games.

Preptest 64 Logic Games Explanations

All in all, this is not a terribly evil games section. Game 3 has three really time-consuming questions on the tail end where the majority of test takers will be better off passing over these, marking a guess answer, and leaving them for the end of the test if there is time. If you had trouble finishing this section on time, consider whether making that adjustment would be better and look out for similar situations in the future. These questions don’t have any good way to do them besides powering through trial and error style.

Preptest 64 Game 1 LG Explanation

Harder for a first game of the section, but still nothing daunting. Being aware of the two main orders will speed things up. Question 4 might be a bit tricky, so if you get hung up on that consider giving it a pass and leave it for later.

Preptest 64 Game 2 LG Explanation

A fairly difficult game, #2 will punish you if you don’t keep your eye on the out-group as well as the in-group. This game is best conceptualized as an in/out game with extra sub-categories in the in-group. Form a strong memory of the disconnected rules and you’ll do okay.

Preptest 64 Game 3 LG Explanation

This is the hard one. The trickiest aspect may be simply finding the space to write out your mini-diagrams. There are a couple of ways to set it up, which is discussed in the video. If you struggled, double check my method and see if it looks better. The last three questions here are a time swamp that can swallow you whole if you aren’t careful. Unless you are way ahead of schedule in this game, consider saving these questions for the end of the section. This is a common strategy that might benefit you hugely, so take note, particularly if you struggled to finish this section on time.

Preptest 64 Game 4 LG Explanation

Stay aware of the distribution between the shelves here. When you run out of easy deductions, awareness of the distribution can get you to the answer.

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