LSAT PREP BOOK REVIEWS: The Blueprint For LSAT Logic Games

SCORE: 178 out of 180

Review Summary: Blueprint, long known as reputable company providing high quality LSAT prep courses, has released a huge book on how to do LSAT games and it is glorious. The easy to understand material is written with plenty of humor to make it go down easily and contains ample drills and practice questions. Carefully crafted to teach you step by step without any big jumps, this is a first rate, comprehensive option for those learning LSAT logic games through self-study. However, people in a hurry to master the logic games may favor a more straightforward presentation.


Full Review: The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games is a highly anticipated addition to the LSAT prep world. Blueprint, long considered one of the top dogs in LSAT prep class instruction, has graced us with their deep wisdom in book form.

The book gives us nearly 600 pages of prep, providing great advice along with plenty of games and drills to reinforce your understanding of the material. Like all good LSAT prep books, the The Blueprint For Logic Games employs real, official LSAC questions as examples. The book also comes with a free Blueprint LSAT Prep account which gives you access to video explanations for every game in the book (don’t worry, they are all fully explained in the book as well, but a change is nice every now and then).

After review, I am confident that the methods Blueprint teaches you to diagram logic games are fundamentally correct and will be as fast to employ as any of the other very best diagramming methods out there. In particular, their method of diagramming the order of variable in ordering games (also known as linear games) is highly efficient and intuitive. The methods are essentially similar to those employed in the Powerscore™ Logic Games Bible (the other book that we strongly recommend for prepping on the LSAT logic games section- see our full review here) with only minor differences in how rules are notated. Though I could quibble with a very few of the notations employed, none of the differences should cause any decrease in the time needed to diagram games or interfere with your understanding the rules.

What sets The Blueprint For Logic Games apart is that the book is specially designed to prevent boredom through lots of humor and unique presentation. For example, a cartoon LSAT ninja gives you invaluable pointers, tips, and tricks, so you won’t be likely to miss any of them. If you think you are especially likely to fall asleep when reading LSAT prep books, consider The Blueprint. It may be a lifesaver. If, on the other hand, you find humor distracting, and want to approach LSAT prep in a more business-like manner, you would be better off going with the Logic Games Bible. This is really a matter of taste. I personally preferred the Spartan style of the Powerscore material, but I won’t make the error of forcing my tastes on everyone. The book’s writing is clear and concise; the humor only serves to help make the techniques you learn more readily memorable.

Visually, the text of the book is the nicest looking I have yet encountered. The big, easy to read examples are going to be a major plus when you a powering through hours of LSAT study. The book is ordered in a highly logical fashion, dividing the games in to the two most fundamental types, which they term ‘ordering’ and ‘grouping’. The book takes you through each aspect of these two types one part at a time, so you will feel completely comfortable with each aspect of the games before moving on to the next one, and finding sections you need to review will be easy. The other really amazing thing that Blueprint did is give you an appendix that tells you the type of the game for every game in each published official LSAT preptest, which makes finding extra practice on certain types a cinch.

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The only disadvantage I can see is that Blueprint has yet to release books about the logical reasoning and reading comprehension sections of the LSAT. People who wish to learn everything from the same authority may be better off with our usual recommendation, Powerscore who has books on all three sections. However, this book is a fully sound option for LSAT self-studiers wishing to master logic games. Overall we give The Blueprint For LSAT Logic Games a 178 out of 180, which is very near a perfect score! At around $50 dollars on Amazon the book is not the cheapest, but we are of the firm opinion that it is worth the extra cost over other options. Buying LSAT prep books is no place to scrimp and save. With LSAT books, you get what you pay for, and this is offering from Blueprint is of the highest quality.

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9.8 Awesome

Overall we give The Blueprint For LSAT Logic Games a 178 out of 180, which is very near a perfect score! At around $50 dollars on Amazon the book is not the cheapest, but we are of the firm opinion that it is worth the extra cost over other options.

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